BTS: The official guide

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With just an hour left for the release of their new album, what better is there to write about than- BTS. As you might be reading this, you might be thinking I am this huge fangirl head over heels in love with these 7 boys-which I am. I was introduced to BTS and kpop when BTS won the Best Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017. From then on I have been their dedicated fan and follower. This blog is just to sum up on who the boys are, and an intro into their popularity and success. I just realized there is so much to say about them that, I am going to write a separate blog just for their music.

BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which is Korean for Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Recently they changed their name to “Beyond The Scene” due to their very large international fan base. The band consists of seven members, from left to right, Kim Taehyung (stage name-V), Min Yoon Gi (Stage name-Suga),Kim Seok Jin, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon (Stage name- Rap Monster) , Park Ji Min (Stage- Jimin), Jung Ho Seok (Stage name-J Hope). They debuted in the year 2013, under the label of Big Hit Entertainment. From then, they have released a number of mini albums, singles and full fledged albums. They are known for introducing themes such as depression, being underdogs, heartbreak, suicide etc in their songs which most artists do not often include in their songs. Their music genre ranges from kpop, hip-hop, pop, electronica, rock, R&B and EDM.

The first member in BTS is their leader Kim Namjoon (born in 1994, 23 years old) who is also one of the lead rappers. Apart from that he is the member who is fluent in English. BTS actually started in 2010 but only debuted in 2013 as there were constant change-ups in the members. Rap Monster is the only one who was there from the beginning. He also participates in songwriting and producing music. In 2015 he released his first solo mixtape , RM. To date he has recorded with Wale, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY and Primary.

Kim Seok Jin or Jin (born 1992, 25 years old) is one of the oldest members in the group by age. He is one of the lead vocals in the group and is also known for his good looks. Apart from being a vocalist Jin is also an important visualist member. He became even more popular on that note with a hashtag called “thirdguyfromtheleft” that went viral during the Billboard Music Awards. He is often mentioned as the mother-hen of the group and is a food enthusiast. He has his own live broadcast called “Eat Jin” online.

Min Yoongi or SUGA (born 1993, aged 24) is another one of the rappers in the group. He is also known as Agust D and like Rap Monster is a songwriter and song producer. In 2016 he released his first solo mixtape called Agust D. He’s mostly known to extremely quiet and motionless but within the boys he is said to be quite childish as well.

Jung Ho Seok or J-Hope(born 1994,aged 23) is another of the rappers in the group and one of the lead dancers. He is currently working on his mixtape along with the release of BTSs latest album “Her”. He is known to be super energetic and is quite loud with a unique voice and character that sets him apart.

Park Ji Min or Jimin (born 1995, 22 years old) is one of the lead singers and dancer in the group. His voice is known to be very capable in handling extremely high notes and he was trained in contemporary dance during his high school period.

Kim Taehyung or V is another one of the lead vocalists. He was the one who was added into the group last. His singing is accentuated by his deep and husky voice which is seldom heard otherwise. His singing adds a strong foundation to the songs that BTS performs. He is also the first one among the seven to start his acting career by acting in the historical South Korean television series called “Hwarang”

Jeon Jungkook or Jungkook (Born 1997, aged 20) is one of the lead vocalists and dancers in the group. He is also involved as a sub-rapper in the group. Despite being the youngest among the seven he is often referred to as a “golden maknae”because he happens to be good at everything the others can do. Apart from that he constantly imitates the other members. It was hinted in a recent press conference that he will soon start record production which is a huge leap in his career.

No article about BTS can be complete without mentioning their fanbase ARMY. A large amount of the immense popularity that the boys get is definitely because of their dedicated fanbase ARMY which has millions of members from all over the globe irrespective of language and cultural boundaries.

The band has had an overall popularity due to their good music, seamless choreography and their presence on social media which is growing at an unprecedented rate. Now with 8.3 million followers on Twitter which is ever increasing, their presence is felt in social media. They are available and active on most social platforms giving out live broadcast videos, behind the scene videos and a number of reality shows like Bon Voyage etc. Its not a suprise that they are on the top of Billboard’s Top Social 50. Now with their new album releasing today on September 18, the anticipation just keeps increasing like crazy. Can’t wait! As long as they keep this up , they will reach great heights in their career. Thats for sure.

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    • The guys in the post you liked now are not actors but amazing kpop artusts. Music it anything they ate amazing. Check them out! I got introduced to foreign language films through South Korean films and dramas and now I watch and review Japanese, thai, spanish, Italian etc. More Posts are yet to come !


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