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If you are confused as to what Bangtan Universe is, please read this Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe.. As part of my blog’s first anniversary I am publishing a series of chronological posts on the Bangtan Universe. So please read the mentioned link to read in the sequence!

We saw what happened in I Need U. And we saw the lives of the 7 boys in The Prologue video. Run is a music video that was released as part of the album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2’. This track has a lot of symbolism and references. I have included the ones that I have noticed and understood but of course there are a gazillion more, according to how you perceive the video. You can watch the video here

Run is about how the boys become men. Their transition from being reckless youth to mature men. Throughout the video, we can see them battling between two halves of themselves. The reckless youth and the more reasonable adults. The lyrics of the song talk about the fact that even if they have to run, and endure a lot for that person that they love, it does’nt matter as it is for them. The lyrics also have a lot of references as well which you will understand.

The video starts with Taehyung standing over what seems to be a mirror, where we can see his reflection. He slowly tips over backwards and falls into what is not a mirror, but a pool of water. Unlike how Taehyung jumped forward into the sea in The Prologue video, he falls backwards here. The water resembles their unsettled youth.

Then we see Namjoon, with a lollipop in his mouth, adds ice into his drink and walks alone over  the railway track -the same track where the 7 of them walked together in I Need U. He reaches a train carriage and pulls it open.

When Namjoon opens the train carriage he is welcomed inside by Jimin to a party. Here everyone is dressed in bright colorful clothing and hair colors with messy looks-symbolizing the recklessness of youth. They party around like the crazy kids they are, and amidst that we see Taehyung in the water moving about aimlessly.

Screenshot (138)

We see this scene where Taehyung sprays around Jin, like they would around a person who died, and marks a huge mark on him. This further confirms the fact that Jin is dead. You can also see above Jimin’s head the quote – ‘Wasted youth enter the -‘. The last word is covered by his head, but I think the word is ‘head’. This scene also symbolizes the recklessness of youth.

We also see in a scene where Taehyung and Namjoon are seen together spray painting on the wall, like it was seen in The Prologue video. They are later caught by the police. This scene also reconfirms the special connection between Namjoon and Taehyung.

In the next scene, we see Jin build up a House of Cards. The House of Cards is a symbolism for the things that may look strong but could be destroyed at any instant. House of Cards also happens to be the ending track of their album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2, from which the song ‘Run’ is from. Once Jin finishes building the House of Cards, Taehyung topples it over. Jin initially laughs but then suddenly looks blankly and solemnly into space , from where the scene zooms into Taehyung looking suffocated in the water.

The next scene symbolizes the next important pair as highlighted in The Prologue video– Hoseok and Jimin. Hoseok wakes up to what seems to be a hospital room where he is visited by Jimin. Both of them being situated in hospital setup tends to suggest the problems they are suffering. The overdose, depression, suicidal tendency of them both are indicated by the hospital setup. Jimin is holding a pillow behind him and seeing that Hoseok hits Jimin with his pillow. The scene immediately goes to the 7 of them in their “unreality” having a pillow fight with Hoseok and Jimin falling happily into a pile of feathers.

We also see Namjoon pick up a card with a butterfly on it, from the pile of feathers. The House of Cards actually fell in a different room, but now it seems to be in the room where they had a pillow fight, suggesting parallel dimensions between what’s real and what’s not. Namjoon is also shown to be sitting alone in the rail car, highlighting the loneliness we saw in him in I Need U.

We also see another pair in the story-Yoongi and Jungkook. Both of them seem to be having a physical fight among each other with them throwing punches and Jungkook crying and hugging Yoongi to stop the fighting. Yoongi throws Jungkook off and then throws a chair into a mirror.

Before the mirror was smashed. we see inside it, blue tipped roses. Blue tipped roses are fictional flowers. The smashing of these fictional flowers indicate him destroying this non-reality. Immediately when the mirror was smashed, we see the House of Cards falling down.

The camera then zooms in Jungkook on the floor where he is surrounded by his partying friends. And then zooms out on him alone, in the same room. Again, this shows the two parts of the story-the reckless youth or the non-reality and the adulthood or the reality.

From the scene where Jungkook is alone, it immediately shifts into a scene where Jungkook with the same dazed look, sits atop a car in a tunnel. blocking the path of many cars. They run around and spray their drinks and paint with spray paint over the other cars, till the police come after which they run away.

Jimin then walks into the bathroom, where he is surprised to see his friends inside in a partying mood. They pull Jimin in and push him into the bathtub with water which symbolizes the scene from I Need U.

The music video then ends with Jungkook who is going to meet with an accident, similar to the one in I Need U. And Taehyung rises from the pool of water, but this time there is no reflection. The reflection was a symbolism of the youth they had to let go, which they now have.

After the ending credits of the the music video, there is an extra scene where Jimin is seen to be holding a picture of the 7 of them on the beach as in The Prologue video. He then burn the photo. In a way, he seems to be accepting the tragic end that they experience in I Need U.

The Japanese MV

This song also has a Japanese version which has some scenes as well.

In this MV, Namjoon is shown to be in a phone booth. This hints at the fact that the person that Taehyung calls in the beginning of The Prologue video is in fact, Namjoon. Yoongi is seen to be in a room filled with broken glass, probably the broken glass which he smashed with the chair when fighting with Jungkook in the original Run video.

Here, Jimin is seen to be drowning, like in I Need U and Hoseok is on a big pile of feathers that symbolizes the pillow fight from the original Run video.

Taehyung and Jin are in a tiled room with water with different writings on the walls, that each symbolizes their situation.

The ending scenes show Jimin, now dripping wet outside the tank with the writing ‘Youth is never coming back’ on the water tank. And Taehyung is seen on the ground with paint from the spray can leaking into the water. The ending scene of the video shows the 7 member in the formation of a Butterfly which symbolizes the Butterfly effect and the possibilities of parallel dimensions in the story to come.

What we understood so far

So far in this video we have seen that Run tells us how the boys are traversing between their youth and adulthood. The scenes of their youth are the scenes where they are seen to be reckless and immature. The music video continuously reverts between the scenes of their youth and adulthood. These were the transitions that were shown throughout in the video.

This video also hints at the possibility of parallel time dimensions, that correlate all these incidents and stories.

The story then continues in Bangtan Universe : Epilogue-Young Forever.

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