How Spiderman taught us the importance of Love.

If you are confused on which Spiderman movie I am referring to, I am referring to the 2002 film, starring Toby McGuire as Spiderman. I don’t intend to write a review or anything because let’s face it, everyone knows this movie and it does’nt need a review or anything.

Why I am writing this post is because, today morning I was watching this movie for the gazillionth time on TV. And it got me thinking of the connection that this movie shows of Spiderman and love.

We all know this scene, where Peter Parker dons the Spiderman suit for the first time in order to get some money to buy a car and impress his childhood love interest, Mary Jane. And we all know what happens after this part. Uncle Ben is killed by the thief that Peter does’nt stop and it ends with Peter pursuing the thief. Its after this, that Peter dons the identity of Spiderman and goes around fighting injustice and evil.

There are so many super hero movies out there, about superheroes who go out, and save the day, all for different reasons. But why I felt that Spiderman has a different path is because, his actions were mostly out of love, compassion and genuinity.

To be honest, the whole story, not just of this movie but of the movies that came after this was centred around Mary Jane. Some people argue that Mary Jane’s character does’nt have any vital role in the movie as such. But I personally feel, she does.

If we think about it, the whole reason Peter went out to do all this was just to impress Mary Jane. Everything he did around him was his way of making her like him. And it was’nt just some, boy-meets-girl,boy-likes-girl, they-fall-in-love kind of thing.

Peter Parker loved Mary Jane for as long as he could remember. To him, she was’nt just a girl he had a crush on,or wanted to date but a girl he loved with the utmost genuinity. And I think its that genuine affection that profounded to the Spiderman movies making us love the movies so much more!

And when I talk about love, I do not mean just Mary Jane but all the vital characters that surrounded Peter Parker. The first being Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The reason Peter thought of exposing his spider-like abiliities was to impress Mary Jane. But the reason he donned the role of the superhero who protects justice and fights against evil was because of the effects that he got from Uncle Ben’s death. And it was not just that, Uncle Ben and Aunt May and the upbringing they gave Peter Parker had a lot to do with how he is, and how he perceived things. He might not have been their real son by birth, but we know he was the perfect son in life. No matter how much he went about his own life, he made sure he gave importance to his family, especially to Aunt May after Uncle Ben’s death.

We can never forget the friendship that Harry Osborn and Peter Parker shared. They were friends from the time they were little. Harry had issues with his father seeing Peter as more of a son than Harry, but it never really affected their friendship. After Harry’s father’s death, he was intent on killing Spidermam even after he found out it was Peter. But despite that, when Harry did find the truth he was open to Peter just as he was before. Both of them were so different, but such good friends to each other and that, I beleive exemplifies another kind of love-friendship.

Spiderman is a terrific superhero film that we have all enjoyed and still enjoy each time it comes on television. This just got me thinking along the lines of how well this movie was also able to portray the different kinds of love and compassion that we share as humans.

I know the title might have sounded wierd, but after reading this, does it still sound wierd? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. Well i wud say the storyline of dis movie is wrng…. MJ wasnt his frst liv.. It was gwen, then came betty, then there were black cat and finally mJ.. Aftr gwen died peter fell into depression nd quit being spiderman… Aftr a year is wen he came bak and met MJ….

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    • Really? I never knew that! All this is from the comic book series right? Because i don’t remember stuff like this from the movies. I wrote this oost purely based on the Spiderman series of movies starring Toby McGuire. Nothing else. But i will read into these comics! It soubds interesting!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post. It’s one of my alltime favorite superhero movies. I think the title is very accurate. Pretty much everything that Spiderman does in this film, he does so out of love. So you are quite right. Well written and excellent post! 😊

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