Bangtan Universe : Fake Love

Now if you do not know what Bangtan Universe is, please click Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe. to find out.

Fake Love is the most recent release by BTS. Apart from it being very succesful commercially, this music video too continued the story line that they were weaving and brouhgt in many more clues, and a gazillion more theories. 

The analysis of Fake Love starts from it’s first teaser .

Screenshot (1085)

It starts with this statement about the Magic Shop. Here when they mean they exchange fear for a positive attitude they mean that they swap an object at the ‘Magic shop’ . The object they give symbolises their sadness, their fears. The object they get in return is one that sybolises and gives them happiness. This is an actual theory that exists and is based on A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart By James R. Doty MD. BTS had also released a song titled Magic Shop which was a song they dedicated to their fanbase A.R.M.Y.

We see four of the members walk in. Jin walks in first with an ear piece in his hand. It is the same ear piece that we saw in Awake, where he was trapped in a room and was apparently tormented. We see Hoseok enter with a Snickers bar, that denotes his mother leaving him as we saw in MAMA and The Highlight Reel. We see Jimin entering with a picture in his hand. Taehyung also enters but we do not know what he brought with him.

Then we see Namjoon put a glass piece where it is written ‘Have to survive’. This was something we saw in The Prologue videoReflectionRunRun etc. Jimin hands over the picture that we saw in Lie of a forest and Hoseok hands over the Snickers bar.

In return we see that Yoongi receives the lollipop we saw in The Highlight Reel, TAheyung receives the bag which we saw in The Highlight reel with the girl, although we do not know what Taehyung gave. Namjoon gets a hair elastic, Jimin an umbrella and Hoseok a cake, all related with The Highlight reel. These objects link to their happiness which they exchanged with the sadness. Notice that we haven’ t observed Jin  giving or getting anything. A popular theory about that is that Jin is being controlled by someone or something as we said in Awake and that he is the person who is in the ‘Magic Shop’ giving those items and trying to change the fate met by the members.

Suddenly we see that Jungkook is literally pushed into the setting. He walks over to the Magic Shop. He doesn’t give any item, but the hooded figure gives him a box within which is a key.

We see Jungkook opening a room with that key. He is in very different clothing. As he enters we see a hooded perosn waiting in this room. Who is this hooded person? What does it want? How does it connect to the storyline? We can see all that in the main music video!

Now two videos were actually released an original version and another extended version. The exteneded version has more of the plot, which you can watch here . An interesting point to note is that no CGI was used in the making of this music video.

The main video starts with Jin in a room with an armchair and an upturned lamp. He slowly closes all the curtains in the room. As he goes to close the last curtain he looks behind him to a lamp within which is a smeraldo flower (this has had significant meaning throughout the storyline as you must have noticed). He then closes the curtain and we see that Jungkook is looking into the room as the curtain closes onto his face as well.

As the music video begins, we see that Yoongi is in a burnt down and closed room, stroking the keys of a piano. Something we observed in I Need U and First Love. We also see Jimin in a dingy room which is very similar to the room where he practiced dance with in The Highlight Reel

We see that the room Jin is in, suddenly has a tornado like explosion and Jin is trying his best to save the smeraldo. From how we saw throughout the story Jin recording all their happy moments, the smeraldo probably signifies their happy memories together.

Next we see Namjoon in a setting similiar to a bus, like in The Highlight Reel. We see him looking into a direction and we see Jungkook looking back. While we are thinking that Namjoon and Jungkook are looking at each other, they are actually not. Namjoon is looking at his reflection who has a very different appearance on the other side of the mirror. This is reminiscent of what we saw in Reflection where he wants to come to terms with his identity and love himself. Jungkook however does not realise Namjoon is looking at his relflection and looks straight at him.

In the next setting we see that Jungkook is outside a door. The camera pans through a keyhole and we see that within the room is Hoseok. He is surrounded by many horses that seem to give an amusement park setting. This must be because he was abandoned at an amusement park like we saw in The Highlight Reel. Suddenly through the keyhole a Snickers bar falls in. Thee chocolate reminds him of his bad memories as we saw in the The Highlight Reel and MAMA.

Jimin looks up from his room to the celiling and we see that Jungkook is looking at him from a vent in the ceiling as well.

We see that Jin has failed to keep the smeraldo safe from the storm, and we see him standing up in despair. At the same time, Jungkook gets up.

Jungkook runs through a corridor where the floor is falling in parts, and we see Taehyung in another room. He looks at his phone shocked and we see that it has become sand and sifts through his fingers.

Taehyung is then alone in a room with many mobiles all over the walls. The phone could signify him calling Namjoon in The Prologue video, Stigma Reflection etc. Namjoon stretches out his hand to the reflection and Jungkook stretches out his hand as well.

Yoongi looks extremely dejected and slams a guitar on the floor. This is probably his frustration and self blame for what happened to Jungkook.

Hoseok takes a bite out of the Snickers and he falls into this large pile of Snickers totally disoriented.

Jungkook also peers into Yoongi in his room and we see a blast of fire across the outisde of his room. Hoseok crouches into the SNickers like he is giving into his sadness or pain.

Suddenly Jimin closes a tap, and the music pauses. We see Jungkook enter  a new room where we see the lamp that held the smeraldo atop a mound of sand. He sifts the sand through his hands and from his shadow we see the smeraldo petals flying away. This shows that it has indeed been detroyed. Suddenly a new gateway opens itself to Jungkook.

It is at this moment that, we see a huge wave of water crash into Jimin’s room where he looks unbothered. This symbolises his drowning in I Need U. We also see Hoseok literally drowning within the Snickers, he has been consumed by his troubles. The room in which Yoongi sits in, explodes which he stares at with a faint smile, like in I Need U.

Screenshot (1069)

We see Taheyung looking at the words ‘Save Me’ written on the wall where it looks like the paint has been scratched away. Also try reading the ‘save me’ upside down. You will see that it reads ‘I’m fine’.

Jungkook enters the room like in the teaser, and we see that a hooded figure waits for him in there.

We see that Junkook has entered a room. This was the same room where the choreography of Fake Love was dispalyed in the music video but now it looks mroe worn out with lots of sand on the floor. Also we realise that it was not a hooded figure that waited for Jungkook in the room but rather the cloak and a mask. Thee other 6 memebers had already taken their cloaks and masks. Jungkook is the last to join. He looks twoards both sides at his elder brothers who are now wearing masks.

He too places his mask on. As the camers moves away from the 7 masked figures, a large wooden block suddenly falls over them all.

What we understood so far

This was definitely a further confirmation to the time travel and butterlfy effect. It also introduced a new concept of the Magic shop. Jin’s true intentions and the identity of the masked person is unknown, although the theory still exists that Jin is controlled by someone or something. Jungkook also seems to have a special focus here as we must have noticed throughout the music video.

The huge block falling on them could mean two things. Their problems were eliminated or they were. We do not know.

BTS’s next release in Love Yourself Anwer scehduled for Auguust 24th. Maybe we would get some answers then!

The story is not complete without a final look through to Bangtan Universe : The Conclusion?.

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