Another Miss Oh- A coincidence that became a girl’s biggest problem.

The scenario that I am going to explain to you must be familiar to many, even if it hasn’t happened to you directly. Be it school, college or workplace or sometimes even in your extended family, there might have been people who had your same name right? It gets a little annoying when someone calls out your name and both of you answer, when it was only meant for one person too. I had that problem in college for 4 years, which led to my classmates putting nicknames for both of us and calling us that!

This TV drama is actually based on the same concept. But in this case, having the same name kind of led to very serious problems.


Title: Another Oh Hae Young or Another Miss Oh 

Country of origin: South Korea

Language: Korean

Written by: Park Hae Young and Wi So Young

Directed by: Song Hyun Wook and Lee Jong Jae

Starring: Eric Mun, Seo Hyun Jin, Jeon Hye Bin

Number of seasons: 1

Number of episodes: 18+2 special

Status :Completed

Released: May 2-June 28 of 2016

From left to right Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Hae Young (soil) and Jeon Hye Bin as Oh Hae Young (gold)

The story like I described is about two women with the same name- Oh Hae Young. One will be referred to as soil and the other gold (the reasons for which you will understand later). Both of them studied in school together. Gold was everyone’s favorite. She was the pretty, smart and kind girl that everyone loved, while soil was not that great in class or considered that pretty. Gold had so many friends while soil didn’t. Soil was always overshadowed by gold in almost everything, be it school, friends, studies, relationships or anything. Ironically though, gold does not have a stable family life at all and has always been jealous of soil. The friends that soil had were more genuine and above all she had a family which made gold feel, that soil had the better life.

Eric Mun as Park Do Kyung

Now a drama is’nt a drama if we don’t have the male character in right? Park Do Kyung lives with his brother and sister in his family home that he bought back from being given away in debt caused by his mother. His father, a sound director for movies, passed away in an accident when he was very young. His mother never really cared much for them and always pesters them for money. He runs his own studio where he does sound direction for various films. He is very professional and a stickler for perfection which gives a very hard time for his employees. His sister works in a food chain enterprise and is referred to as a devil in her office, and he has a best friend, Lee Jin Sang who is a lawyer.

Both Do Kyung and gold were in a serious relationship and were going to marry. But on the day of the marriage, he is left behind at the altar without any reason. He waits for her, and finally sees a post on SNS that she has gone abroad with some other guy. He becomes extremely depressed and gets angry at the smallest things. After a long time, he comes to hear from one of his colleagues that Oh Hae Young is marrying a rich and young business man. He asks which school Oh Hae Young studied in and he realizes it is the same school from where gold, who left him at the altar, is from. He plots a plan when drunk with his friend and destroys her fiance’s business, leading him to bankruptcy and jail. The young businessman, Han Tae Jin breaks up with Oh Hae Young the day before.


But the Oh Hae Young whose marriage he destroyed was not of gold’s as he intended, but tragically enough soil’s. Her fiance Han Tae Jin breaks from the wedding the day before the wedding saying he hates the way she eats. She is shocked and hurt and humiliated after spending years of people calling her ugly and useless because of gold. She requests him to tell everyone that it was she who pulled off the wedding and not him, to spare her the embarrassment. Her parents are furious and eventually forces her to move out and her find her own place. She finds her own place, but fate has it that she has become close neighbors with Do Kyung, who has realized the mistake he made. The remaining story is about how Do Kyung deals with the mess he created especially when gold is now back and is joining as a manager at soil’s workplace, and the wierd premonitions he seems to be having, about soil.

Lee Jae Yoon as Han Tae Jin, soil’s fiance.

Interesting story right? And poor soil. She already had to endure so much through school, but gold is affecting her even when they are very apart, and later when they became colleagues. The story was in essence, a typical chick flick with a twist. We had the heroine who is at a huge disadvantage almost all through her life, and a guy who messed up things for her big time. Throughout the series, we can see Do Kyung trying to fix his mess, while slowly getting closer with soil.

Ye Ji Won as Park Soo Kyung, Park Do Kyung’s sister.

One of the highlights to this drama, is how well we can relate to soil’s situation. The amount of emotions and pressure she must have gone through to be compared constantly to someone who is seemingly perfect making her morale about herself be really low. But like I mentioned before, to gold, soil’s life was the best. She had a family, genuine friends who are really there for her unlike the people around gold. It just goes to show no matter how much we perceive or understand a person from the outside, what really goes on inside their lives and what really affects them are much different than what we think. I think that message is really important nowadays what with people judging us on everything from appearance to the most silliest things and behaving to us like that. The phrase ‘think from another person’s shoes’ really holds weight here.


There were also several scene throughout the drama, where Do Kyung seemed to be having premonitions about himself and soil. Although it was slightly disconnected and not required in certain parts, it still carried on well. Do Kyung mentions in the drama-

Maybe, just maybe life is just a reminiscing of the soul. What we think is the present may actually be us looking at our lives which were predetermined.

Although Do Kyung understood the extent of his premonitions, and knew that his fate was sealed, he handled everything well, especially from the 13th episode, which made me appreciate him much more than an arrogant male lead.  He also says-

I was thinking. What if I die soon? I decided not to be cautious anymore, I decided not to hold myself back, and live.

Now although he is talking with reference to himself, it applies to all of us too doesn’t it?


Soo Kyung and Jin Sung and their “reverse” love story was also very interesting. The supporting characters brought in fresh bouts of comedy. Something we really needed amidst all the drama.


The things that I did’t like that much was in the beginning it was just too typical. Soil was so clingy on Do Kyung that at some instances we would feel irritated. Do Kyung of course had the typical arrogant male lead thing going on, but he did shed it soon enough. All the supporting characters also blended in well with the overall story and plot. Certain coincidences just came to be too good to be true especially when a series of coincidences happened one after another!

Although soil  and gold were often categorized based on their appearance, which was not right at all, in a way, it was showing us the reality how so many people think in a very shallow manner and decide things based on outward appearances. Something we should never do.

However, this drama was a ratings success and there’s a reason. It provided all the entertainment that you can expect from a typical K-drama but it maintained a unique identity. The OST was also very good. The career choices of both of them were also very interesting, especiallly Do Kyung’s. His travels and his relationship with sounds and recording really makes us think a little bit more about sounds and how often. we don’t really hear or notice the different sounds around us. Overall, en entertaining watch!

Image courtesy: Google Image Search

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  1. People in general lately seem to judge almost everything. From the way someone behaves, someone dresses, looks…well you get the idea. It’s saddening that no one ever thinks of how the other person feels about that, so it’s nice so a drama that in a roundabout way deals a bit with that issue.
    This does sound like another winning Korean drama (seriously they are on a roll ). So I am adding this one to my to watch list. Probably not a huge surprise that I loved your review for this 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I watch this months ago. Turned out to be one of the best descisions of my life. I liked the slight supernatural like element. It could have been engaging without it because the acting was strong, but it spiced it up even more.

    Liked by 1 person

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