Review: The Man From Earth

Country of origin:USA


Directed by:Richard Schenkman

Written by:Jerome Bixby

Starring:David Lee Smith,John Billingsley,Tony Todd

Released:November 13,2007

Duration:89 minutes

The story begins with Professor John Oldman who has suddenly left his job at the university and is packing up his truck to move. His friends arrive to give him a farewell party before he leaves. His friends are Harry,who is a biologist, Edith , an art history professor and a devoted Christian, Dan an anthropologist, Sandy, a historian (who is incidentally in love with John), Dr. Will Gruber , a psychiatrist, Art, an archaeologist and his student Linda.

When his friends arrive and see all his belongings, they find a picture that looks like a Van Gogh and they ask where he got sich a nice fake Van Gogh. They also find a crude Cro-Magnon era weapon (for those who did’nt understand, that just means caveman). They start exclaiming how John didnt change one bit over the past 10 years and start to get settled around the living room of John’s home. They want to know why he is suddenly leaving for no reason, and why he needs to move out this fast.

He is hesitant at first, and is’nt saying anything. But eventually he stars talking. He says the reason he is moving is because he is actually a Cro-Magnon (caveman) and that he moves every 10 years once people start to notice that he is not aging. His friends are dumbfounded and laugh it off at first. But John is very serious. His friends being specialists in their fields of science, question him. The rest of the movie involves the huge revelations that John makes which leaves his friends and us,astounded.

Usually I read like a plot summary of most of the movies to watch, just to know its geist. This movie was given to me by a friend and I was requested not to read anything about this film and just watch. And I did. And boy, was I shocked. When I got the first shock, knowing that the protagonist is a caveman who does’nt age , I was bewildered. The entire movie takes place inside John Oldman’s living room with his friends questioning him. The questions that his colleagues ask him, and the answers he gives forms the entirety of the film and it is one of the things that I loved most. I’m not the kind of person who has a deep understanding of history but the the history covered in this film was concise, concrete and convincing. As the movie keeps moving , the revelations that John makes is indeed shocking.

The movie is just 89 minutes long. But its 89 minutes of mystery, science, history, fantasy and inquisitiveness. To an extent, it was a questioning of world history and it definitely shakes the beleifs that we thought were true and could never go wrong. I would definitely suggest this movie. A thumbs up from me.

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    • There are lots and I am trying to write as many as I can in the best possible manner. If you have any movie suggestions, do let me know. Any language is fine (as long as I can find the english subtitles). Do follow the blog as well. πŸ™‚ and thank you for dropping by.

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  1. I’m afraid to read the whole post because it sounds like such a good movie! My husband and I are always looking for original stories. Great post!

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