The New Year Resolution.

If you  have opened this post thinking it some organised thoughts of some sort of proficient blogger, then you are wrong. I wouldn’t call myself a proficient blogger. Rather I would call myself a beginner in the world of blogging. I got introduced into this via a friend. And since I love writing, I started this blog under this username. At first I was not sure if I would continue with this through. I have started many “hobbies” and things over many years which were sadly, quite short lived. I didn’t start blogging with that mindset but somehow in the back of my mind it was looming there, the fact that I might stop doing this too. But surprisingly (and thankfully), it turned out to be the opposite.

At first, the notifications I started to get were little. But then it grew. As I started networking among other bloggers on the platform, some whose writing I am a huge fan of, my little blog started to grow. And very recently I was able to hit one of the first of many milestones to come-100 followers.

I know it’s not that big a deal but somehow that kept me pushing this. I wrote again and again. Each post with more and more interest. Before I used to blog, the encouragement I used to get from my family and friends for my writing were nice. But many of them are not the kind of people, like me, who love to write. But once I started on this platform, I was able to meet and communicate with people who love this as much I do, or more than I do. The kind of encouragement you get from people who go through the same feelings as we do, is really different. And that was another factor that helped me keep this alive.

If you have read till now, you must be wondering why I even put up a post like this. I mean it’s just a lot of rambling talk.

That’s the thing about doing the things you love. You might be the best at it or you might not be. You might be doing what you love on a large scale that affects so many people or you might be doing it simply for your happiness. Or when it comes to writing and blogging, you must be having a pretty amazing blog or just rambling on like me. But whatever it is that you are doing, and however it is that you do it, if it is something you love to do, the happiness and satisfaction that you get from that is really nice.

Don’t you think so?

When I started this blog, I was clueless on what to write. But with time, I slowly figured that out. I started writing reviews on movies, books, anime, TV series, music etc. It got me more interested in these fields and I slowly started learning more and more about it. That is another kind of satisfaction you know. Exploring the infinite possibilities of the things you love.

When I had to give a caption to my blog, I didn’t even hesitate a second. I named it ‘Do What You Love’. Which is what we should do. I love writing reviews on the stuff I love. But somehow after the last post I did, I did some serious thinking. And I feel that I should do something beyond that. The last post that I did on suicide and depression was written from the heart. I seriously and sincerely meant every word I said. And it reached a lot of people. Thanks to the support my family and friends did by sharing that post. But more than that, the satisfaction I got was the effect that people got from reading my post. After that post on depression, a lot of my friends messaged me. People who were so close to me and people that I felt I knew so well were actually in depression. Their heartfelt words which they messaged to me meant so much.

I love writing. But more than that, I want to do writing that has a solid backbone. Something that speaks out what I want to say.

As a New Year resolution, I decided that as always I will be continuing the reviews and stuff, because I love doing that. But more than just a review, I want to look deeply into it. If you think about it, every movie, every song, every person, every story it has  a message. We might be reading a children’s story or we might be reading a work by Shakespeare. We might be watching some makeshift movie that we made with some pictures or videos on the Movie Maker app in our phone or we might be watching a movie made by some of the best filmmakers of the day. Whatever it may be, it has a message to say. Like how we used to read children’s stories and then read the moral from it. I think most forms of art have a message to give.

For example, take k pop band, BTS. I know I use BTS as a reference in a lot of my posts and that is because, one, I love them two, in this scenario they make a perfect example. BTS had a struggling past unlike their counterparts in the industry. And they have voiced their struggles and mentioned many things and messages through their music which are not done by many. They have a message to say. And it’s not just them. I merely mentioned them as an example.

So, as a New Year resolution, I decided to try to see the message and include that too in my posts. I want to write. And I want to write it right from the heart.

To some this may seem far fetched. It might seem I am trying to make some groundbreaking changes on the face of this planet which I never will. Trust me, I am not trying to be a writer than influences thousands of people. Whether I influence thousands of people, a few people, or noone, I still want to do a good job at it. Something with a difference.  I mean there is no harm in trying right? Out of all the new year resolutions I have taken, I hope that I will be able to keep this one.

To the person who read this rambling till the end, thank you and I must say, you are a very patient person. I might seem far fetched, crazy, nuts or someone who makes sense. But whatever it is, do let me know, right in the comments below.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year and I hope you have a wonderful 2018.


  1. Lets see, a few quotes ” I wouldn’t call myself a proficient blogger ” ” It’s just a lot of rambling talk”
    Let me tell you to answer to both of those quotes: it is a pretty easy and simple word consisting of two letters: no.
    To write a post like this takes skill…in other words proficiency. And it wasn’t rambling talk at all, it was something that came from your heart which is awesome. As I said before your blog will continue to grow, and expand…simply because you write absolutely amazing posts. The things you have planned sound really great and I for one can’t wait to see how these new posts will turn out. And I’m sure the 105 other people that follow you can’t wait for them either.
    Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing fine! 😀

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  2. I think its great that you wanna continue to improve and expand. And focus on the things that are more meaningful to do. With that kind of mindset you are already successful. Because I think looking forward to and having fun with what you’re doing is one of the best feelings in the world. Itll keep you reaching for the stars and before you know it youll have more followers than you ever could have dreamed of. 🙂 Making all sorts of friends in friends in the process.

    BTW Happy Holidays.

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  3. I really love what you have said about there’s a message behind those movies, stories, etc. Thanks for a wonderful post of yours anyway. And oh yeah, I smiled after reading I have a patience. HAHAHAHA

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  4. I can relate to having so many hobbies that never go anywhere. I consider myself to be a jack of all trades and master of none. I am also new to the blogging experience, I haven’t even shared it yet with family and friends because I am still unsure of how far it will go. May we all continue to write and pursue the things we are passionate about.

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