The Founder : Review

Country of origin: United States

Language: English

Directed by: John Lee Hancock

Written by: Robert D Siegel

Starring: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch , Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, B J Novak, Laura Dern

Music: Carter Burwell

Released: 20 January 2017

Duration : 115 minutes

“The Founder” is a biographical film about Ray Kroc, the man who starts the series of fast food restaurants McDonald’s. The story is based on true incidents.

The story starts with Ray Kroc a man who has attempted and failed at many business ventures. Currently he is trying to sell milkshake mixers that can make milkshakes in bulk to the many drive-in restaurants located across America. None of the restaurants seems to be wanting his mixer as they are not selling enough milkshakes to have that big a mixer. But one day, Ray receives a call from a San Bernardino restaurant for not one, but ten bulk milkshake mixers. Ray is surprised because at present the service in fast food restaurants is irregular, sleazy and not at all prompt and ordered.

Ray goes directly to this restaurant to see what is different about them. He sees that the restaurant is not a drive in but one where you have to wait in line and get your food wrapped up in paper instantaneously. And the best part-the burger tastes great.

Ray finds that this well structured system that churns out burgers so fast it can serve any crowd was made by Mac and Dick McDonald who calls their restaurant “McDonald’s “. Ray sees the immense potential in franchising this operating and after much persuasion manages to franchise it. He faces difficulties finding the right investors and managers and the McDonald’s brothers are very insistent on the quality of their food.

But despite that he finds it hard to make any real profit due to his contract with the brothers. Also because of the stringent quality guidelines it restricts him from making any real profit. He tries convincing the brothers to cut refrigeration costs by using powdered milkshake and not ice cream which they do not allow. Finally Ray takes things to his own hands doing things without their consent and acquiring the real estate related to all the franchises. The film then depicts then legal battle that then ensues with Dick and Mac losing their dream to the money-minded businessman.

I watched this movie to know the story behind this amazing food chain. At first the movie took me through the positive sode of things. How the fast food chain developed developed to what it is today. But as the movie progressed I was intrigued to see the business side of things-the collision of the passion of two brothers brothers and a man who just wants to make a lot of money.

The highlight of this film was definitely Keaton’s performance as the man who wanted to get get big in life. I wouldn’t really name him a villain but I think he symbolises reality of life. His perseverance is something that should be appreciated. But finally when money got to his head, he even went as far as to hi forget wife who was with him even in his struggles. That was wit evident when he, during the divorce gives her everything but the business.

Dick and Mac were two men who had a dream and worked hard at that dream. But it was was sad that dreams and a contract were not enough to stop a business tycoon who had taken over everything that mattered to them. It was evident because Ray happens to say in the movie-

If my competitor were drowning, I would walk over and put a hose in his mouth.

Ray might have been a businessman who acted like one who had money on his mind. But I think the part that I liked most in this movie was their breach of contract and Ray’s attitude to it. He said-

Contracts are like hearts, they are meant to be broken

In fact, it came to such an extent that Dick and Mac lost the name McDonald’s and everything they had to do with it. If that wasn’t enough, Ray opened up his 100th outlet right opposite to theirs and put them out of business.

“The Founder” is is a movie that tells us the story of one of the biggest food chains in the world. It is also the story of of a of a man who will go to any length to be successful. It is also the story of how two men lost what was theirs in what may seem unfair in real life, but totally right and fair in the world of business. And because of that this movie is a wonderful watch. It has a strong plot line, defining characters , a steady theme and a strong emotional front. All in all, if I were to sum up, I would use a dialogue that Ray used as the movie comes to an end.

Nothing in the world can take the place of good old persistence, talent won’t. Nothing’s more common than unsuccesful men with talent.

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