Bunny Drop: Review

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Country of origin: Japan

Language: Japanese

Directed by: Sabu

Based on: Bunny drop by Yumi Unita

Starring: Kenichi Matsuyama,Karina, Mana Ashida

Released: 20 August 2011

Duration: 114 minutes

Genre: Family, Drama

Rated: U

The story starts with Daikichi (Kenichi Matsuyama) arriving at his grandfather’s home for his grandfather’s funeral. As he arrives, he sees an unknown little girl in the house and asks his mother who she is. His mother tells him she will explain later. Later,he comes to know that the girl is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, Rin (Mana Ashida). During the funeral , Daikichi is upset at seeing how lonely Rin is, and how no one, not even his own mother is ready to take Rin in. In the end he decides to take her and look after her.

Initially Daikichi struggles finding time to drop Rin at day-care and reach his job on time. Although he is tired everyday, seeing Rin’s happiness keeps him moving and slowly he starts to feel genuine affection towards her. He even demotes himself from a manager to a factory worker position so that he can make sure he has time for Rin.

As time passes, Rin talks to Daikichi about grandfather and starts to see Daikichi just like how she saw her father. He starts hunting for her mother and slowly his family also warms up to Rin.

Through Rin, he meets the mother of Rin’s best friend, Koki who happens to be a model that Daikichi is a fan of. She’s a single mother taking care of her son, after the death of her husband. She has not yet told her son, his father is dead, but that he has gone somewhere far away. The four of them spend time and play together.

Daikichi meets up with Rin’s mother who is a manga artist. He realises that she does’nt want Rin and is only concentrated on her career. Daikichi makes the decision to adopt Rin. But things take a turn for the worst, when Kuki and Rin both go missing. Everyone frantically searches for them, finally finding both of them at Kuki’s father’s grave. They realise that Kuki knew about his father’s death all along. Both Rin and Kuki cry out all the pain they were holding in all this while.

Daikichi realises how important Rim is to him and asks her to never run away from him again. The movie then ends with Daikichi and his family watching Rin’s performance on parent’s day in her school, with Daikichi proudly looking on.

The movie does’nt boast any huge climatic scenes or major plotlines. It’s a simple story about an incident that would seem impossible to most. The movie is based on a manga, which I have’nt read yet, but will. But overall I liked this movie. There are a lot of family-centric movies and movies about how a man or a woman suddenly has to take care of a child. What I liked most was the scenario under which Daikichi chooses to take care of Rin. From the beginning he did’nt see her as a burden and he showed a genuine sincerety to take care of her.

Although most of the relatives rejected the offer to take care of her, we hear a dialogue from Daikichi’s mother saying “ I’ve already given up so much while taking care of my children. How can I take care of her ?”. Daikichi is upset to hear this, but later he understands that his mother had a career that she loved but she decided to drop everythimg for her children. Such a huge decision might seem as a sacrifice to many, but that just exemplified how unconditional the love that parents have for children is.

Overall, if I was summing up the film I would use the ending dialogue fron the movie to describe what exactly this movie is.

At some point, we all grow, fall in love, get married, give birth and become parents. And kids in their turn, become parents. Sometimes our kids are like parents to us,teaching us something new. As far as I can see, the world is full of fathers and mothers, full of big waves of love.

Being parents is not just when you give birth to children. You become real parents when they take care of their children unconditionally. That is what I feel, this movie depicted. Its a light, mellow film that will warm your heart.

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  1. I loved this review, and this is a movie that sounds right up my alley. I love a good drama story, and this one sounds both beautiful and very heartwarming. Thanks for sharing this film.Will definitely try and find this movie to watch it 😀

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