UFO Baby:Review

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Country of origin: Japan


Written by: Mika Kawamura

Published by:Kodansha

Original run:February 1998 to March 2002

Number of volumes:9

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction

Miyu Kouzuki is an eighth grader whose mother is an astronaut and her father, an astro scientist. One day, she finds that her mother has been selected to become an astronaut for NASA on their next space mission and is leaving with her father to USA. She entrusts Miyu to their longtime friend, Hosho Saionji, who is a monk living in a temple on top of a hill.

But, more disaster awaits her when she reaches the Saionji residence. Hosho Saionji has left for India for a year on spiritual studies leaving her to live in the home, alone with his son, Kanata. Things did not start well for Kanata and Miyu, with them having misunderstandings and some rather embarrasing first meetup.

Suddenly a UFO appears in their home inside which is a little baby. The baby has a cat-like babysitter pet, called Wannya.

Wannya explains that they were stuck in a wormhole which is how they got here and requests Miyu and Kanata if he and Baby Ruu can stay here till a rescue party from their planet, Otto comes. The living beings on planet Otto look similiar to humans and Wannya can transform into anyone and anything. Also Ruu seems to identify Miyu and Kanata as his mother and father due to their uncanny similarity.

The story then goes through how Miyu and Kanata look after them both while hiding it from their classmates at school. It also depicts the growing bonds between Kanata and Miyu as they grow deeper feelings for each other, as time passes.

The overall outline of UFO baby, also called “Daa! Daa! Daa!” is very simple. But both the manga and the anime versions were hits and its easy to see why. The story was easy going,the kind which endears to most people. The story starts with the typical stranded male and female leads facing an unprecedented situation, here, an alien baby. But the whole story and the incidents they had to go through were entertaining and funny. It was strange and funny that Ruu sees Miyu and Kanata as his parents and how they striggled to take care of him, with him being a baby and an alien with powers like the power to float around and amass energy around him and everything. All the incidents related with Ruu was nice, especially the ones where he falls ill and starts to multiply into a hundred babies and the parts were everyone was sucked into Ruu’s dreams after he reads fairytales.

UFO baby had a strong set of characters who were their friends from school. At first they struggle to keep the fact that Ruu is an alien from them, but once they did find out the truth, they did not react in a way that Kanata and Miyu feared but actually aided them in helping return Ruu go back to his parents. It was nice to see the attachment that Miyu and Kanata were developing towards Ruu and Wannya and the final ending scene where they had to separate was painful but happy too.

I wish we had gotten to see more of an involvement from Miyu’s and Kanata’s parents and a little more informatiom into Kanata’s mother who was mentioned very little. The incidents with the huge time-travelling warp that happened in one of the volumes was a little too good to be true even with the whole alien baby thing going around. But despite that, UFO baby is a light hearted read that is very enjoyable and I would recommend it. I used to watch the anime version when I was younger and I loved Miyu and Kanata and the whole story so much and the manga was just as good too. There’s a sequel to this, which I will be reading next. But overall, a good read!

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