Bangtan Universe : Awake

If you do not know what Bangtan Universe is, please click Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe. !

As we traverse through the Wings era, we see that many things are revealed while we have many doubts as well. Awake is the last of the seven short films that centres around the character, Jin. In the song Jin sings about the fact on how he never gave up, no matter how tough things got for him. It was a song where his singing shone out and the live performances were amazing, especially with the beautiful lyrics.

Screenshot (457)

To watch the short film, click here

Awake also starts with a voice over by Namjoon that says-

The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who must be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.

Again this quote is from Demian, and is something that not just relates to this video but to many of us. As we go through different stages in life, we need to fight, groom ourselves. They are transitions from one world into another. Abraxas has been a constant reference throughout thee short films, and it symbolizes the temptations and the evil.

We see Jin sitting at the head of the table, where there is some crystal ware, a candle, a jar with something that looks like blood, white lily flowers, and an apple on a plate. Jin then touches an ear piece inside his ear, through which we hear some static. The ear piece looks like someone is communicating with him or maybe even controlling him, but we don’t know who. He takes off the earpiece and leaves it.

Jin then takes the apple. smells it but doesn’t take a bite. Instead he lets it fall onto the floor and it rolls away. The apple as we mentioned before is a symbol of temptation and lies, and by Jin not taking a bite out of it, indicates he is aware of that, and lets it go.

He then takes out his pink Polaroid camera and tries taking pictures of the white Lily similar to how he took pictures of his friends in The Prologue video. But as soon as he clicks the camera, the candle light goes. Many theories exist to this, but the most likely one in my opinion is that, despite Jin taking the pictures and happy memories of his friends in The Prologue video, their tragedies in I Need U are inevitable. This scene actually seems to hint at that.

He then looks behind him and from side to side, and suddenly a darkness looms over him

Screenshot (475)

A Korean sentence flashes on screen that translates to-

I had no dream.

These are lyrics from their song, No More Dream .

The apple is then seen to roll towards a direction. Jin walks towards a door and opens it, wherein we see brightly lit room and an iron wrought bed with some sculptures in it. Within the room, you can also see the picture of the boy from Begin , the picture of a mother and child from MAMA and Stigma and you can also see a cupboard locked in chains.The doors then slowly close on him.

Screenshot (483)

We see that behind the door, there are many scratch marks, probably fingernail scratches. This seems to suggest that Jin, has been kept captive in this room for quite a long time.

Jin is then shown to be holding a lighter just like how Yoongi hold one in I Need U and The Prologue video. He then takes six white Lily petals, places them on the ground, just like in I Need U and he burns them.

Jin is then shown to be in a dizzying state where the room is a warped image. He slowly goes into a feverish stage on the bed.

A close up of his eye shows a bird flying across the window in the room, just like how it flew across in Begin and Reflection. Jin then wakes up and opens the curtains in the room, just like in I Need U to see the bird. The bird here symbolizes freedom. But when he opens it, he sees a mirror like surface, when touched behaves like the surface of water. It seems to indicate that things are not how it seems to be.

Screenshot (503)

A sentence then comes onto the screen which translates to-

I cried and laughed a lot, but they were all beautiful.

These are lyrics from their song Move . The song talks about their changes that they go through when they move from place to place and through different phases of life. This also seems to signify the same thing that Namjoon’s quote from Demian seems to suggest.

Jin then walks out through the open doors, past the apple on the ground through a hallway. At the end of the hallway, he sees the picture of the bird that we saw in Jungkook’s Begin and Namjoon’s Reflection. He stares at it for some time and then walks out into that direction, hoping for the freedom from his suffering that the bird symbolizes. Also in I Need U, it was suggestive that Jin is actually dead, although we do not know how, and maybe this walk must be his spirit leaving to whatever is next. As Jin walks away, we hear the lyrics to his solo Awake-

It’s not that I believe it,

I’m just trying to endure it,

I can only do this because of you,

I want to stay near,

I want to dream more,

But the time to leave has come,

Yeah it’s my truth,

It’s my truth,

I’d be covered in scars,

But it’s my fate,

It’s my fate,

Still I want try and fight back,

Maybe I can never fly,

Just like those flowers over there, as if I had wings,

It doesn’t work for me,

Maybe I can’t touch the sky,

But I still want to stretch out my hand, I want to try and endure,

Just a bit more

The camera then zooms back into the room where we see 6 photographs,  the first of a mirror, the second, the picture of the mother and child from MAMA, the apple from Lie , the piano from First Love, the painting of the bird, and the scratches on Jin’s door. It all suggests that different themes and concepts throughout the wings story and that they are in fact, connected.

What we understood so far

Now that we have come to the end of the short films, there are two important takeaways from Jin’s. He is trapped somewhere by someone or something although that is very unclear. He also seems to be controlled by whatever is keeping him imprisoned from the ear piece in his ear. He seems to be very aware of what is actually happening and the fate of everyone ever since the The Prologue video as well. And towards the end of the video, we also understood, that yes, all of it is connected.

The remaining story in the Wings era continues in the title song of the album called Bangtan Universe : Blood, Sweat and Tears.

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