That first book.

I’ve been reading books ever since I could read and understand what I am reading. I know a lot of people who don’t remember their first book. But I remember mine. Of course I did read through other little story books before this one. But it was this book that made me love reading and helped me understand the comfort you could get from a good read. I was 6 when I read this book. It was not even mine, but my sisters and was in a horrible condition. But I loved that book. It was ‘The Yellow Fairy Book’ by Enid Blyton. Like most people my first read also happens to be an Enid Blyton one. It was after this book that I started to dwelve into other works by Blyton.

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The story tells us about Peter and Mary whose father rears sheep and their mother is bedridden with illness. They play around with Princess Fenella. One day when they go to a wishing well, Princess Fenella gets abducted by the gnome Sly-One. With the help of their father they realise that he must have taken Fenella to the Land of the Story-Tellers. Their father takes them to the Faraway Tree, a huge tree that extends up to the clouds into magical lands (this tree has been mentioned in other works by Blyton as well) . With the help of their father’s friend Moon-Face, they learn that they have to first go through to the Land of Stupids and then to the Land of Giants to the Land of Story tellers.

In the land of Stupids, they help them solve a lot of problems for which they do not seem to have the wit to solve. Like, a man was complaining about sore feet but the children found it was because he had his shoes on the wrong foot. Eventually the children reach the Land of giants. They travel around in a paper boat made by a giant-child. A child called Grizel steals the children but they escape by hiding in the Cuckoo clock. The cuckoo turns out to be a good host and gives them toast and jam and sausages to eat and helps them escape to the Land of Story tellers.

At first its diffcult to find Sly-One because all the people do there is lie. But with the help of a friend Pop-Off and some fairy powder their mother gave them, they manage to find Fenella after encountering different beasts and wizards.

The book sounds childish and it is. I mean what do you expect a six-year old to read? But if someone asks me if I still like this book,I would definitely say yes. It was my first peek into an adventure. I love the way, Enid Blyton managed to create the Faraway tree and the different lands that come at its top and things like Moon-Face and the Slippery-Slip. The world is magical but in the mind of a 6 year old it felt so realistic. The book was engaging and simple enough and it made me want to read more and more. I have been reading as much as I can ever since and I don’t think I ever will stop. Thats the thing about first times. The first time you held that book, rubbed across its spine and opened them. Reading so fast through the pages because you just want to find out whats next… If you are a bookworm like me, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about. Everyone has their favorite books, yes. But the first one is always special. Whether we remember it or not.


  1. Yeah… it😋 I am wondering…. U mean at 6 you read it😳 I too love to read magic and adventures books but I never did one. I tried to read Gulliver’s travels by Jonathan once but never finished it. Hopefully will read so many books like that😂

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