BTS: The Journey

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I might be the gazillionth person to write about BTS and their music but I just can’t help myself. BTS surprises us with every one of their songs but still manages to maintain that style which is their own. I already wrote one article about a very bare intro to the members. This ones about their music. I think this is the perfect time to write about their music especially since it has’nt even been 24 hours since their album Love Yourself : Her , has released. So without much further ado! If you have never listened to their music, try listening to the tracks mentioned in bold.

2 Cool 4 Skool

BTS debuted with this album in June 2013 under the label of Big Hit Entertainment and is the first part in the School trilogy. It consists of nine tracks and 2 hidden tracks with No More Dream as the main single. Along with this track, they introduced We are bulletprrof, pt.2. Both tracks were songs about bold young men who were going to make a mark in the world with their music. It was mostly hip hop with a lot of heavy elements fused in. No More Dream also served as an introduction into all 7 members.

The boys appeared in mostly black outfits with a certain amount of heavy metallic jewellery. The makeup and hair also focused more on the heavy look with different highlights of brown and blonde. Rap Monster’s hairdo deserves a special mention for sure. The look was perfectly suited to the bold intro the boys wanted to make.


They made a later comeback in 2013 September with the album O!RUL8,2? which was the second in the School trilogy. This was also their first mini album. This album consists of ten tracks with N.O. or No Offence as the lead single. The Rise of Bangtan was also another track featured in this album. While N.O. was focused on resisting the stickler system that existed in society and otherwise, The Rise of Bangtan was a song aimed at all those who thought they would’nt make it in this undustry.

The costumes they chose for this was entirely opposite from their previous album with mostly white clothing and gold metallic jewellery. It was an altogether new getup but they managed to hold onto some signature styles from the first album like the black and white cloth covering the face.

Skool Luv Affair

This was their third album released in February 2014 and was the last in the School trilogy and in my opinion was a perfect end to the trilogy series as well. It consisted of ten tracks with Boy in Luv as the titular track which is one of my absolute favorites. Just One Day was also another song that was highlighted in the album. While Boy in Luv had some rough elements mixed in with a more melodious background than their previous albums, Just One Day turned out to be a very different mellow track from BTS that was just as good as the others. The choreography for both the videos was very good.

Here, the outfits had a very drastic change with them focused on a more school uniform look suiting the album theme with subtle hair colors of black and brown and very few accessories compared to their previous looks. This album also marked their entry into the Billboard world Albums list.

Dark And Wild

This was their first studio album released in August 2014 after the School trilogy. It consists of 14 tracks with Danger as the titular track. The band also promoted their song War of Hormone. They stuck in true to how their music is with a much more stronger theme and beat than their previous albums. Both songs had a more serious theme showing their frustrations and disappontments of the youth today.

They brought back a lot more hard core black in this but with lesser jewellery a more stronger emphasis on jackets and leather. The hair colors although are more experimented in includes only dark burgundy, brown and black colors.

Wake Up

This was their first ever Japanese studio album, released in December 2014 wrapping up their activities for that year. It featured 13 tracks with the Japanese versions of No more dream, Boy in luv, and Danger as well as two oroginal Japanese songs, The Stars and Wake up.

This time its more white with shaggy tshirts with black prints on them with more silver-metallic jewllery with mostly black hair with just Rap Monster going for a white dusky look.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life , Part 1

This was another of their extended plays centering on the theme Youth and was released in April 2015. The album was released in two version with nine tracks with I Need U as the titular track. They later got around to promiting their single Dope As well.

This was the first time that the band really got around to telling stories through their songs. I Need U focuses on depression, breakup, pill overdose and all those hard things that everyone goes through in their youth. The melodious song has a strong chorus and lyrics which is true to how BTS always writes what they want in their lyrics without fear. In this track they consisted of simple light colored clothing.

While in Dope each of them took a role of different occupations and suited their style and look upto that. This song was also choreographed extemely well with an amazing amount of footwork.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2

This was the fourth extended play released in November 2015. It was also a two part series centering on Youth with its titular song Run along with nine other tracks in two versions. This gives another story into youth, life, friendship and the effects they had to face for their brash actions which they did without thinking.

Here they chose to go with more casual and darker colored clothing befitting the mood of the songs such as Run. This album was very succesful with many fans agreeing that this was the most beautiful moment of their lives as well.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever

This was their first compliation album in 2016. The album has extended plays from the most beautiful momemt in life parts 1 and 2 and several other remixes. The main tracks were Fire and Save Me which were huge hits with contrasting themes that worked well in this album.

The song Fire wss peppy and full of fast beats and was full of amazing choreography . They went with plain colored shirts, jackets and printed shirts with a tint of bad boy.

As for Save Me they went with white and black tshirts or hoodies and jackets with ripped pencil fit pants. The emphasis was lesser on the look and more on the song.


This was their second Japanese studio album with the Japanese versions of Run and I Need U and an exclusive track called For You which is my absolute favorite.

Out of all their appearances the style they chose for the song For You is my absolute favorite. A beautiful black and white ensemble that suited all 7 of them perfectly. The background, dance and the song itself was subtle and a treat to the ears.


Their second studio album was released in 2016. It contains 15 tracks with Blood, Sweat and Tears as their titular single and solos performed by all 7 of its members. It was selected as the best kpop album of 2016 by billboard.

Their titular song was based on famous novels, art etc. This album proved to be very different from their usual style with more emphasis on velvets and embroidery. The set was also done very differently with elements from famous paintings and stories. The music video proved to be a spectacle for all the senses.

Each member contributed a song performed individually by them which showcased their individual styles. Awake by Jin, Stigma by V, Begin by Jungkook, Reflection by Rap Monster, MAMA by J-Hope, Lie by Jimin and First Love by SUGA.

You Never walk Alone

This was a repackaged edition of Wings with the titles Spring day, Not Today, Outro: Wings and You Never walk Alone: A supplementary story.

While Not Today was a track dedicated to saying not today to bullying and being an underdog, it had the perfect elements that make it a true BTS original with an astounding set,theme, cinematography and choreography.

On the contrary, Spring Day was a song about a group of friends who are dealing with the suicide of their friend. They dressed in simple pastel colors and beanies. This song was also involved in a lot of theories that BTSs music videos convey.

Love Yourself: Her

At present BTS has started their Love Yourself series on 18th September 2017 which will continue into 2018. The first part has 9 tracks and two hidden tracks.

The titular track DNA is just a bomb of colour with an attractive whistling tune to it by Jungkook and Rap Monster. I’ll go into a more detailed article about that once the whole series is out.

Apart from all this, BTS has worked on other singles like Seo Taji’s Come Back Home, Anniversary edition songs like 4 o clock and So Far Away. Music covers by the members, mixtapes from the rapper members and tracks in the television drama “Hwarang” in which V made his acting debut.

BTS has given us a splendid collection of songs and have taken kpop itself to great heights. Can’t wait to know what more that they have to offer!


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