Bangtan Universe : I Need U

If you are doubtful of what the Bangtan Universe is, please click Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe. to get an introduction first, before reading this post!

The first part of the Bangtan universe starts with the song ‘I Need U’ from their album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’ , released in 2015. The entire story is actually told in a reverse chronological manner. That is, they have shown the ending of the story first, and they are revealing how things came to this, with the subsequent music videos. Two versions of the music video was released-the main music video and the original version which was released later. The original version has the full story, so you can watch that here.

As you can see in the music video, the 7 of them are very close friends and are very happy. But a tragedy seems to lead them all to different paths of destruction.

The story is told from the point of view of each character so let us go in one by one.

Kim Seok Jin

Kim Seok Jin or Jin as he will be referred throughout, is seen to be in a brightly lit room with a large window with bright curtains. He is wearing white clothes and he looks detached. In his hand, he holds what seems to be 6 white Lily petals which he slowly places on the ground, with a single tear falling from his eye.

As the video progresses, we see that the 6 petals he placed on the floor have caught on fire, and we can see Jin in his bed evidently in a lot of pain.

Towards the end of the video, we see the picture of the White Lily over his heart, and he opens the curtains in his room to look up to a bright light above. This signifies that Jin is in fact dead (although we do not know how) and he is stuck in another world where his thoughts are of his 6 friends (the 6 white petals).

Kim Nam Joon

The next character is Kim Nam Joon or Namjoon as he will be referred to throughout this story.

He is shown to be depressed and alone and working in a fuel station. His surroundings look bleak and depressing and he wears grungy and dark colored clothing intensifying the fact that he is depressed and alone, compared to the white, almost angelic clothing that Jin was wearing.

Screenshot (25)
From left to right, Kim Tae Hyung and Kim Nam Joon

We also notice that, Nam Joon and Tae Hyung share a very special bond together.

Min Yoon Gi

The next character is Min Yoon Gi or Yoongi as he will be referred to throughout the story.

Screenshot (9)

As the story begins, we see Yoongi in his room, alone. He slowly moves his hand over the pillow next to him, indicating that he misses someone very dear to him.

He is seen to be playing with a lighter in the video and towards the end, he carries kerosene into his room and lights his whole room on fire while looking around unbothered as he drowns in his problems.

Jung Ho Seok

Jung Ho Seok will be referred to as Hoseok throuhgout the story.

A rather tired Hoseok goes over to the wash basin as he perceives himself. Obviously depressed just like the others, he opens the cabinet and takes out a lot of pills that slip through his hand. His demeanour symbolises that he is depressed and the pills falling through his hand show him to be overdosing on pills.

Hoseok, who is now walking on a bridge suddenly collapses and becomes unconcious.

Park Ji Min

Screenshot (11)

Park Ji Min or Jimin as he will be referred to throughout is shown to be in a bathtub. He stares intently as he burns a photograph in his hand and throws it to the ground.

As the music video progresses, we see Jimin drowning himself in the bathtub and crying profusely. He is then seen to be on the ground, dripping wet, after having failed to kill himself. The situations around Jimin, indicate that he is a person who has not come to terms with himself and doesn’t accept/love himself which makes him want to kill himself.

Kim Tae Hyung

He will be referred to as Taehyung throughout this story.

Screenshot (8)

Taehyung is shown to be drunk and upset in a building and throughout the music video he seems to aimlessly walking around.

Once he reaches home however, he sees his alcoholic father, hitting his sister violently. It seems to be something that Taehyung had to go through a lot, because when he saw that on reaching home, he loses it, smashes an alcohol bottle and stabs his father. His sister pulls him away and he is shocked at what he has done and starts to cry.

Jeon Jung Kook

Jeon Jung Kook or Jungkook as he will be referred to, throughout this story is seen to be walking outside in a lot of pain. He meets with some goons with whom he has a fight. While walking back after getting injured, he is shown to be meeting with a car accident as a car accelerates towards him with its headlights shining brightly on Jungkook.

The Ending of the video

The end of this video, shows an incident before all these tragedies. It shows the 7 boys happily running together on a beach. They walk together to the beach where there is an iron bridge like structure from there.

The Japanese MV

I Need U also has an independent Japanese MV as well which you can watch here . This video also sheds some more light on the story.

Here, we see Namjoon in a room with a mirror. On the mirror, it is written ‘We must survive’. This is a phrase that is also connected to the next video that was released after I Need U- The Prologue. We see in the next scene that Namjoon covers his hands with black paint and erases the phrase written on the mirror with it.

Screenshot (115)

Taehyung is seen to be on a window ledge surrounded by many flowers. He then takes in his hands, the flower petals of a white Lily (the same petals Jin was holding in the original I Need U video), and throws it out.

We also see Jimin next to a bathtub. picking up the same white petal from the water. Hoseok is seen in a dingy bathroom, where on the ground is strewn many pills.

Jungkook is also seen holding the white Lily and lights it on fire with a lighter. The lighter was an object associated with Yoongi in the Korean version of I Need U. When Jungkook lights the flower the picture of the white Lily behind Yoongi lights up on fire as he watches it calmly. This seems to suggest that Jungkook and Yoongi are connected in this story.

Jin is seen in a dark room with a bed. The bed is covered in white Lily petals. A strong light shines on Jin from above. This too suggests that Jin is dead, and is in another world.

As Jin holds the petals he sees that one petal suddenly rises and disappears into the light. He looks up, confused as to why that petal disappeared.


What we know so far

As of now, we understand that Jin is dead, although the reasons are unknown and the other 6 are obviously quite upset and depressed probably becayuse of the death of Jin and other matters. We see all 6 of them in their different sets of problems and situations. We also notice from the Japanese MV that Jungkook and Yoongi are somehow connected to each other.

The lyrics of the song continuously lament the pain that they are going through and why they have to go through this again and again.

How did this happen? How did Jin die? Is there something else affecting the 6 members?

There’s a lot more to this story which can be read in the next chapter- Bangtan Universe : The Prologue video.

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  2. […] This sentence is also parts from the book Demian by Hermann Hesse. Here Sinclair, a character in the novel, where his father has created a fissure in his childhood. As her grows up, he thinks he forgot about it, but the pain and effects from it are still deeply rooted in him. This is very similar to Taehyung’s situation considering the kind of problems he had with his father in I Need U. […]


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