Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe.

Yes! It’s here!

August 13, last year, I made my first every post on my blog, called It’s called Life

Over this year I have written posts ranging over many movies, TV series, occasional bouts of music that I liked and things I felt needed to be said. I made many new and dear friends here, and over the years I hope to make many more.

As part of my blog’s anniversary, I have planned a series of posts to be released on the Bangtan Universe..


You must be wondering what this Bangtan Universe is right? You all, must have probbaly heard of things such as The Marvel universe and so on.

Anyone who knows me quite well know that, I am a huge fan of BTS. I love their music which is very different, unique and inspirational. To name an example, there is a track called Whalien 52, from their album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. This song compares the loneliness we feel to the 52 Hertz whale, or the world’s loneliest whale. This whale is special because we all know that whales communicate to each other by ‘singing’ at particular frequencies. This whale however, transmits at a higher frequency than others, hence being termed the ‘loneliest whale in the world’. BTS used this concept to compare the lonely 52 hertz whale to the loneliness that we feel when we are different from others. Great concept right? Try listening to it!

Now back to the Bangtan Universe. Bangtan refers to BTS. The full form of BTS is Bangtan Seonyeondan , hence the name Bangtan. Now why it is referred to as ‘Universe’ is, since 2015, till today BTS has released a series of albums with one or two songs, chosen as the title songs, with a music video produced for it. The strangest thing is that all the music videos since the album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’ are connected. It tells us a story of 7 friends whose happiness were destroyed which lead to them facing catastrophic events. It’s a story of growing up and the resulting changes.

The 7 characters are played by the 7 members of the band with their birth names.

The members who play the characters in the Bangtan Universe. Top row (from left to right)- Kim Tae Hyung, Kim Seok Jin, Park Ji Min. Bottom row (from left to right)-Kim Nam Joon, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Jeon Jung Kook.

The band tells the story through their music videos, song lyrics, choreography etc. The universe has a lot of depth that I cannot cover every single facet of it. The universe is based on parallel time dimensions, time travel and psychological elements. Apart from all this, when you buy physical albums of BTS, along with the CD, you get a thing called ‘The Notes’. These notes contain mostly diary entries of the 7 characters which give us more clues. The universe is so extensive that, there are hundreds of thousands of fan theories and videos. Just give a search on Google and you can know!

Through the series of posts, I will chronologically be explaining the story running through the music videos so far. The story is still continuing so there may be posts on it when the next album releases.

So here’s the link to the first part of the Bangtan Universe- Bangtan Universe : I Need U

The posts that come under the Bangtan universe in chronological order are given below. As I post each post, I will update the link in. But remember to understand the story, it is essential to read them in order! There are a million possibilities, theories and things we can understand from it, so enjoy! Also within each post, I have added all the necessary music video, lyric translation links and everything that is required to understand the post. At the end of each post I have also included the link, for the next post in the series which will be attached as soon as I publish the posts. Also the posts are interconnected at times, and to make it easy I have also interconnected the posts together as well, to avoid any confusion.

  1. Bangtan Universe : I Need U
  2. Bangtan Universe : The Prologue video
  3. Bangtan Universe : Run
  4. Bangtan Universe : Epilogue-Young Forever.
  5. Bangtan Universe : Begin and First Love
  6. Bangtan Universe : Lie and MAMA
  7. Bangtan Universe : Stigma and Reflection
  8. Bangtan Universe : Awake
  9. Bangtan Universe : Blood, Sweat and Tears
  10. Bangtan Universe : Spring Day
  11. Bangtan Universe : The Highlight Reel
  12. Bangtan Universe : Euphoria
  13. Bangtan Universe : Fake Love
  14. Bangtan Universe : The Conclusion?
  15. Bangtan Universe: Epiphany

Of course even other MVs that I have not explained have some connecting elements too, but I have included all the main ones!

Image courtesy: Google Image Search

For any queries, you can e-mail me at or just tweet/direct message to @DoWhatYouLove96 on Twitter.


  1. I knew you had something special planned for your anniversary, but I certainly did not expect this. Really, what a cool idea, and I never even knew about this until today. I have heard ofcourse about the band, but I am not that close a follower that I knew details such as these. I will be checking in with your blog over the next two weeks to check out a post each day: that way I have something to look forward to each day. But even more importantly one thing first: Happy anniversary!! 😊😊 Really excited to get started on reading these posts. Here’s too many more years of blogging, and friendship! 😊 Oh…and may I say: what an incredible amount of work this must have been. Really amazing! 😀😀


    • Many people don’t realize it until they actually watch it in sequence.This has actually produced a gazillion fan theories and videos. As of now I think BTS will be concluding the story with their August 24 release although we are not sure yet. Since many people did not know about this, and since I am pretty interested in it I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate my blog anniversary! I hope you like the posts hehe! Yes I hope there are many more years of blogging to come as well! As of now I have reached 400 followers as well! Yeah it was a lot of work but it was work that I enjoyed doing over the past one and half months. Thank you so much Michel!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will definitely check them out the coming weeks. Because of the Showcase I’m a bit more busy than usual, which is why I will read them in order and one post at a time 😊 But that doesn’t mean I am not looking forward to them😊😊


  2. I love BTS…… They are one of the most influential people in my life. I love them their music, their videos and each one of them their characters….. They are so unique so much different from other boy bands. They inspire a lot of people with their music, they are truly great people. The make me feel special and unique. They make me wanna achieve all my dreams without giving up.

    Liked by 2 people

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