Review: Sad Movie

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The title sounds depressing and yes,it is depressing. And yes, the name of the movie ironically enough, is Sad Movie.

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Sad Movie is a South Korean film released in 2005. It tells the story of 8 people who in the end have sad fates.

The first story is about Soo Jung and Jin Woo. Soo Jung is a sign language interpreter for a news channel and her boyfriend Jin Woo is a firefighter. Jin Woo’s job is very risky and things don’t help when he constantly takes risks endangering himself while on duty. They both met when he had rescued her sister from a blaze years ago, where both Jin Woo and her sister escaped miraculously. She constantly berates him about a proposal and he tries to, but things go wrong when he loses the ring, which delays his proposal. As the story moves on, Jin Woo eventually finds the ring and asks her to wait in the Sky Lounge for him. But while she waits, he has to go on an urgent duty call and ends up dying in the blaze. When Soo Jung comes to collect his things,she discovers the ring and CCTV footage of Jin Woo telling her “I Love You”in sign language before dying.

The next story is about Suk Kyun who tells her unemployed boyfriend Ha Seok that they need to break up. She is a cashier in a supermarket and he has no job. To make things better Ha Seok tries to find a job to make her happy. One day while he was waiting at a bus stop , a girl asks him to talk to her boyfriend in a telephone booth , to convinve him that they want to break up. He talks to the boyfriend and smoothly clears the issue and breaks them up. The girl hands him money for the favor and he gets an idea of starting a “Separation agency” where he will go and tell people the hard truth that they otherwise cannot. He is happy thinking that Suk Kyun will be happy now that he is earning, but a job comes for him from Suk Kyun itself. A request to break up with Ha Seok as she has found another love. He goes outside the supermarket where she works and heartbroken, tells his reflection that they have broken up while he looks from afar at Suk Kyun. He leaves his dented umbrella there which Suk Kyun uses later, which is when she realises that he had come.

The next story is about Joo Young, a woman too busy to take care of her son, Hee Chan. Hee Chan constantly writes in his school diary wishing for his mother to spend time with him. One day Joo Young encounters a minor accident and is admitted in the hospital. Hee Chan is happy because now his mother is always there to see him and she does’nt drink either. He writes in his school diary happily hoping his mother stays sick forever. Things take a turn for the worse when Joo Young is diagnosed with terminal illness. She hides it from Hee Chan but he eventually finds out. Hee Chan also finds from his mother’s old diaries that he was an accidental pregnancy and despite his father telling his mother to abort him, she kept him. Both mother and son bond but she eventually grows very ill. Hee Chan asks help from Ha Seok (The Separatiom Agency) who he had met earlier to tell his mother he loves him. His mother replies she loves him as well. But that turns out to be her last words and she dies.

The final story is about Soo Eun, Soo Jung’s sister. She is deaf and has burn marks across her face from when she survived the blaze that Jin Woo saved her from. She works as a costumed character in an amusement park and grows to have a liking towards an artist who comes and draws in the park. They both have many incidents together but she never removes her mask even though he has requested the same many times. Finally one day she hides her scars with copious amounts of makeup and meets him and draws her portrait. Realizing that he needs to see her for how she is, she reveals her scarred face to him and he starts drawing her another portrait. He hesitates when he is about to draw her burn marks and tells her that he is leaving to go study abroad later. She is sad but realises what he means. She gives him a hug before she leaves.

All four stories are different (and of course, Sad) but even though it was as depressing as hell I liked the movie because it showed us that life can take us into unexpected twists and turns and not all of them need to be happy ones. It covered disaster, disease and heartbreak in the movie. Things that could happen to anyone, anytime. The stories about Hee Chan and his mother and Jin Woo were especially touching. The lightened mood that the movie maintains throughout its running was also very good. Although, I do feel Soo Eun could have been given a better storyline, maybe a happy one. She had already gone through a lot what with the accident and everything. But nevertheless, a good watch.

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