Bangtan Universe : Begin and First Love

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Now that ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ series is over, the story continues in the next album, called Wings, which is a full length studio album. In this album, each member has a solo song, to which is associated a short film. Here I have included Jungkook’s song and short film ‘Begin‘ and Yoongi’s song and short film ‘First Love‘. The reason I have combined these two is because Jungkook and Yoongi share a very special link in this story.

The entire Wings series is based on many Greek mythological references, references to many famous paintings, as well as the book Demian by Hermann Hesse. The entire series talks about the temptations that we meet as we get older, and the decisions we make whether to follow it or not. The book Demian is about Emil Sinclair and how he grows up in different phases under the guidance of his classmate, Max Demian. Sinclair reaches a level of maturity through Demian’s concept of the  angel Abraxas. Abraxas is an angel that symbolises within it, both the good and the bad.

While I Need U and Run were part of one world, the world and events described in Wings can be considered, separate, almost like another dimension. The theme is about good, evil, growing up and temptation. A theme we saw in a different way, in the previous era.

Begin by Jungkook

You can watch the short film here

Screenshot (244)

The film starts on a blank screen with a voice over by Namjoon that says-

The realms of day and night, two different words coming from two opposite poles, mingled together during this time.

This is a quote from the second chapter of Demian by Hermann Hesse titled ‘Two Realms’.

The scene zooms into Jungkook after a short whistling tune. Jungkook seems to be in a dark, iron cast bed similar to an old fashioned hospital bed. Although he seems to be asleep his posture feels rigid as if, he is acting. While in his ‘sleep’ we see him getting disturbed in his dreams.

We see two images that seem to disturb him in his dreams. The first being a burning piano with a poster of J.Cole in the surroundings. And the second scene, with the sounds of a car crash with the picture of a bird taking flight on glass being shattered. The car crash is related to the accident that Jungkook meets in I Need U and Run.

Jungkook wakes up , startled and scared. We see that on his shirt, over the position of the heart, there is the picture of a bird taking flight. The same bird whose image was shattered in his dream.

Screenshot (252)

At that moment, a sentence lights up on screen that translates to-

Because it’s darkest during the morning, right before the sun comes up.

This is actually from the lyrics of a song called ‘Tomorrow‘. The song is about how things may seem bad now, but will get better tomorrow. Which is why even though the times are darkest right before the sunset, the next moment the sun will come with it bright rays and the dawn will shine upon us, erasing the dark.

From the bed, Jungkook sees a piece of paper on the ground. Immediately in the next scene we see Jungkook holding that piece of paper. At that moment, we hear a part of the lyrics of Begin-

When I didn’t have anything

My fifteen year old self.

The song Begin is basically about how Jungkook started as the youngest amongst the 7, and how his elder brothers helped and influenced him. This is also synonymous to the chapter ‘Two Realms’ from Demian as the main character, looks back upon his youth and its good and bad, that is the two realms-where day refers to good and night refers to bad. In the next scene we see that on the paper is a picture of a boy with red paint (which could indicate blood) over the left eye. As to who this boy is, whether he is another member or someone else altogether we do not know.

Suddenly the bed moves away and Jungkook is in an entirely different setting altogether, where in the centre is a painting and around it some furniture. There is a destroyed couch, a hanging skull of an animal and so on.

A sudden flash of lightning and a clap of thunder later, it suddenly starts raining. Jungkook lifts a paintbrush towards the painting.

Suddenly, we see in Jungkook’s eye, the burning piano from his nightmare. The painting in the middle also catches fire. But instead of hearing the sound of things burning, we hear the sound of water instead, indicating that water is somehow a part of this story. While this is happening, Jungkook drops another piece of paper he had picked up, its content unknown to us.

We see Jungkook, scared and crying continuously while the scene shifts to and from between drops of paint falling on the painting and the painting burning in front him. In the end it shows a few drops of paint falling from the eye of the painting, as if it is crying.

Screenshot (265)

A sudden flap of wings is heard, and when Jungkook looks up, we see the shadow of many birds flying above him.

Jungkook now looks at a paper in his hand, and he sees the image of a bird in flight. The same bird that was seen shattered in his dream. He folds the paper and puts it in an envelope.  In the book, Demian, the character Sinclair sends Demian a picture within an envelope to ask him what it is. Similarly, Jungkook seems to be sending this to someone to know what it is.

Screenshot (270)

The final scene pans in on Jungkook, where we see his shadow is a giant figure with Wings. It’s not part of him physically, but is a part of his shadow which shows that it is within him.

First Love by Yoongi

Screenshot (272)

Although First Love is the 4th short film, I have combined it with Begin as it is connected. To watch the short film click, here

The film starts again, with a blank screen with a voice over by Namjoon that says-

There are numerous ways in which God can make us lonely and lead us back to ourselves. This was the way He dealt with me at the time.

By leading us back to ourselves, implies that we lead ourselves back to our beginnings. The First Love that Yoongi sings about is actually his piano which he had when he was very young. It is from there, that he developed his love for music. 

This is where we see, Yoongi at the beginning of the video, walking towards a piano shop and staring at the piano inside it. This is a reference to Namjoon’s quote of ‘leading us back to ourselves’.

Suddenly, Yoongi picks up a large stone and throws it at the glass door of the store, shattering it. The alarms are blaring, but he does’nt seem to care and goes inside anyways.

He sits down and starts playing on the piano. He starts by playing a part from Jungkook’s song Begin, but he slowly stops playing it, as if that is not the song he had in mind. Suddenly Yoongi hears a whistling. The same whistling that was there in the start of Jungkook’s Begin. Hearing that, he runs towards the sound. also if you look closely you can see a picture of J.Cole on the door behind the piano which seems to indicate that this was the piano that was burning in Jungkook’s nightmare in Begin. All these facts and the instances we noticed in The Prologue video and Run indicate a special connection between Jungkook and Yoongi.

Following that whistling sound, Yoongi has reached an empty road. Suddenly he sees a speeding vehicle flashing its lights on him, and it narrowly misses him. This seems to indicate the accident that Jungkook met with in I Need U and Run. A tune from a piano plays while Yoongi aimlessly walks around. Suddenly a road comes below and above him, and the sound of a car crash is heard.

Screenshot (290)

This sentence flashes on screen which translates to-

Would I be different, if I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back.

These are lyrics from a BTS song called Road/Path. It implies that Yoongi deeply regrets something. From the presence of the road and the car accident, it feels like, Yoongi regrets Jungkook’s accident and feels it is his fault.

Yoongi immediately starts running on the road after the car crash sound. In between a scene is shown of a tiled bathtub, from which water is overflowing. The bathtub signifies another connection with another member (which I shall explain in the subsequent post).

Now back at the piano store, he sees that the car has crashed into the piano store. The piano resembles Jungkook and this accident signifies Jungkook’s accident. Yoongi looks on helplessly as the piano catches on fire, just as in Jungkook’s dream. He hears the whistling sound from Jungkook’s Begin again and turns. He then turns again and looks at the burning piano.

What we understood so far

The fact that, Jungkook and Yoongi have a special connection is now confirmed. There is also another member that is connected to Yoongi which we saw in the tiled bathtub. We understand that Yoongi also feel regretful and feels Jungkook’s accident is his fault. If Yoongi had remained with the piano, then they both would have been together when the car crashed in. But because Yoongi left, it affected only Jungkook. The regret is present throughout the video what with the whistling sounds and the presence of the burning piano.

We also saw a lot of elements in Jungkook’s Begin. From the painting of the boy, to the burning piano and the shadow with Wings which could signify the angel Abraxas.

The next part of the story continues in the section Bangtan Universe : Lie and MAMA.

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