Review: Kill Me, Heal Me.

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Country of Origin: South Korea

Language: Korean

Seasons: 1


Genre: Romantic Comedy, Medical, Suspense

Directed by: Kim Jin Nam and Kim Dae Jin

Starring:Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Oh Min Suk, Kim Yoo Ri

Release: January 7 2015

The story revolves around Cha Do Hyun, a third generation billionare. His father is bedridden after an accident and he is all set to inherit his grandfather’s company and run it. However Do Hyun suffers from Disassociative Personality Disorder or D.I.D. His mind is shared by seven personalities who take over his mind, body and time at unexpected times. His personalities include himself, the violent character Shin Se Gi, a 40 year old alcoholic who likes making bombs called Perry Park , a suicidal teenager Ahn Yo Sub, a teenage girl called Ahn Yo Na (Yo Sub’s twin) , a little girl called Na Na and a mysterious character called “X”.

His mother was his father’s second wife from a lowly family and is not accepted by his parents. If his disease is revealed he and his mother would end up losing the entire inheritance.

Its then that he meets Oh Ri Jin, a first year psychiatric resident from the hospital where he treats himself. He meets her when one of his personalities, Shin Se Gi meets her and then takes her out on a date saying that he loves her. At first Do Hyun is confused by why his personality acted that way and after many comic situations, Ri Jin ends up being Do Hyun’s resident doctor, to manage his personalities, especially the violent Se Gi, 24×7. As they spend more time with each other Do Hyun and Ri Jin fall in love.

Ri Jin has twin brother Oh Ri On but it is revealed later in the show that Ri Jin was adopted. Despite behaving like siblings on the outside, Ri On has a special feeling towards Ri Jin. Ri On is an author by the elusive pen name “Omega” where he uncovers the secretive lies and crimes that the rich do, and unveil it through his stories. As the show progresses Ri On gets closer to finding Do Hyun’s truth.

As the show progresses, it tries to find out how Do Hyun became like this through a series of flashbacks as he tries to retreive his broken memory. We find that Ri Jin also had a major role to play in how he became like this. It was also an explanation on how Ri Jin came to be adopted as well. The show focuses on elements like child abuse as well. I am not going to go into those details because that should be seen by yourself to enjoy the suspense.

KMHM, was the right mix of romance, suspense and plot. Often, we see a lot of kdramas start off with a good plot but ending up being all about the romance. But KMHM proved us wrong. All the characters in the series had strong subplots and good depth in character as well. The music especially ,the track “Auditory Hallucination” was in perfect sync with the whole theme of the series.

D.I.D is a theme seen in many thrillers and suspense movies and TV series. Here, despite having 7 personalities, each one played its role. Ji Sung’s acting should definitely be applauded for displaying all 7 of those characters perfectly.

If there is any drwwback that HAS TO BE mentioned I would say it was the number of flashbacks that were present. Although they were crucial to the story, some of them confused me a little. But the confusion was cleared throughout the progress of the show.

Apart from that,KMHM is a perfect blend of everything put together with some great acting and good music. You will definitely be sad when its over. A must watch if you ever want to dwelve into the world of South Korean television dramas.

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  1. […] Other than the whole coincidence factor playing out it’s nice to see that the two have a debtor-debtee relationship between them – I feel it’s going to pay off for some comedy? But I sincerely hope we don’t have to go through another love traingle or that they are childhood destined lovers kind of things. I feel K-Dramas play that plot style A LOT. It’s so overused like the whole “lead getting amnesia” scenario and I hope we may be relieved from that there. Sometimes though, the whole childhood thing pays off like in dramas like say, Kill Me, Heal Me. […]

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