What social networking made us into.

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Our whole world has been shrunk into a global village. Gone are the days when you had to wait days for a reply to a message you sent to your near and dear ones. Now its the world of instant messaging, video calling and now even virtual reality conversations. We know when,where and what our friends,family and even total strangers are doing, thanks to social networking.

But somewhere along the way, we turned into people who do things just for the sake of a post or a story on Instagram. We look and judge how other people’s lives are so wonderful by looking at their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Gone are the days when we meet and become acquanited with people by talking to them. Even people we meet on a daily basis feel more comfortable talking to us through Whatsapp than in person.

I’m not complaining,nor am I going to pretend like I am a person who stays away from all these social media things. Everything has its pros and cons and so does social media. We’ve been able to keep up with the lives of our friends no matter what corner of the world they travel to. So many things have become simple to do with social networking.

But nowadays the emphasis we give for it seems to be too much. Our whole lives seem to be out there on social network. Many among us have forgotten to distinguish things that can be made public and things that cannot be. Anything and everything we do might end up as posts or statuses or in some crazy cases, we might do something just for the sake of a status. The food we eat, the clothes we try out, whether we are sick or ill or happy or are bored, everything. We decide to judge and deem how wonderful or pitiful people’s lives are from how many good and bad posts they have on their profiles. Sure a person with hundreds of “posed” candids and pictures might seem to have a more interesting life than a person who might just be posting pictures about something in their garden. But is it right to judge them on that? For all we know, the person with the “boring” profile might actually be a really interesting person, someone worth being good friends with.

The main aim of social networking was to help us connect and stay connected. We make a profile and add in friends or followers or follow others. But it has come to a stage where the person who we are online is different from the person who we really are. Have we lost that much self confidence that we are’nt willing to show us for who we are?

I read once somwhere that there are proven statitistics that prove how people have even been diagnosed with clinical depression from their experiences online. Social networking is useful and I use it just as much as the person next to me. But I hope that it won’t come to a stage where our profiles, or the number of likes and comments that we receive decide how we live our lives.

Image courtesy: Google Image Search

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