A Dog’s Purpose: Review

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Released: 2017

Directed by:Lasse Hallström

Based on: A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Starring: Dennis Quaid,Britt Robertson, Josh Gad,KJ Apa, Juliet Rylance,John Ortiz, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Peggy Lipton

Narrated by: Josh Gad


Genre: Comedy, Drama

A dog’s purpose is about a dog, who keeps getting reborn as different dogs in different situations, with his memories from his past life intact. The story is narrated by the dog (Josh Gad) and its about how he finds his purpose in life.

His first life starts as a puppy called Toby who is looking around trying to find his purpose in life. But he is taken away to the dog pound and euthanized.

He is then reborn as an active and strong Retreiver. He is rescued by a boy, Ethan and his mother where he was almost going to die. And Ethan adopts him as his puppy Bailee, although Bailee refers to Ethan as “his boy”. The two grow up together and form an inseparable bond. During the summer in his senior year, Ethan gets a full scholarship to Michigan State University, and his girlfriend decides to go to the same university on an academic scholarship. A fight ensues between Ethan and a friend, when the friend made fun of Ethan’s alcoholic father, which leads to the friend putting a firecracker in his home as a prank. But it turns into a huge fire and Ethan, his mother and Bailee have to escape through the first floor window. But while escaping, Ethan injures his leg and becomes medically unfit for the scholarship. He becomes depressed, resentful and angry. He breaks up with his girlfriend Hannah and goes to an agriculture school to finish his studies and take over his grandparent’s farm. Soon,Bailee dies.

In the next life, Bailee is born a German Shepherd who becomes a police dog in the Chicago Police, as a sniffer dog or a “Smell and Find dog” (according to Bailee). In this life he is named Ellie, who belongs to a depressed and widowed police officer, Carlos. He wants to have fun, but can’t as he is in the police, and he wonders why Carlos is always alone and depressed. But when Ellie dies, we see Carlos genuinely upset and in tears desperately calling for help to save Ellie.

He is reborn again, in the 1980s as a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is found by a woman Maya, who names him Tino. Tino goes behind another female dog, whose owner Maya ends up dating and marrying. Life does’nt seem the same for Tino as it was when he was Ethan’s Bailee and he wonders what his purpose is, and if he has reached it. He dies at an old age and he thanks Maya for giving him one of his best lives.

He is again reborn as a St Bernard-Australian Shepherd, who a couple takes in, called Waffles. He is mostly neglected and finally ends up being abandoned. He roams around and ends up running into a much older, Ethan. Ethan ends up taking him in and naming him “Buddy”. Buddy sees that Ethan is still alone and manages to hunt down Ethan’s old love, Hannah, who is now a widow,living alone. Buddy makes them both meet, and they end up marrying. Buddy desperately wants Ethan to know that its Bailee, his first dog. When Ethan sees him doing things that only Bailee did, he finally realises it. Bailee is happy and feels that he has finally reached his purpose.

We have seen so many films, which shows the relationship that humans have with dogs. That relationship is unique and pure and happens to matter more sometimes, than the bond that humans share. There is no doubt that a dog is truly, a man’s best friend.

This film portrayed that very well. With each life, that was shown we got to see how different kinds of dogs in different circumstances can make a difference to people and their lives.

The story with Ethan was of course the main part and the highlight. But along with that the other stories had a strong footing as well. The story with Carlos shows a duty bound dog and a lonely man whose true companion was his dog. Alothough Carlos never openly shows those feelings , he was getting closer to Ellie. And we understood that with how Carlos was with Ellie’s death. In the case of Maya’s story, we saw the typical pet dog, a part of the family.

I saw quite a many reviews of this film, some of which gave it low ratings. Sure, the film does not boast a super magnificient plot or actor line-up, but the film did justice to the whole theme. The narration by Josh Gad was good and maintained a serious yet humor filled atmosphere throughout the movie.

If there ever is a flaw, that I should mention it was the whole dog reincarnating concept. Rather than have all the stories with the same dog, reincarnated, they could have just showed the life of different dogs. The reincarnation concept was only required in Ethan’s story.

Other than that the movie is a good watch and I would suggest this movie, if you want to see a light hearted film, that could bring a smile to your face.

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