It’s time to end this.

It’s been a long time since I did a post like this. If you are reading this, please do read this till the end. And I am not asking you to read this just so I can garner more views on my blog. I am writing this because I am totally helpless on this and this is the only thing within my power to reach a few people. If this can change at least one person’s life, then that’s more than enough for me.

Two things prompted me to write this post.


Those who are familiar with kpop would know this man and what I am about to tell. But for those who don’t, I will tell you. This is Kim Jong Hyun. He was initially a vocalist from the hit -5 member kpop group SHINee and he later became an independent vocalist as well. He is an excellent vocalist and performer. He has garnered fame in his country as well as internationally. There is no doubt about how talented and amazing this man is. Two days ago, I read the news that he suicided. He was suffering from depression. He felt he wasn’t good enough and is not performing to his expectations. In the end, he sent a goodbye message to his sister and killed himself.

What could go so wrong in bringing such a talented man to think like that? Have we ever thought?

Another thing that later got me thinking was the reason was from this video that I saw on this tweet from UNICEF’s official page. It’s about the conscience that we show online in our social networking community. This is the link-


We know of Kim Jong Hyun’s story. But there are so many more countless stories about so many people.

Depression is taking over all of us. Some people might be suffering from actual clinical depression and not realise it. Eventually it takes a toll on them and they end up suiciding. Imagine how many countless talented, smart, and wonderful people might have killed themselves with these dark thoughts? Imagine how many families could have lost people that mean so much to them. Why is this happening? You know what is the worst part? It’s that a lot of people could have healed and broken free from this depression if they had just talked to another person. Despite having big families, friends and loved ones, how does countless people end up with Noone to talk to?

Our world has gotten bigger. We see and experience so many things from all over the world. We can’t all succeed at everything we do. Sadly, there is so much competition in this world. Be it studying in school, at college, at work or at home even with your siblings or outside with your friends. Everyone strives to be the best. In fact the competition has gotten so strong that if you don’t win, then it’s like it’s not even worth living.

Why are we thinking like this? Please understand that not everyone can be the best at everything. But never think you are a loser. Everyone has something they are good at. You work hard at it. Try your best. If you falter don’t lose hope. Try again. If you find yourself sad, talk to someone. Let them know. Don’t try to live in a shell like that. You cannot know how much better you will feel just by talking. You do not know the good it can do for you.

It’s not that we do not know about the existence of depression. But it’s our lack of awareness. We should build our awareness on it. And help each other.

Another thing I wanted to say is about the social conscience over the Internet. Be it someone you know, a random stranger, or a celebrity. A lot of people do not even think twice before posting harsh comments online. You will understand that if you watch the video in the link. Before you post that comment, think about how it might make that person feel. They might be right or wrong about something, but please think a moment before you start commenting. You do not know what that person has been through or how their lives are or what they might be going through. Posting a comment online can be just a 5 second thought process for you. But it might be ruining 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months ,5 years or even that person’s whole life.

It’s sad but I have noticed a lot of people who talk to each other frequently online but don’t care to give a glance in person. How has our world shrunk into smartphones and the Internet? Please take some time to look up from your phone. I am not going to say that I don’t spend hours on my phone. But from now, I will decrease it. After all we should correct ourselves first and then others.

We all know this book and TV series. I have read a lot of reviews about this and heard about it from my friends. Some reviews and people feel the protagonist was a drama queen. That she just found even the smallest of things unbearable. But have we ever thought how so many big and small things could have gotten her like this? Depression is no joke my friends. I understood that after Kim Jong Hyun’s death. Recently kpop boy band, BTS started a campaign with UNICEF called “Love Myself”. Whenever they talk about it in interviews, they talk about the importance of loving ourselves first and then others. I think that is something that we should all ponder on. Love yourself. You are amazing. And you need to be convinced of that first before thinking about others. Beleive in yourself and stick to what you guys Beleive in. It matters people.

There are different hotlines not just for suicide but many things. Many of you are from different parts of the world. Please share this kind of information. It could save a life.

And to the people who read till the end. Please don’t just read and go. Share this information. I am not saying you have to share my post. You can write one of your own or you can let people know however you want or you could just help someone who you know is suffering.

We need to stand for this cause together. Be it someone famous or someone who is not, we do not need another Kim Jong Hyun. . Talk to each other. Help each other. And live.


  1. This is a beautiful post, very deep and inspiring! my close friend is going through depression right now, I’m helping her as much as I can. Also, I used to suffer from depression, thanks to my boyfriend, I feel better now and I feel loved.

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    • I am happy to hear that both you and your friend are recovering. I think experiences similar to both of yours , should be voiced. People should know that there is a way out of it. Thank you for your kind words as well. πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for writing this. I took a class on Mental Health First Aid and they say to never be afraid to ask the direct question, “Are you going to kill yourself?” Sometimes the person who is thinking of suicide is just waiting for someone to ask or care. Then stay with them and never laugh it off. Depression is so close to everyone especially during the holiday’s we get busy and tend to forget those who are alone. Thank you again for being open and honest.

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  3. This really is a terrific post. One of my best friends has suffered depression almost her entire life, and she had a particularly bad year this year. I have been there for her throughout most of this, but at times it was quite tough. Especially on bad days where she lashed out at me. I never blamed her for it, as I know how tough it can be, on one of her worst days she said she was having thoughts of ending it all, and that really broke my heart.
    Luckily things are going much better now. She has found her true love, she is getting a new job and things just seem to be heading in the right direction for her. I’m quite happy about that. But depression can do terrible things, that is for sure. That’s why I thought this post was really beautiful and well written.

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    • Thank you so much Raistlin! And I am so happy to hear how well you are sticking up for her. I am sure your support matters a lot for her. I know people who is out of my reach to help, but are being ignored by even their family. It’s not purposeful. A lot of people don’t understand clinical depression. Why is why I feel having an awareness about it is very important. Thank you for your kind words. πŸ™‚

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  4. Well written and thoughtful, I hope more people can like who they are, and try to be kinder to everyone else. We can all use some support from our friends, some a lot more than others. You never know when a kind word, or thoughtful gesture can make a difference in someone’s day. Be kind, stay strong, and love yourself. Words to live by.

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    • Thank you. Jong Hyun and that UNICEF post prompted me to do so. It was after that, I found that a lot of people surrounding me in my everyday life were going through similisr problems.

      Thank you so much.


  5. That was an interesting video you shared. It hits us hard when a famous person commits suicide, because in our eyes, they have it all. Definitely keep your eyes open for other people and if you are suffering, speak up.

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