Cliché is cliché

Many a time we describe so many things as cliché. It could be the way someone acts, could be something you read off a book or watched from a movie. It could even just be something someone said to you. The reason I got down to start writing about this was because, I just watched a really cliché , typical chick flick romance film. Call it cliché or sappy or whatever you want. Romantic movies no matter how unrealistic they happen to be, is always accepted (by most people) .

There is a huge throng of movies , fiction and TV series, that have started exploring more complex and serious themes. Although a lot of the good ones don’t go in for adding sappy romances, in general an average film will not be complete without some swoon-worthy hero with all that heroic aura around him and the extremely beautiful heroine who happens to have the most amazing character. In most cases we see that the girl will be having some sort of problem, or she is lonely,or she just happens to be the female the hero has his eyes on. With all the heroism filled inside him like a balloon, he follows her, catches her when she falls, gives her a shoulder to cry on and in the end “wins” her heart.

Things I don’t understand is why is there even a necessity for this act, especially when it does the plot of the story no good whatsoever. Or even if there is a romance, its always wierd why filmmakers go for tall, beautiful people with amazing skin and teeth. In most cases I have not even seen even the slightest emphasis on character. Sure, a movie is not life but there should be some reality in it. And the wierdest thing is, women are always portrayed to be the weaker one, the one who is helpless and can’t do anything about her problems without the hero moving in.

Have we ever seen a movie where the guy might be having a problem and the girl helps him out of it? If you have, then thats great. Because I have’nt. Is it really that hard for us to accept that men have problems and times when they break down? Despite watching all this, we enjoy these oh-so-cliché moments.

Despite all this, there is a new beacon of hope now with the emergence of some really good filmmakers that are making films that matter. They make films that have depth in plot and in character. And even if there is a romance, we are now seeing a new way of looking into it like homosexuality, or real life stories and situations. The emphasis on reality is slowly revolutioninsing the films we see today.

But complain all I want, its true that once in a while we do need one of those sappy chick-flicks as a releif from all the crap we have to deal through life. Its a good way to escape from the harsh reality and just relax and dream and be happy. I know a lot of people love chick-flicks and that some of them are even classics. Some of them are good. But too much of it in the wrong plotlines,too much sappiness creates too much misconception about love, relationship and marriage. I mean life is complicated as it is. Why make it any more complicated? 🙂

Although my blog primarily has posts on movies, TV series etc. I do post on special little posts like this, which you can check out more of on the Specials category!

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