Double movie feature: The Spirit of Motherhood.

I am back with another double movie feature. This time, I have picked two films that depict a mother and her child/children in a very real life-death situation and how they find the solution for the same. One is a South Korean film called ‘The Wedding Dress’ while the other is a Malayalam film called ‘Aakashadoothu ‘ (which loosely translates as the distance to the sky) . Both are big time tearjerkers and you definitely need a few boxes of tissue to go through these.

The Wedding Dress

Country of origin: South Korea

Language : Korean

Directed by: Kwon Hyung Jin

Written by: Yoo Young Ah

Starring: Song Yoon Ah, Kim Hyang Gi

Music: Mok Young Jin

Released: 14 January 2010

Duration : 109 minutes

Genre: Drama, Family

Song Yoon Ah as Seo Go Eun

The story starts with So Go Eun, a single mother and wedding dress designer. The movie starts with her designing a new wedding dress.

Kim Hyang Gi as Jang So Ra

She has a daughter Jang So Ra. Being a single mother has its difficulties as she cannot pay enough attention to So Ra sometimes because us which she has a hard time dealing with her classmates and does not seem to have the guts to go to her ballet class because of the other kids.

However, Go Eun finds out that she is dying from cancer and had only very few days left to live. Because of that she starts to make So Ra’s wishes come true before her death. However So Ra finds out about her mother’s illness and secretly fulfills her mother’s wishes one by one. Amidst this, Go Eun makes a wedding dress for So Ra to wear, when she gets older.

Sounds sad? Well, it’s really really really sad. Although this kind of theme frequents our movie screens it never fails to hit the right spot. And this one didn’t fail us either. An amazing performance by both the leads. Both of them manages to make us cry our eyes out even after the movie ends.

Through Go Eun we realise the value of time. Most of the time we take time for granted, thinking there’s always tomorrow. But is there really? Aside from movies we know many real life situations that speak the same. Each time So Ra talks about doing things months or years from now, we can see the pangs of guilt for not having spent time more valuably in Go Eun.

Kim Hyang Gi gave a very mature and amazing performance as So Ra. She showcased a maturity that kids her age might lack. She changes and adapts herself so much to let her mother feel as less difficulty as possible.

Also there is a tinkling kind of track that plays in this movie, and if that can’t make your eyes sting with tears, I don’t know what can. The sudden loss of our loved ones , leaves behind such a large gap that we come to understand how even the smallest things resonate so much in our lives. A good watch!


Country of origin: India

Language : Malayalam

Directed by: Sibi Malayil

Written by: Dennis Joseph

Based on: A 1983, made for television American Biographical film, ‘Who will love my children’ ?

Starring: Madhavi, Murali, Seena Antony, Jithu Anto, Martin, Nedumudi Venu

Music: Ouesappachan

Released: 1993

The story is about Johnny (Murali) and Annie (Madhavi) and their family. Both of them grew up in an orphanage, fell in love and got married. They have 4 children, a teenage girl called Meenu, twins Rony and Tony out of which Rony is handicapped, and Monu, the youngest who is a toddler. Although Johnny occasionally wastes money on drinking alcohol but with his job and with Annie being a violin teacher, they make their ends meet and live happily.

However one day after a scuffle that Johnny has with another man, Keshavan, Keshavan decides to take revenge and injures their son Tony in an accident. Tony requiring a blood transfusion had both Annie and Johnny test their blood to check. But in the test, it is discovered Annie has leukemia. Johnny is shocked but changes to be a better man, by stopping his alcoholism. But fate has something else in in store and in a fight with Keshavan, Johnny dies.

Annie tries her best to be strong willed for her children and are worried what will happen to them after her death. She doesn’t want them to grow up in an orphanage under the label of orphans and therefore puts her children up for adoption whilst lying to them that she is going to work abroad. The movie then tells us the story of Annie’s worsening condition, and how she parts with her children, to safe and happy homes.

Sounds sad? It’s not sad. It’s utterly depressing. This movie is pretty old. But it’s a classic. I think I must have watched this film at least a 100 times and I haven’t failed to cry each and every time.

Having children to go for an adoption when their parents are no more is really sad. But imagine having to be strong and giving them away even before that. Each time Annie drops her children off to a home , it’s heart wrenchingly painful. And it’s even more sad how difficult she realises it is to get a home for her handicapped son.

There’s a scene in the movie where she invites her children to spend Christmas with her, knowing it may be her last. That sequence in the movie is one of the most painful things to watch.

There’s a song in this film called ‘Raapadi Kezhunnuvo ‘ where she goes to invite her children for Christmas, with her handicapped son who is the only one who remains. That song is a classic. Beautiful and sad and hits you right in the feels. You can watch that song, here . This is definitely another movie that you need boxes of tissue to watch.

We know the best superhero in our lives are our mothers. Fathers are as important yes, but there’s something special and unconditional about how we are with our mothers. We all know that we are totally lost and clueless if we don’t have our mothers with us. So this post, is dedicated to all those awesome mothers who make our lives whole!

Do let me know what you feel in the comments below!


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