Bangtan Universe : Epilogue-Young Forever.

Now, if you do not know what the Bangtan Universe is, please click Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe. to know.

As part of my anniversary I have prepared a series of posts on the Bangtan Universe in a chronological order. We saw the incidents in I Need U and The Prologue video. We also saw in Run, the transition of the 7 boys from youth to adulthood, and the indications that the problems that they are stuck in, have a deeper story than we imagined.

This song Epilogue: Young Forever, is a track that was made as the ending track for ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ Extended Play (EP) which consisted of three albums. The song and the cinematography involved is beautiful and meaningful, and to many fans, it’s considered to be equivalent to an anthem. You can watch it here

Screenshot (217)

The scene starts with the screen written with ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ with the dates written as 29th April 2015-Forever. 29th April is the date on which the first album, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’ was released with the title track I Need U. The entire series is a story that moves through the youth and subsequent events of the 7 members from I Need U. Epilogue-Young Forever is a track where we see the members departing from their youth completely, but with the thought that in their mind, they are YOUNG FOREVER.

The scene starts, where the camera pans into a maze. Within the maze, are each of the 7 members that make up the story,


Screenshot (219)

The first member that we see is Namjoon. Just like how we saw in I Need U and in certain scenes of Run, Namjoon is walking alone into the maze. The scene first starts with an old static camera running through some of their old memories, after which it spans into Namjoon walking alone.


Jin is shown to be staring deeply into space through the maze and slowly starts moving backwards.


The camera then focuses on a Polaroid picture of Jin, and then to Yoongi who is holding a lighter, just like how we saw in I Need U and The Prologue video. Then the scene immediately zooms into a large set of Polaroid photos, the photos that Jin was clicking throughout The Prologue, on fire. This symbolizes that they have indeed let go of their youth (the pictures) completely and are now, going to the next phase.


The next scene pans onto a feather and a fallen bottle of pills. The feather indicates the pillow fight from Run, and the pills, the overdose that Hoseok experienced in I Need U. As the scene zooms into Hoseok, we see that he is surrounded by flying feathers from the pillow fight of Run, and is looking for something.

Jimin and Taehyung

Jimin is shown to be depressed and stuck in the maze. His hair is dripping wet , which indicates him drowning himself in I Need U and Run. Taehyung is roaming around in the maze trying to find the way out, and both Jimin and Taehyung are then shown alternately to be running out of the maze


Jungkook seems to be in the exact same position as he was after Yoongi punched him in Run. As he sits there deep in thoughts, a feather comes flying in, which he catches. The feather from the pillow fight of Run.

Ending scenes

An old kind of TV set is shown, with the words, Dream, Hope, Forward, Forward written on it.

Taehyung is then shown to be joining the other 6 members as they wait for him on a runway. Then the 7 of them slowly walks into the light, or to the next phase, which is their adulthood.

As the scene progresses, the members start running towards the light with Taehyung looking back, towards their ‘youth’ but still running forward. The audio is a melodic chorus of the 7 of them singing ‘Forever, we are young’.

What we understood so far

The end of Epilogue-Young Forever actually marks the end of the phase of the story, titled ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’. The lyrics of the song tal about their career as artists, their fears, apprehensions, and the closely knit relationship they have with fans. They say that even though this may not last forever, their love for what they do, and the love for their fans, shall always be young forever. This most beautiful moment is related to their youth. In I Need U we saw, the tragedies that happened to the members, although we are still unclear of how those things happened to them. We saw in The Prologue video, some more insight into the friendship of the 7 boys and some more of the story. In Run we saw alternating scenes of the recklessness of their youth and the reality which is their adulthood. And finally in Epilogue-Young Forever, we see that they have finally accepted that their youth has come to an end, and are moving into adulthood.

The next phase of the story is described in their second full length studio album called Wings. Wings first starts with 7 short films that reveal a lot more of the story, and then the title track called Blood, Sweat and Tears.

The next part of the story is in two of the 7 short stories- Bangtan Universe : Begin and First Love

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