Supernatural Kdramas-#List

My birthday just got over and as far as doing the things I love, I really wanted to post on my blog . But with the exams and the birthday going on I wasn’t able to do so on the day. I have told many times before that the reason that I started writing my blog was because I loved to write. But when I started my blog I was in in a dilemma. I mean what do I write? But luckily for me, I had started watching films and television series from different languages. Although I was averse to the idea of watching things like that long back, I have found that I love watching it, analysing it. Korean dramas brought me to the immense possibilities of entertainment all around the globe. It was the first foreign language thing I ever watched. Ever since I watched the first one, time has flew and I have seen many kdramas and there are many more left in the list. Eventually I roamed into kpop too. Out of most genres of kdramas I think my favorite would be the supernatural kind. I love it because having extra supernatural abilities in one or more of the characters help us in extending the plot in directions that might have been unfathomable otherwise. So I decided since it’s my birthday,and since I love supernatural Kdramas, I should compile a list of the ones I watched!

So, in no particular order, here goes-


This was the first kdrama that I wrote a review on in my blog. The story follows a “dokkaebi ” or Goblin (Gong yoo) who has been living for more than 900 years. In his past life, he had killed many in war, but ended up being killed by his own king, out of the jealousy that the people in his kingdom like Kim Shin (the goblin) more than the king. Then God decided to turn him into a goblin, to live an eternal life. The only way he can escape from that is if the Goblin’s bride comes and pulls the sword out of him.

Eventually he finds his bride in a high schooler , Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun),who can see ghosts, who he initially tries to convince her to end his life but later falls in love with. Things get more complicated when an amnesiac Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wooj) start living with the goblin. It’s a story that intertwines the past, the present and the world of man and the supernatural.

It is one of the highest rated kdramas of all times and it’s immense success is because of its good storyline, great performance,humor , suspense and great cinematography and an even amazing OST combined. A must watch.

Secret Garden

The stiry follows Kim Joo Won(Hyun Bin) a wealthy third generation chaebol and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) , a stunts woman. Through an accident, the two meet and Joo Won finds himself to be attracted to her. Although he has gone through a number of proposals he saw a very different woman in Gil Ra Im. She however does not return that affection back towards him.

However things take a turn for the worse, when they magically find themselves switching bodies every time it rains. They must continue to live both their lives normally whether their bodies are exchanged or not. Together they both start to understand each other and how it is like being in each other’s shoes. This leads them to fall in love with each other in the process.

It’s a story that shows each person’s life is different and worth it, but we never understand that unless we think from their side. This drama was funny, very romantic and had a really amazing support cast. Although I felt the initial start was a little dragging and not too much in sync. The rest of the drama and the finale blew my mind. It’s a great drama and it’s one of my favorites overall. Hyun Bin did an amazing performance acting as a girl (I really have to mention it,he was awesome)

W-Two Worlds

The story follows Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) who gets a call from her father’s assistants that he is apparently missing even though he hasn’t even left his room. Her father is a manga artist and writes a very popular Webtoon titled ‘W’. While she checks his room she sees that the last thing her father drew was the main characters rather abrupt death. Puzzled as to why her father would end such a successful manga, she suddenly feels a pull and gets dragged into the world of manga. There she finds the lead character , Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) dying just like her father drew. She however rescues him.

The story then follows Yeon Joo’s repeated entries into the world of the Manga and how her actions help Kang Cheol , find the murderer that killed his family (in the manga) as well as explore the reasons to this teleportation between the real world and the world of manga.

This is one of my top favorites because first, the story was very unique. It had us hooked right from the beginning till the very end. It had no lagging parts. The plot was fast paced, exciting and it made you want to watch more. The imagination behind the fusion of a fictional world in the Manga and the real world was very interesting. This is why I highly recommend this and is one of my top favorites not just in this genre but as far as kdramas are concerned in general.

The Legend of the blue Sea

The first part of the story starts in the Joseon era where a new mayor arrives , Dam Ryeong (Lee Min Ho). As part of his welcoming the people display a mermaid Se Hwa (Jun Ji Hyun) that they caught to get pearls (from her tears) and other valuable things. Dam Ryeong sees them harming her and demands her release. Very soon they both have a kindling relationship away from the greedy eyes of the villagers. But fate has them end up being killed whilst a hunt by the villagers for Se Hwa.

Years later both of them get reincarnated. Dam Ryeong is reincarnated as Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) , a professional swindler who makes money by tricking rich people. His father remarried his mother’s friend which caused his mother to run away. Since then, he hasn’t talked to his father or his new family and is in constant search of his mother. He teams up with two others who help him trick people and make money. Meanwhile Se Hwa has been reincarnated as a mermaid. She by coincidence meets Joon Jae and he names her Shim Chung. At first he hangs around with her to steal her jade bracelet ( which was a gift Dam Ryeong gave Se Haw many years ago) but soon the two fall in love. The rest of the story entails them finding the meaning behind their reincarnations, their linked problems, their love for each other and how they survive all that.

I watched this drama because of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun who made a fantastic pair. I liked how they played around with the myths that surrounded the mermaids. Whether it be the serious parts of the story or the funny parts. More than that, I enjoyed the concept of reincarnation and how each character was linked. Some characters had some very interesting fates which we guess over and over again, but get wrong every time. Another great watch. And a good drama before Lee Min Ho leaves for his compulsary army service. It was also a good comeback for Jun Ji Hyun after her marriage and having her first child. And I do have to add that all the shots in this drama were excellent. Whether it be the ones in Spain or the ones in Korea. It was a treat for the eyes.

My Love from The Star

The story follows Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) an alien , who has been living on Earth for the past 300 years. He sees that he can return to his home planet in three months and is preparing himself for it. That’s when he meets Cheong Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) a famous film and drama actress who is very arrogant but silly at the sane time as she moves into the apartment next door to him. He is intrigued by her because he finds that when she was a child, she looked exactly like a girl that had once sacrificed her life to save him from the villagers 300 years ago. Amidst that, Song Yi gets mixed up in the suicide of a fellow actress with whom she wasn’t in good terms with. The press accuse her of the suicide and she ends up hiding in Min joon’s apartment wherein they become close. Although he tries his best not to admit it, he falls in love with her.

But amidst all their problems there is a conspicuous villain who murdered the actress and made it seem like a suicide. Their relationship is also like a ticking time bomb as his time on Earth is coming to an end. The story that follows is about their relationship and how they face it.

This was another one of my ultimate favorite dramas. I loved their chemistry. The silliness, the cuteness, the seriousness in their relationship was adorable. You just couldn’t get enough of it. Even though Min Joon seemed like an invincible superhero even he too falters at times, wherein Song Yi cones to his rescue. It’s not just a story of unconditional love, but of good friendships, Family and love. This drama makes you laugh your heart out and make you cry your eyes out at the same time!

Strong woman Do Bong Soon

The story follow Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) , a super strong woman who inhereted her strength from her mother. She can only use her strength for good things. If she does otherwise, she will lose them. She trues to live a quiet life without displaying her powers. But one day Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) , the owner of a gaming company employs her as his bodyguard seeing her superstrength. He keeps getting death threats which is why he hires her and she agrees as she has always wanted to be featured in a video game. The story then follows them being linked to a man who is kidnapping women in her locality and how they stop him.

I am not going into too much details since I already wrote a full length post for this one. But if you want to know why you should watch this, it’s funny, gripping, entertaining, has a solid story and an even stronger leading couple. Even the supporting characters are at par with the leading characters. The villian deserves a special mention. A must watch!

Queen In Hyeon’s Man

The story starts in the olden times, where a scholar, Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is supporting the reinstatement of the now deposed Queen In Hyeon. While being attacked, a magical talisman allows him to travel to present day Seoul which happens to be the set of a drama centred around Queen In Hyeon’s story. He meets the actress playing Queen In Hyeon , Choi Hee Jin ( Yoo In Na) and is confused at first. But with her help he travels back and forth in time trying to reinstate the rightful queen by making use of the history records in the present. Amidst this, the two fall in love. But will this love story spanning dimensions work?

In reality this a romance story centred around their relationship. But they made it well in such a way that we don’t feel overwhelmed with the romance. I personally don’t like it they convert it fully to romance. I liked the mild historic presence. There is no true villain here. The villain here is time. And they sure made us watch this with bated breath to know what happens to one of my favorite drama couples!

Oh My Ghost

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is a very timid girl who likes cooking. She works as a junior in an Italian restaurant run by the highly successful chef, Kang Son Woo (Joo Jung Suk) . She has had a crush on him for a long time but doesn’t even have the courage to look him in the eye. And she has a secret. She can see ghosts and are pestered by them always.

This is when we meet Shim Soon Ae (Kim Suel Gi) a girl who died a virgin. Before she passes into the next world , she wishes to not be a virgin. Breaking free of the grips of a shaman that wants to send her to her next life, she possesses the shy Bong Sun. Suddenly everyone especially Son Woo notice that Bong Sun has become bold and fearless with an intense interest in Son Woo. Although it seems like this is the story, there is a shocking truth that looms around Soon Ae’s death and the people surrounding them.

First off I love the restaurant and food themed story. So far I haven’t been able to watch a lot of that. It started funny and pleasant with a quirky ghost who just wanted her final wish. But with each episode we get glimpses of the true and dark story that they are really trying to show. This was pretty entertaining and a good ghost drama!

Master’s Sun

The story starts with Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) a woman who has been able to see ghosts ever since an accident. She is tormented by ghosts to get their final wishes done and is always scared and frightened. She doesn’t have any friends and lives alone in fear of what ghost will visit her next. This is when she meets Joo Jong Won (So Ji Sub) a conglomerate who owns a large department store and is very money minded. Gong Shil realises that whenever she touches Joong Won , the ghosts disappear. After that she constantly pursues him just in the name of touching him. Although repulsed at first, he starts to grow an affection to her and helps her fend against the ghost. But this also helps him uncover the mystery behind him getting kidnapped when he was younger and the death of a girl he loved.

Each episode tells the story of a different ghost, a different life. Through each incident , we get to see a naturally budding romance between the lead characters. Although it had some very typical kdrama moments this was one heart warming drama that has touched the hearts of many.

I can hear your voice

The story follows Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) a high schooler who can hear the thoughts of the people around him, ever since an accident that killed killed his father. He is constantly hunting for a girl who helped reveal the truth about his father’s death in court many years ago and eventually finds her. She is Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) who is a public defender working alongside Gwan woo ( Yoon Sang Hyun) , a cop turned lawyer. Together they find the truth behind many cases in court and also confronts the murderer that changed their lives upside down so many years ago.

It was interesting to watch a mind reader being used in a court setting. The whole story behind his father’s death and the full story behind it, shines new light onto the characters in different ways as each episode progresses. All im all, a good watch.

I know this is super lengthy post but thank you for reading till the end. Intially I wanted to write separate posts for each drama but somehow this idea struck me. If anyone wants any detailed review on it or want to know anything on these dramas, do do not hesitate to ask in the comments. I want to know what you guys feel about these dramas. Also , do you guys know any other great supernatural dramas? Let Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Well…now I know which Korean dramas I really have to go and see. I have saved this post for future reference. That really is no joke…I just added it to my favourites 😊
    Out of all of these I have only seen Goblin, and I loved that one. It was so cool and had such interesting characters. Well..the one I would recommend to add is Black. I recently did a post for that one, and except for the first two episodes that were truly horrible, it became my all time favorite Korean drama. Absolutely loved this post. You really put a lot of hard work and effort into this one, and it certainly payed off! 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seriously you have watched only Goblin? Omg you have to watch the others! They are really good! I glad this is one of your favorite posts! 😊. And no I habent forgotten about Black. I read your review on Black and I found it pretty cool and will definiteky watch it in the near future. Right now I am in the third episode of a drama called ’49 days’ . Thank you reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I know lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That was really terrible. But I guess there is a lot to look forward to now, so that ‘s cool πŸ˜€
        No problem; 49 days? Haven’t heard of that one yet, but looking forward to your review for it (if you are going to write a review for it that is πŸ˜€).

        Liked by 1 person

      • 49 days is about a girl who’s spirit gets a chance from a Grim repear to come back to life if she can get the tears of three people who genuinely love her. She thinks its easy. But it isn’t. Review is on the way!

        Liked by 1 person

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