Bangtan Universe : Spring Day

If you do not know what Bangtan Universe is, then please click this Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe. and read before reading this!

Spring Day is by far one of my top favorite songs by BTS. It was something that was really different from the genres that they had explored so far and it had so much depth and meaning behind it. This song came from the repackaged edition album called ‘You Never Walk Alone’ along with the other tracks such as Not Today , Outro : Wings and A Supplementary story-You Never Walk Alone

Spring day is a treat to the ears and to the eyes and is one of the best music videos of BTS in my opinion. This song also charts whenever BTS makes any new release as well due to the huge appeal of the song. The live performance of this song, boasts not one but two beautiful stage sets and an even more beautiful performance. To watch the music video, click here

The music video also continues the plot that they have been telling, adding some more light into certain character’s especially Jungkook.

The story starts with Taehyung in a very lonely and wintry looking railway station. He looks around and walks up to the tracks. He then slowly puts his head on a rail, as we can hear a train fast approaching. From this, we understand that they are losing a friend from suicide.

As the music video starts, we see that Jungkook is there wearing a white turtleneack (it’s important) and looking outside to the wintry surroundings in a very desolate manner. We also have the scene pan out to Jimin, who is on a rather more sunny looking beach side, also alone.

Then we can see Namjoon in an empty train with no people, just the luggage.  He is singing about a friend who he misses, who left very abruptly (probably the friend who committed suicide). He then turns and walks through the train.

As he heads out of the train, he reaches a place called the Omelas. The Omelas refers to the story The One Who Walks Away From The Omelas by Ursula K Le Guin. In this story they talk about a place called the Omelas, where all the people in the village can go. The Omelas is a beautiful place, something close to heaven. But for eveyrone to go there, one person must sacrifice themselves for others happiness. In the story there is a child that does the sacrifice and helps everyone reach the Omelas. However when the people find out about the sacrifice, some want to come back, while some also don’t. From the scenes shown here it seems that Jungkook is the child from the Omelas, or rather the one who sacrifices for the others to reach the Omelas.

We can see in the frame that Namjoon walks past Jungkook in the white turtleneck in the train.

From the train, Namjoon then reaches the Omelas where he can see all his friends there, including Jungkook (in a different attire, to differentiate him). We can see that they are all happy and having fun together.

The next scene then pans into the members climbing up the stairs, with just Jin staying down below. He watches the others climb back up, while he waits down there, again with the symbolsim of sacrifice. From the previous videos we know that Jin knows what is happening to everyone and is a huge element in the story. Also under the assumption that Jungkook is the child from the Omelas, we can also realise that Jungkook too also has a principle connection in the story just like we saw in Begin as well. As the members go further up the stairs, we can see Jin trying to take an imaginary picture as if to capture the scene, just like how it was in The Prologue videoAwake etc.

The scene then pans into Jungkook standing in front of an abandoned merry go round of sorts, where it is written You Never Walk Alone. We can see Taehyung slowly walking along the icy rail tracks probably symbolising his journey after his death. We can see Jimin, still on that sunny beach side. And we can see Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok looking very sombre in front of the Omelas. They must have realised the sacrifice that Jungkook has made for them to reach the Omelas.

We can also see more glimpses of their lives in the Omelas. They seem to be doing mundane, everyday things, but right now they do not seem to be that happy to be there, probably knowing about the sacrifice.

Another set predominantly used in this video is that of the laundry room. We can see Jimin and Jin in the laundry room and Jin looking closely and knowinlgy into the spinning set of clothes. We can also see Yoongi on a huge mountain of clothes as well. Dirty laundry, huge mounds of clothes etc have been associated with our problems, dark pasts and things that we miss in many types of fiction, paintings etc.

The next set of scene show Hosoek on top of the train flying a little airplace, Jimin on same sandy beach, this time holding a pair of shoes, probably of the friend that  they miss so much. Jungkook is standing in front of the same merry go round but this time it’s night, the ride is brightly lit, and his fellow members seem to be walking around him in fast forward as he looks on helplessly. We also come back to the staircase where Jin is now alone after he has finished taking his picture. He also apparently symbolises the sacrifice.

We can see Jungkook now running through the world of the Omelas, through the laundry room and everywhere desperately searching for something. Finally when he does make it out, he is joined by all his friends and they start walking together.

As they all now walk to the end, where they are now probably leaving the Omelas together, a train suddenly whizzes past them.

We can see that the train that whizzes past them has Jungkook, the child from the Omelas and Namjoon who is sad. Both of them close their eyes. This connection between Namjoon and Jungkook is also apparent in the Begin and Reflection short films.

As they close their eyes, we first see Jungkook alone, with a lit matchstick, He then blows out the matchstick and as the scene pans out, we see he is now joined by all the members. This is very similar to the scene we saw in Run as well. We also see all the members on a huge mound of clothes together as if they are accompanying Yoongi with his problems.

Jungkook now opens his eyes and he sees that all the members are with him on the train. Notice that these are not the members who we saw in the Omelas but rather the members we saw in their separate scenes across the music video. Also notic that the members are seated together just as how they are connected in the story said so far.

The final scenes then show the members walking across an icy and deserted plane towards a lifeless tree in the middle. They then hang the shoes that Jimin found on the beach, symbolising their lost friend.

What we understood so far

From this very beautiful music video we understand that one of the characters in the story represent the child from the Omelas, or the one that sacrifices. There are many theories as to who it is, but from the indications given in the music video it most likely points out to Jungkook. Other theories also point out that Jimin is the child from the Omelas. To know for sure, we have to look into the continuing story and for that, click Bangtan Universe : The Highlight Reel

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