Did The Goblin deserve his punishment?

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Anybody who is familiar with the world of kdramas will surely know about this television drama- Goblin. Its one of the most highest rated korean dramas of all time and it sure is good!

The story talks about a man Kim Shin who goes to war for his king Wang Yu. Wang Yu happens to be married to Kim Shin’s sister. The King is brainwashed by his eunuch saying that the people listen more to Kim Shin rather than the King and in the end the jealous young King orders Kim Shin and his entire family’s execution including his sister.

God , however brings back Kim Shin as a Goblin as a punishmemt for ruthlessly killing people in all those wars. The Goblin has a sword stuck in his heart and he has to live an eternal life. The only way he can end his life is if ‘The Goblin’s bride’ comes and pulls the sword out. After spending almost 900 years alone, he finally finds his bride- a highschooler girl Ji Eun Tak.

But as he spends more time with her, he finds that he loves her and wants to spend more time with her. The more he postpones his death, Eun Tak’s life is at risk as well. The Goblin also happens to the landlord to an amnesiac Grim Reaper. He became a Grim Reaper because of a very big sin that he did in his last life but cannot remember it. He meets a human woman Sunny, and finds that he is disturbed mentally because of her and wants to find out why.

In the end however the Goblin finds out that the Grim Reaper was The King Wang Yu in his previous life and was sentenced to become a Grim Reaper because of killing all those people. And the reason he happened to be disturbed by Sunny was because she was the reincarnation of Kim Shin’s sister who he had killed on unfair grounds.

In between all this, the Goblin happens to die and come back for Eun Tak. Sunny dies and goes to heaven and so does the Grim Reaper as he has served his punishment for his sins, acting as a Grim Reaper. They are both reborn with normal lives in the next life and are happy.

Although Eun Tak dies as well,she does come back to the Goblin in the next life.

But it is mentioned during the series, that a person can only be reborn 4 times. So in the end after Eun Tak has lived four lifetimes the Goblin will be alone again. He cannot even kill himself. Everyone who knows him or is acquantainted with him will soon die or he might have to see them in their next lives with no reollection of who he is. It is true Kim Shin killed many people. But he was a warrior and was doing his duty to his country. Was that a bad enough sin for him to live this life of eternal loneliness? In one way the Grim Reaper’s sins were far greater than the goblin’s but his punishment ended in just 300 years of being a Grim Reaper and he was able to be reborn again with a normal life.

What was the real reason for god choosing Kim Shin as the goblin? The showrunners could have clarified that. The show was great, humorous, well presented and just simply great. But they could have given the goblin a better and more sound ending. Or they could have just given a good explanation on why the Goblin needed this eternal punishment.

But don’t let this deter you from watching the show. The whole idea of it is great and its a great treat to watch. It deserves the top ratings for sure.

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  1. You are right about this being a show that deserves the watch. It’s certainly one of the best Korean drama series that I have seen, because of the great blend of genres this has. You have a great blog going here by the way: looks very cool 😀

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