It’s called Life.

Seeing the heading of the article, you might be thinking that the author of this article is an aged person, a person whose gone through all the waves and ebbs of life. The one whose seen it all.Sadly I have to inform you that I am just at the beginning of my so called adulthood. I have’nt even scratched the surface. But as far as this journey has taken me, I have noticed a few things. These things are part of life. Noone is going to tell you they are, but they are.

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Judge at first glance

This part of life has inherently been there since the beginning. We all know of its existence. We all hate it. And we all do it. The first time you see a person, that oh-so-famous “first impression”. Imagine walking into a crowd of people. It might be your first day in class or work. The moment people lay eyes on you, they judge you. They judge you for what you wear,they judge you for how you wear your clothes, they judge you just by how you glance at an insect flying around in the room. The wierdest thing is, noone is going to judge you and make you seem like a good person. Its always the bad. Its always the negatives that pop out. Noone pauses to think even for a second, that we don’t know anything about that person and that our assumptions can be totally wrong and that it could possibly damage any sort of future relationship we could have with that person.

It’s always the bad

This too, is another well known and accepted aspect of life. A person might do a hundred million good things. But one bad thing, one tiny spot on that otherwise clean surface is enough to leave your name branded for as long as you live. Scratch that, it lasts even a million years after you die. If you want to be known as a good person , I guess you have to save a country or something.

I know that from reading just these two things, you are probably having an explosion in your brain of all the unfairness that you faced in life. I am sure that there are things that are not even under these two titles that I mentioned. Bottom line is, there are so many flaws. So much that we don’t even have enough brainspace to think about it all. We can’t correct all of it. But in my opinion (which i hope is of some value) I hope people stop judging on first appearances. I mean why do that if we know nothing about that person? Would you like it if somebody did that to you? No. Don’t label people anything whether they are that, or not.

And seeing just the bad. I feel thats even more unfair because noone is perfect! And noone can be perfect! Every one of us goes around putting up quotes and statuses on every social platform we know about how unfair life is, about people judging us and everything but has anybody actually done anything to stop it? I guess the answer’s no.

I hope in time though, that answer gets to change to a yes. Atleast for some of us. I don’t expect a miracle.

Oh and if anyone is thinking that I am some grouchy complaint box sitting and typing away, I just wrote this one because its my first time attempting an actual blog and it was the first thing that popped into my head. Hoping in future that more positivity enters my brain, I end my little note on life, here.


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