The Book Club : The Zoya Factor

I am back with another edition of a running series on my blog, called ‘The Book Club’. It contains a series of books that I have enjoyed a lot while reading. I will be reminiscing the books, discussing about it, and give my feedback on it.

This time it’s a book by an Indian author. It was her first book that I ever read and I enjoyed it -A LOT. Firstly I would like to thank my friend Meera for lending this book of hers to me, to read.

Before reading this book, there is one thing that you should understand especially if you are not really familiar with the way things go in India. The story is heavily based on a game-cricket. To be honest, calling it just a game in India is an understatement. It’s a relegion. Excellent players have always been acknowledged and many amazing players like the ‘Master Blaster’ Sachin Tendulkar are seen equivalent to God. During the really critical matches you would literally see streets empty in India in broad daylight, everybody is literally glued to the live broadcasts!

So keeping that in mind, let’s get onto- The Zoya Factor.

Title: The Zoya Factor

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Country of origin: India

Language : English

Genre: Rom-com

Publisher: Harper Collins

Zoya Singh Solanki, the protagonist of the story, has a unique tie to cricket. She was born on the day, India won the Cricket world cup, in the year 1983. She works in an advertising firm and is asked to work on an ad with some of the players of the Indian cricket team.

Like I said before cricket is a relegion, and it’s players are revered as gods but this team which is a group of young men headed by skipper, Nikhil Khoda has not been faring that well. Whilst together, she happens to join the team for breakfast sometimes before matches. But a running joke comes, saying that on days that Zoya dines with the team, they win and if she doesn’t , they lose.

What starts as a joke as first, actually starts to be believed seriously after many events having the same result. Things are taken to a crazy level when, Zoya is requested to join the team, to Australia for the World Cup. Back in India huge discussions on ‘The Zoya Factor’ and many manipulations and traps build up. At the same time, the hard working captain Nikhil, refuses to believe in this factor, and is set out to prove it wrong.

Very interesting story right? For any kind of person who enjoys a high spirited game of sport, it’s adrenaline, the thrills especially that of cricket, will really enjoy this book.

At first I thought it was the run of the mill cricket story with a romance intertwined with it. But was I glad to be wrong! The description of every match really made me feel like I was really watching the match. I was literally in the edge of my seat in the tensed moments of the matches! What’s more is that the incidents in this book would never happen in real life. But strangely enough, if by any wierd coincidence it did happen, the chain of events related to it would be like how it was described in the book.

The constant angst and confusions in the relationship between Nikhil and Zoya were very relatable as well.

If there is one thing that I wasn’t really comfortable with in the book, is the constant use of Hindi. Although the characters are all Hindi speaking people, for a Non-hindi speaking person reading the book, it would definitely pose certain difficulties at certain parts.

But apart from that this was a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would highly suggest it to others. It’s the kind where you can laugh, enjoy and read laid back on a comfy chair in your home and enjoy!

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  1. I did know cricket was huge, but I did not realise it was THAT huge, which is really interesting indeed. I’m not quite sure this is a book for me, as I don’t really like sports and am not really into romcom. But I still really enjoyed reading your post for it and am very glad that you had such a good time with this book 😊


  2. Yeah the extent to which cricket is revered in India is huge. People even bet their own lives sometimes. I used to watch quite a bit of cricket thanks to my dad, and tennis because of my mom, and basketball because of my brother and hence got into watching sports. Although I don’t like sport fiction, this one was more of the entertaining kind.

    Also, I still cannot beleive this is happening, but from now on I will check my spam daily, because it was not just your comment that was sent to spam! Why don’t we mass request on Twitter?


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