A Little Bit of Heaven:Review

Country of origin:USA


Directed by:Nicole Kassell

Written by:Gren Wells

Starring:Kate Hudson,Gael García Bernal, Rosemarie Dewitt, Lucy Punch, Romany Malco, Treat Williams,Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates

Released:4 February 2011

Duration:107 minutes

Our story starts with Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson), a very carefree, enthusiastic cheerful woman who takes life in an easy going manner. Her life revolves around her friends and her pet dog. At the beginning of the movie, she insists that she does’nt feel like its necessary to fall in love and get married-she shows a general aversion to it. But so far she is happy as she is and finding comfort and happiness in how her life and career are now.

Since she was experiencing some health issues lately, she has an appointment with Dr. Julian Goldstein (Gael García Bernal). After some examinations and tests, Julian in a rather blunt manner informs her that she is dying from cancer and that she has two options-treatment or death. She is initially upset and confused but she decides to take treatment,in hope that she will get better. Marley accepts her condition and takes it in strong and humorous manner with which Julian is impressed with.

Under the influence of an aneasthetic, she happens to meet God (Whoopi Goldberg) who decides to grant her three wishes. Initially she wishes that she could fly and get a million dollars but is confused and somewhat reluctant to tell her third and final wish. God tells her that she does’nt need to think so much, because she already knows it, she just has to admit it to herself.

Marley tries her best to happily spend time with her friends and family. She and Julian eventually falls in love as well. But the fact, that her days are numbered takes a toll on her. She finds it hard to adjust with her mother, who she feels nags a lot and cannot seem to communicate with her emotionally distant father, which explains why Marly insists on being alone. She tries avoiding everything, but another meeting with God convinces her to live her life to the fullest with the people she loves.

The rest of the movie is about her coming to terms with her condition and how she slowly but happily says goodbye to the people that she loves, even solving the problems that she had with her father from the time she was young. Atlast we see her famiky and friends at a funeral party that she had arranged for them before she died, with her watching on, drinking a glass of champagne with God.

Well, lets face it, we have seen so many movies being made based on life threatening illnesses, cancer,death etc. We have seen films that showed the harsh reality of such diseases through films like, ‘The Fault in our stars’ and so many others.

The makers of ‘A little bit of heaven’ tried to take the same topic in a different way, by inclusion of the protagonist being a very cheerful person,and with the element of God granting three final wishes.

What I did’nt like about this film is that, the whole god-giving-three-wishes was cool but it did’nt really give that much of an impact in the film as I thought. She callously chose her first two wishes without even giving a second thought, which was wierd considering the fact that it was her final wishes. Also, she was portrayed to be having a cancerous growth in her colon, and that too pretty late stage cancer. It was pretty serious, I mean the first round of drugs did’nt work and she had to go through experimental therapy. But despite her illness being that serious, she was able to casually go through her life, no problems. I know from personal experience of people who suffered diseases like that, and thats not really how its like. Even during treatment the doctors seriously mentioned some ‘side effects’ with a really sombre expression. But that was’nt really prevalemt either. The “reality” of the disease was missing.

But despite that, why I suggest you should give this movie a chance is that, most movies based on life threatening diseases are really sad and you can’t survive that without boxes of tissues. This one’s sad too, but in a pleasant kind of way, which makes it easier to watch. I like her optimism, her cheerfulness and her spirit. And I like the fact that, despite feeling that she could’nt go on any longer, she still tried and lived her life to the fullest-as much as she could. And the way each of her friends, family and Julian responded was unique and depicted different kinds of realationships in one movie. Even her pet dog was special. Peter Dinklage’s role was also very good.

It just goes to show that, you don’t know what’s going to happen even the next second. Life is that unpredictable. Marley made it through that unpredicatability and that’s what makes this a pleasant watch. Overall if I were to sum up this film, i would use a dialogue that Marley told in the movie, when she was telling her mother she wants to plan her funeral party.

I want to bring back the “fun” in funeral.

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