Review: Adventures of Omanakuttan

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Year of relese: 2017

Country of origin: India

Language: Malayalam

Directed by: Rohith VS

Music:Arun Muraleedharan and Dawn Vincent

Starring: Bhavana, Asif Ali, Aju Varghese, Siddique, Kalabhavan Shanoj, Saiju Kurup, Srindha

Duration: 2 hours 42 minutes

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance

Rated: U

The story revolves around Omanakuttan (Asif Ali), the titular character. He is an extremely introverted person who is socially awkward and has a habit of blinking his eyes a lot which is emphasised throughout the film. He works in a company called “Clintonica” as a sales executive. The company sells a particular brand of hair oil which supposedly cures baldness. The owner of the company is a man called Chandran (Siddique), who used to be a snake-oil seller before. Omanakuttan as an attempt to trick customers into buying the product takes on the names of different people, depending on the customer he calls. He manages to trick people with his multiple identities and works his way up as one of the best employees in the company.

On the other side, we see Pallavi (Bhavana) who is a student trying to get a thesis done in Mysore to submit to a university in Spain so that she can pursue her higher studies on Parapsychology in Spain. She goes ghost hunting but requires a good location like a palace to ghost-hunt. She starts stalking a singer Sidarth Iyer (Rahul Madhav). The singer happens to have connections to the palace and she tries to contact him somehow.

Meanwhile Vinayak Hegde (Kalabhavan Shajon) , a Superintendent of the Karnataka Police is hot on the trail of catching Chandran for his illegal hair oil business but is unable to proceed with the invesitigation due to lack of evidence.

Omanakuttan tries opening up his feelings to a female colleague at work on her birthday but she rejects him rather harshly. He is disappointed and sad. But soon he gets the idea of calling different women from another number which he names “Superhero” on Truecaller. He starts calling different women pretending to be a drug dealer Sammy, a fashion photographer for Vogue called Rahul, an IPS officer called Kubera etc. One day he sees Bhavana and gets to pass his number to her during Sidharth Iyer’s concert. She thinks that its Sidarth Iyer’s number and calls him. Soon both of them fall in love. They decide to meet and he agrees despite knowing that she will realise his true identity. She says she will be back as soon as she comes back from her home.

On a day that was a strike, Omanakuttan goes to work and walks home late at night unable to find any hotels to eat food. He finally gets a taxi and gets in. But the atmosphere surrounding the taxi is ominous. The next day he wakes up with just the phone where he calls all those women , in a garbage dump. His head hurts terribly, and he realises that he cannot recollect anything. Even his own name. He tries contacting people on the phone to find out who he is, but is confused by the multiple identities.

Pallavi returns from home demanding to see Sidarth (Omanakuttan) urgently. Apparently her parents wanted her to marry her first love for which she was’nt willing. When it came to a situation that her parents will disown her if she does’nt marry, she realises she will not get money to go to Spain. She lies that she and Sidharth are already married and heads back to Mysore but finds that she was tricked by a stranger. She is distraught and does’nt know what to do.

It is then that she meets Omanakuttan and after many incidents she decides to help him find out who he is on return of him helping her. The rest of the movie is about their journey together on finding Omanakuttan’s identity.

Asif Ali did a great job in his film acting as a socially awkward man. His mannerisms were right and he did justice to the role. His acting after he lost his memory, displaying the confusions, frustrations and anxiety were also well done. Bhavana’s character was a step ahead from the run of the mill heroines we generally see in movies. She was entirely opposite to Omanakuttan and did not behave like a typical good girl like society deems. She took things to her own terms, she was a city girl, who drank and smoked and had high dreams of pursuing her education in Parapsychology. Her choice of career was also very interesting. I liked the fact that Bhavana’s character was not displayed as a typical girl just as the sake of a love interest for the male lead. Her participation in the movie was also as good as Asif Ali’s. The other characters by Shajon, Siddique , Aju Varghese were also very good. The music and background score had a tone of confusion and anxiety to it which suited the theme.

Some things about this film just did’nt make sense. I don’t understand why both of them had to hide Omanakuttan’s condition from others especially when they found his roommate Philip. Omanakuttan was shown to have a facial mannerism, where he blinks forcefully, a lot. But once he lost his memory, he stopped doing that. Although it was understood why at the end of the movie, it kind of confused me in the middle. The ominous taxi driver was given quite a bit of emphasis but he did’nt turn out that important either. The reason Pallavi actually went through all that effort to stage a fake marriage was just to get her inheritance so she could study in Spain. But after her parents found out about the whole fake wedding they decided to send her to Spain anyways without keeping marriage as a condition. What I don’t understand is, instead of staging the whole fake wedding could’nt she just talk to her family first? Shajon was doing well too, but the reason he hunted down Chandran and the reason he acts the way he is was just funny but not a solid enough reason. Humor was played in well enough but maybe unnecessary at certain parts, like certain of Aju Varghese’s scenes.

Despite all that, “Adventures of Omanakuttan” is a good watch. I won’t ask you to rule it out of your book completely though. Its really nice to see how karma hits Omanakuttan for fooling all those women especially when he has lost all his memory and does’nt even know who he is. For a directional debut its actually a good attempt. I would rate this a 7/10.

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