AnimeZone:The Garden of Words: A stranger who taught you to walk.

This time I am back with an anime film. Anime has always been very fascinating. I highly appreciate the efforts and imagination that goes into animated series, films and everything. To an extent it sometimes captures emotions better than films played by real life people! This one is a short anime film about two strangers who turn out to be a source of reliance to one another.

Theatrical release poster

Country of origin : Japan

Language: Japanese

Directed by: Makoto Shinkai

Written by: Makoto Shinkai

Music: Daisuke Kashiwa

Studio: CoMix Studio Films

Released: 31 May 2013

Duration: 46 minutes

Genre: Drama, Romance

Takao Akizuki

Another rainy season has started in Tokyo, Japan. Takao Akizuki is a high school student. Seeing that it’s raining, he decides to cut class and go to the garden at Shinjuku Gyoen. He is an aspiring shoe maker and often makes sketches of shoes that he wishes to make.

Yukino Yukari

On such a day he goes to the garden, he sees a young woman sitting alone and eating chocolates and beer. She notices that he is a school student and leaves him with a bit of poetry that leaves him confused.

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,

[A faint clap of thunder,
Clouded skies,
Perhaps rain will come.
If so, will you stay here with me?]

-Yukari Yukino
from Man’yōshū, Book 11, verse 2,513

The two then continually meet in the garden on rainy days with Takao conveying in her who he is, and his dreams, while she doesn’t reveal anything about herself. As we traverse through the movie, we get to see the developing relationship between the two, and how they both become a source of relief to each other as they both understand each other and their problems.

This is only my second anime film that I have ever watched. But can I just say, this genre is really growing on me. The animation and presentation are unique in its own way making it feel realistic even, at a point. Although for a movie, it seems very short, trust me that’s not a fault here. That 45 minutes was enough for us to dwell deep into the lives of both the characters.

I personally feel,the garden had a symbolic presence in this movie. Because both the characters had a very concrete set of problems in their real life, the garden and the meetings that they had on those rainy days gave them some time and space to be just themselves without thinking about anything else for a while.

Night before I go to sleep, and mornings when I wake up, I was just hoping it will rain.

-Takao Akizuki

Even though their meeting were short, it was deep and that could easily be expended into their bond as well. To some the romantic involvement of two characters with this age gap may sound wierd. But it’s not wierd on screen. There is a maturity and childishness in both of them that somehow balances it.

Another main “character” in this film, is the rain. The rain in a way seemed to have a mind of its own and was so central to both the characters meeting up. In fact, the strength and behaviour of the rain, actually describes the mood of each scene.

I realized that I have only been learning to walk till now. Once I do learn, I will walk towards her

-Takao Akizuki

All in all, it’s a pleasant movie. Somethung we can relax and watch but have it being worth it too. For those who love reading manga, there is a manga version of this story as well! I think the best way to end this post would be with another short part of the poetry that was used in this film.


[A faint clap of thunder,
Even if rain comes or not,
I will stay here,
Together with you.]

-Takao Akizuki
from Man’yōshū, Book 11, verse 2,514

I have only started to scratch the surface of anime but I would definitely like to watch a lot more from this diverse genre. That’s why, this time I have posted this anime review under the category “Animezone” which I would love to continue on my blog! So if there is anything more to watch do let me know in the comments! Also let me know your opinions on this review and the film ‘The Garden of words’ !


  1. I just watched this movie a few weeks ago, though my review won’t be posted until after the summer. I really liked it and even though I’ve only seen two of his films I would suggest checking out other movies by the same director, he has quite a reputation.

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