49 Days : What if you are given that second chance?

This time it’s a K-drama feature. This was a series that had a very interesting concept on second chances when you are at the brink of life and death. It’s a very interesting concept and let me know what you guys feel about this in the comments!

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Also known as: Pure Love

Country of origin: South Korea

Language: Korean

Written by: So Hyun Kyung

Directed by: Jo Young Kwang

Starring: Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Jung Il Woo, Jo Hyun Jae, Bae Soo Bin, Seo Ji Hye

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 20

Status: Completed

Opening theme: ‘I can feel it’ by Navi

Broadcasted: 16 May-19 May , 2011

Broadcasting station: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

From left to right, Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho and Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun

The protagonist of the story is Shin Ji Hyun, a very happy, go-lucky person who is slightly pampered by her parents since she is their only daughter. She gets engaged to the man of her dreams, Kang Min Ho who once saved her life when she was lost in the mountains. She is happily surrounded by her family and close friends.

From left to right, Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun and Jung Il Woo as the Grim Reaper/Scheduler

Shin Ji Hyun however meets with a car accident and goes into coma. Her spirit then meets with the Grim Reaper or the “Scheduler” (as he is referred to in this drama). He tells her, that it was not her time to die now but since she died anyway, the heavens give a second chance to such spirits. They can return to their body, if in 49 days, she can collect the tears of three people, other than her parents who sincerely cried for her.

Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung

To do this, the scheduler tells her that she can use the body of Song Yi Kyung. She is a very depressed woman who lives alone in a small building. She works at night in a small supermarket and sleeps in the morning. She has no friends, family or anything. Therefore the scheduler tells Shin Ji Hyun that she can possess Song Yi Kyung’s body through the day, without leaving any indication that she is being possessed, to collect the three tears.

Shin Ji Hyun thinks it’s an easy task to get the tears. But she soon finds out that the people around her are not what she thought were. The story then entails the rather sad realisations and her struggle to collect the three tears, which if she cannot complete in 49 days will result her in being sent to the heavens. Through this time, she finds help and love in the most unexpected of people, and finds some shocking truths about Song Yi Kyung’s life as well.

Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang(Shin Ji Hyun’s friend)

Interesting concept right? First off, I would like to say is that the drama has many highlights and the first, main one is of course the story. Apart from this interesting concept, they developed the story so well. Many a times, other than the main characters, the other sub characters seldom have a solid story line, or role. But this drama was not like that. Apart from the leads, each character had their own story, their individuality, and somehow through a very natural web of story telling, all the characters were tied together, to make this story.

Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung (Shin Ji Hyun’s closest friend)

More than Shin Ji Hyun I felt characters played by the male actors shined more if we evaluate their acting performance. Of course among the female actors, I felt Song Yi Kyung’s character stood out the best. Song Yi Kyung’s very depressed, desolate and tragic story was at some points, even more interesting than the protagonist’s.

And of course a very special mention to the character of the Scheduler. Grim Reapers have made repeated appearances throughout many kdramas, in many different ways. Although he seemed dark and serious, he was that character that surprisingly, gave the energy and freshness in this drama. His comedic interventions and the way he handles the situations were comedic but serious enough to be taken at times.

The music fit very well in this drama and the tracks that I loved the most was, ‘Falling tears’ by Shin Jae and ‘Always’ by Park Bo Ram.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the drama was maybe it’s length. Not necessarily it’s length but rather how the story moved through. It could have been a bit faster, to keep it more engaging. However, the ending threw us off completely. This was the first time I had seen such an ending in a K-drama, which made me love it so much. Also, with the end of the protagonist’s story, they could have actually stopped with it there. The little part that continued with the whole “sibling” scenario was totally unnecessary in my opinion.

One very important thing I would like to say is that, despite this drama being categorised in the romantic genre, this drama does not include any of the typical romantic sequences or situations we see so much in kdramas. The relationships and love in this, are the genuine kinds. The one built over years, with passing time spent together. That made this drama so much more meaningful. This part had to be highlighted, hence the bold.

Overall this drama is about how sometimes the people we know may not be how they are. Ones who seemed to be sincere in the relationship, be it love, friendship or anything, might not have been. But others who were maybe seen as people who don’t matter at all, might actually be the ones who matter! I think I don’t need to broach a lot over that, because each one of us, we all have our personal experiences that say the same right?

On one hand, this was a story about a life that had a lot left to do. But at the sane time, it was the story of one chapter closing, and another beginning. Overall, this drama was actually a balance of both. Let me know what you feel about this drama or this concept in the comments below!

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    • Are you talking about the “siblings” thing or the fate of the protagonist? I was shocked at the fate of the protagonist but I really did not like the whole siblings thing towards the ebd!


    • Thank you so much for the compliments! I will definitely read your post although I don’t know if I am the right person to judge for potential. But I can tell you one thing. Put your heart abd efforts into it and do what you love, your blog will definitely grow. There are many bloggers who will always help you as well. I for one, will be happy to help!


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