What you like-is simply what you like!

Earlier I had blogged about people judging, the cruelties of life, how its never going to change, blah blah blah.

But now that I think about it, the things we sometimes get judged or made fun of happen to be because of something we like.

I have gone through that quite a few times. Apart from reading, I love watching movies through all genres and TV series. My latest addiction in that hobby was watching Korean or Asian films and minisieries and kpop bands like BTS,EXO,SHINee etc. A lot of times, I have been made fun of the fact that I very much enjoy these shows. Most people say that I am wierd for liking those people who look so unlike us (Indians) and that they speak wierd or if its the case of music, that what’s the point of listening to it if you don’t understand it?

Well, some things may be true. Some, maybe not. But whatever is right or wrong, if someone likes or appreciates something we should just accept it that way. No two people think alike, and therefore, their interests could defintely vary. We always try to keep our opinions and views as the “right” ones and what others say or do as “wrong”.

Honestly, once in a while I think we should be a little more understanding to what other peoples likes and interests are, and respect that. Whatever they may be. Noone should be afraid of following their interests just because others say so. Its totally upto that individual.

Although my blog has a lot of content I do post special posts such as this too which you can check out on Specials category on my blog!

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