Being weird is NOT weird.

We are all familiar with this movie still. This is the shot from the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In this scene Harry meets Luna Lovegood for the first time. She is described to be having dirty blonde hair and is reading the “Quibbler” upside down while wearing the free spectacles that she got with it. When talking about wierd people, Luna Lovegood is a good example of that. Throughout the book her “wierd” demeanour has been cited numerous times. But is being wierd really that wierd?

Humans are social animals. What others think about us sometimes matter a great deal more than what makes us feel happy and content. Considering that, being any bit different than the so called “normal” behaviour deems you as “wierd” or “crazy”. But my question is- Is it right to brand them as wierd?

Take Luna Lovegood. An example that we can all relate to. From the beginning of the appearance of her character in the books she is demonstrated to be wierd and eccentric. She however turns out to be one of the most loyal friends that Harry Potter had. In fact she was one of those few friends that mattered in the war against Lord Voldemort. If a person who understood her, like Harry was not there, she would have only lived her life away in a corner just because she was’nt behaving like everyone else.

Every one of us is different. If somebody is willing to embrace their uniqueness and stay out of the crowd then those people are’nt wierd. They are the people who have a good grasp of who they are. So lets stop calling people wierd and start embracing them for who they are.

Thanks for reading! Also, although my blog primarily publishes posts on Tv series, movies etc I do occassionally do special posts like this, all of which you can read in the Specials category on my blog!

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