Review: The Lorien Legacies Series

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The Lorien Legacies is a seven-part novel series penned by James Frey and Jobie Hughs (collectively known under the pen name Pittacus Lore). It tells the story of a group of alien children who were sent from their home planet Lorien while it was under attack by another alien race , called Mogadorians from the planet Mogadore.It consists of seven novels.

1. I am number four

2. The power of Six

3. The rise of Nine

4. The fall of Five

5. The revenge of Seven

6. The fate of Ten

7. United as One

Once they reached Earth, all ten of the children were each given a number and binded with a charm so that they can only be killed in a particular order, as long as they do not stay together. The series tells us the story of the ten children, also known as the Garde, who stay in different parts of the globe, waiting to develop their superpowers called Legacies and defeat the Mogadorian leader, Setrakus Ra.

Each of the children are accompanied by a caretaker called a Cépan. They also have a Loric chest filled with their Inheritance from the planet Lorien. Their superpowers or Legacies are developed with the help of the items in their chest which is diffeent for each of the children or Garde as each of them possess different Legacies.

When the story begins, it starts with the story of number Four who wakes up to find a searing scar being branded on his ankle. Its the third scar which means, number Three is dead and he is next. He is constantly on the run and wants to be prepared for when the Mogs come, but his Legacies are’nt coming. He leads a normal life with his best friend Sam Goode and girlfriend Sarah who later turn out to be principal characters in the story.

The books then continue on as the rest of the Garde, find each other, discover and train with their Legacies to defeat the Mog leader and their whole race. The first book starts off from the view of a normal teenage boy with a lot of problems but as we keep reading through the books it keeps getting more serious.

The authors went through a lot of things to create this mammoth series. From the concept of the characters to their purpose , everything was well written and presented. It was’nt a typical good defeats evil. They faced a lot of problems, from internal conflicts, love, friendship, the duty to their home planet, and choices on who to trust . Despite being alien children, these characters form a strong bond with our minds as we read. We understand the pain and confusion and struggles they go through, we go through so much stress as they go on each mission step by step to defeat the Mogs.

The Lorien legacies series was not just a story about one alien race defeating another. The story that they told about how life was on Lorien and Mogadore and how things came to be was well done. The authors managed to create a whole world of its own , upto a point where we actually beleive its true.

The language is simple and lucid and flows easily through our mind. For those who like adventure, sci-fi, etc- this is the book for you. There is a movie adaptation of the first book, but the books are far better than the movie. Or thats what I feel.

All in all, The Lorien Legacies are an exciting series of adventures by ten children who are the sole survivors of their planet and their race. Its a very good read. You just can’t stop reading. Its worth the time spent reading all 7 books. I would highly suggest this one-as a whole!

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  1. I remember seeing the movie quite a few years back, and I actually liked it a lot (despite the bad reviews it received back in those days). That said, I never knew that this book series had since moved on to 7 volumes. It really sounds like a great read in it’s entirety. I’m adding this to my to read list, although that one currently is so big, that it’s slimst not funny anymore lol. Great post! Love the covers for these books by the way! 😊

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