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Country of origin:Spain


Directed by:Oriol Paulo

Starring: Mario Casas,Bárbara Lennie,Jóse Coronado,Ana Wagener, Francesc Orella, Paci Tous

Release:September 23,2016

Duration:106 minutes

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Contratiempo (which translates to setback, but called as ‘The Invisible Guest’) is a Spanish suspense movie released in 2016.

The story starts with Adrián Doria, a wealthy young businessman who has been named the culprit for the murder of his extra-marital lover, Laura Vidal. He is under house arrest and is waiting for his lawyer to arrive. His escape from this murder accusation is important as it will affect his marriage, family and his business which he spent years building up.

His lawyer arranges an appointment with the famous attorney, Virginia Goodman who has never lost a case so far in her career. They both start to discuss the events that happened that night, to find out the truth behind the murder.

Adrian starts telling the story. He says that he and Laura were blackmailed for a huge ransom of money. Fearing how their lives will get affected if people find out about their extra marital affair, they arrange the money and go to the hotel that the blackmailer suggests. But while they wait for him, a text comes from Laura’s phone and they realize its a trap. They decide to leave but Adrian is knocked out,by an unknown man and once he wakes up he finds Laura dead,with all the ransom money strewn all over her body. Since there is no way to virtually escape from the room, the police decides that he murdered Laura.

Virginia asks Adrian to tell her the whole story without which she cannot help Adrian. That is when, it is revealed that their story is connected to Daniel Garrido, a man who went missing during the time Adrian and Laura were on vacation in the same place. As they probe more into the story, we see that things are not as it seems and it goes way beyond than what anyone could imagine.

First off, I love thrillers. Especially those exciting ones that keep you on the edge of the seat till the end of the film. And this film is exactly that. It starts with a small theme, with the murder of Laura and we expect the story to go around that plot. But with the entry of the missing man, Daniel, the story takes in a huge turn and goes through ways we never thought. That was one of the biggest highlights that I saw in this film.

Each time we are presented with a probable situation as to what happened that night, we think that that’s the answer. But the story as it unfolds shows us its not. Because of that, I think one of the strongest points in this film, is definitely its story.

The actors especially the ones who played Adrian, Laura and Virginia gave an amazing performance that brought out their characters to a new light. Throughout the story, Adrian and Laura had so many changes brought about ij their charactet which the actors managed to execute effortlessly. Their performance made it easier to watch and understand the film, even if you are not familiar with the language, like me.

The music was eerie, exciting and filled with suspense and it suited the film so well. Overall an excellent watch. I would highly suggest this, if you love thrillers. If there is one fault that i have to say it would be that, each time they provided like alternate theories to what happened, sometimes it had gotten me a little confused and I lost grips of where the story headed.

But despite that, Contratiempo is an excellent watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It definitely deserves to be called a thriller which it is.

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