2014-2018: How ‘Masala Coffee’ started and ended it.

The years from 2014-2018, were four years that I spent doing my undergraduate degree. It really started and ended off in a bang and that’s all because of an amazing band called- ‘Masala Coffee’.

Masala Coffee debuted in 2014, in a music programme called ‘Music Mojo’ that features new artists and bands with great new music. Indian folk, blues, pop and rock are the typical genres that this band performs in the most. The best part about them is that, the songs they choose whether they are folk songs, or songs that are classics, or songs of their own, they perform it amazing, live and when broadcasted. Individually the artists are quite successful as well. Do check out their performances on Youtube and other platforms. I would definitely suggest the performance of a song called ‘Kanthaa’ , which you can watch, here .

But apart from their amazing music ,this band holds another very special place in my heart. Back in August 2014, I joined college along with so many others for my undergraduate degree. I was a wierd mixture nerves , worry, excitement and I think my classmates were too. The first set of days were mostly introductory, classes made to help us understand each other, and get used to the place I guess. Then the classes began and 4 years of that ensued (don’t ask me anything about it, because I really don’t know).

Amidst all of us scraping through our endless number of exams, tests, assignments and what not, so many things passed by.

Being an undergraduate student of engineering, we as students got to conduct so many things like technical and cultural fests across these 4 years. Many capable studebts (who I am sure will be wonderful leaders in the future) worked day and night, gathering and implementing all the resources and conducting it to our best. Although we have had our arguments and our fights, we always strived again and again to make our college life that much more magical.

There is a very popular phrase that has always been and always will be associated with our college, and that’s called “magical unity” . Sure we have our problems and disagreements. Everyone does. But in the end, somehow, putting aside our differences, we always stuck in it together.

Apart from that, one very important part that I think we would never forget, was our 14 day tour to North India, which we very fondly named “Le Vadakkot“. We travelled across Agra-Amritsar-Manali-Delhi. I think those 14 days are something none of us will ever forget.

But apart from all the experiences in college and hostel, let me come back to this band. The first weekend in college we had an inter collegiate cultural fest which was such an amazing and welcoming weekend into college. That weekend this very band came and performed live. We moved to the rythm and enjoyed it to the maximum we could. 4 years went by and now we stand at the final working day of college, on the last day of another college cultural fest. This time too, Masala Coffee came once again and needless to say, it was amazing. Our feet ached, we were a sweaty mess and our hearts were throbbing with excitement. The perfect way to end college.

Of course this post does not contain every memorable thing in college, not every incident we smiled, laughed and cried. There’s so much more. I could really go on forever.

My blog reflects me. And incidents and milestones like this, reflect on my life. Hence I had to write this post, with a heavy heart knowing it has all come to an end. Nevertheless, I thank each and every person who made each day matter, I thank every person who helped me learn and grow as a person, and I am thankful to my amazing classmates, batch mates, friends, roommates and everyone who mattered!

We all have wonderful experiences with this phase of our lives don’t we? If you do and want to mention something, please do so in the comments!


  1. What a beautiful experience…. I like what you say about “magical unity” bing you College … And all the good experineces related to the band will surely remain with you forever.
    Kaanthaa is quite cool… I love the different instruments… they blend so well with the singer´s voice … Really nice ❤ Sending love & best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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