Continue, Don’t Quit : You Are Not in This Alone

This post was written by an amazing blogger , friend and person, Auri. She along with her friends have jointly taken this as a mission. An attempt to try our best to help each other. I Beleive this is a wonderful idea and I hope many of you feel the same as well.

I once wrote a post on the same on my blog. But the suggestions that I had given in it were the normal ones. Things that everyone suggests. But this was a really good idea. And therefore I have decided to be a part.

You can contact me at-

Let’s join our hands together for this wonderful program!


  1. See…I told you, that’s why I think you are every bit as amazing yourself as well: this is so awesome that you are doing this. Thanks so much for the help! You really are the best (and no. Really no need to blush this time, it’s simply the truth 😊).

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