Solo : Review

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Country of origin: India

Language: Malayalam, Tamil

Directed by: Bejoy Nambiar

Story by:Bejoy Nambiar

Released: 5 October 2017

Starring: Dulquer Salman, Dhanshika, Neha Sharma, Shruthi Hariharan, Aarthi Venkatesh, Manoj K Jayan, Dino Morea, Soubin Shahir, Ann Augustine, Renji Panicker, Nassar, Suhasini Mani Ratnam

Genre: Anthology, romance

Rated: U

Solo is an anthological film which was released in Malayalam and Tamil. The movie is divided into four short films based on the four elements-water, air, land and fire represented as the four facets of Lord Shiva. The film tells the story of 4 different people played by Dulquer Salman. The movie has gotten a lot of mixed reviews especially some bad ones saying that its not that great. But I am writing this, to tell you that as far as I am concerned, this film is good and if we are to like or dislike it, its totally based on our individual taste. If you have’nt watched the film hearing the reviews, i suggest you give it a try. I had enjoyed it quite a bit. I have’nt mentioned any spoilers, just a bare intro so you can read ahead.

World of Shekhar (Water)

The first movie starts with Shekhar (Dulquer Salman) wounded after an accident. The events leading to the accident start from four years ago during his college days. He sports a unique a crazy hairdo and a totally different look than how Dulquer has shown all this while. After a number of incidents, he falls in love with a blind girl, Radhika. After her parents find out about their relationship, they resist. But it is revealed that Radhika is pregnant with Shekhar’s child and eventually they marry dreaming of a future together. The rest of the events in the film show how their relationship progresses and about their child and the incidents that happen after his accident and why it was caused.

World of Trilok (wind)

This story is about Trilok ,a veterinary doctor. The story starts with the accident of a woman, Ayisha who collides with the car owned by Thomas Zachariah (Renji Panicker) . Zachariah’s son in law, Justin tries to persuade him to save the girl which Zachariah strongly refuses. In the end, she dies. Years later, Justin meets with an accident and almost dies but is rescued by Trilok. The film then tells, the story of the events after the rescue. It tells us who Trilok is, and how he came to be, where he is.

World of Shiva (Fire)

The movie starts with Shiva’s mother abandoning him, his father and younger brother, Sidhu. He seems very affected by it. Years later he is found to be a gangster working under Bhadran (Manoj K Jayan) . His life is complicated and things are not made easier when his younger brother Sidhu starts getting into serious fist fights and issues in his college. He also has a girlfriend Rukku and a daughter with whom he has a harsh but serious relationship. One day he finds his father killed by a gunshot to his head and he decides to find out who and why he did it and to kill him. But the truth that lies behind it might be too big for even Shiva to handle.

World of Rudra (Earth)

Rudra is a trainee in the army whose dream is to become an army officer. He however is madly in love with Akshara, the daughter of a brigadier in the army. Akshara’s parents constantly arrange marriage proposals for her which Rudra comes and disrupts. The parents try to talk them out of it,but to no avail. Eventually Akshara gets an admission in a university in Australia for which she goes. She says the separation will help ease the tension between the families and that she will keep in touch. Four years pass from then with no word from her. Eventually Rudra finds out that she is getting married and decides to go to her and find out what happened and why she never explained anything to him. But the truth is something that he himself found too large to comprehend. Something that goes way beyond just the two of them.

Overall, I had liked the film a lot. I was a little reluctant to watch it after hearing all the bad reviews but I did not find it half as bad. I liked the concept of the four stories being tied to the elements and Dulquer Salman did justice to the four characters. The music was intense and fit the situations well in all four parts of the film. The cinematography is also applaudable with it being shot so well. A lot of the reviews were based on the climax scenes on the films especially the last one. I don’t think that essentially makes it bad. It just depends on how you perceive the film and its theme. I have always been a person who enjoyed films that make a difference and i feel “Solo” has that difference.

Whether it is good or bad you can be the judge. But I give it a thumbs up. A good watch.

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    • The music and the locations in the movie especially for the 2nd and 4th short films are really good! It’s a good watch! Do watch and let me know how you feel! And thank you for commenting!

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