Bangtan Universe : The Conclusion?

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To understand the story, there is one last thing we have to analyse and that is The Notes. The notes have been releasing on Instagram since the Love Yourself series started and an individual series of notes comes with each physical album, and each version of the album. I have chronologically arranged and related it with the story mentioned so far.

Of course I did not do this alone. The Notes were translated from Korean to English by some wonderful translators and the entire credit goes to them for that! I merely arranged it! The links I referred are this and this .

The sentences in the double asterisks in bold are my remarks. I have updated with all the information till the latest album in this post.

Year 08

Hoseok’s mother abandoned him. His mother gave him a chocolate and asked him to close his eyes and count. When he opened his eyes, she was gone. He then lived in an orphanage for 10 years. **We had seen references to this in MAMA and The Highlight Reel.**

Screenshot (784)


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Hoseok suddenly feels like a younger him holding someones hand brushed past him.
He looks up and sees he is in Math class counting fruits in his textbook and his teacher asks him to count and tell the answer. He faintly remembers how his mother asked him to close his eyes and count but after he opened his eyes his mother never came. All she gave him was a chocolate bar. The sound was ringing in his ears and he couldn’t count beyond 9. He collapsed.


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

He enters the living room after dropping of his bag and shoes. He sees his father and runs over to embrace him without thinking.He reeked of alcohol and he hit him with his big hand.  He was then lifted Taehyung off the floor and he sees the bloodshot eyes and thinks-‘this is not my dad’. He kicks his leg into the air and falls head first onto the ground. His head pained and his eyesight blurred and he could hear his father’s breathing in his mind. **This was the start of the abusive relationship that Taehyung had to face from his father at home**


Jimin’s Diary Entry

He left the gate of the flowering arboretum by himself. Even though it was picnic day, his parents were pretty serious. But they complimented him after the flower drawing competition and they said ‘Jimin is really nice’ after which he felt nice. ‘Jimin wait here I will be right back’ said his teacher,  but Jimin walked ahead as he knew the way.  He ran on and reached the back of the arboretum and saw the door of a warehouse open there. **We see his model parents and family and strict upbringing as we saw in Lie. We also see that something significant happened to Jimin in the warehouse behind the arboretum as was again signified in Lie**

Screenshot (316)


Hosoek started dancing and met a friend. **Probably the girl we saw in the Highlight Reel**

Screenshot (775)


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

The flame blazed furiously and his house was burning till the morning. People who knew him ran to him and shouted at him. They took short steps. The front door was blocked the fire truck could not go in. It was the beginning off autumn. Whenever he thinks of his mom the burning house comes into his mind.  That day when the house was burning and the fire truck was finally able to come in someone came up to him and asked is anyone inside. He replied no. Although he doesn’t know why. They asked again. Is your mother inside. He again replied no. He didn’t know what he was talking about and someone pushed past him. ** This was the day his house caught on fire and his mother passed away in the accident**

Screenshot (247)


Hosoek has left the orphanage


Jin’s Diary Entry

Jin is back from America and is joining a school a year lower because the education system is different. His father takes him to the principal and asks to take good care of Jin.
The principal says things are strict here and trust Jin will do well. Jin is in a cold sweat and his dad is pressing on his shoulder to which Jin says okay and his father’s hand relaxes. **Here we see a close relationship and link between Jin and his father, and the principal of the school he joined. Something seems to be bothering Jin**

28 MAY YEAR 19

Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook looks up at his hyungs and asks “Hyungs, what do you guys dream about? I have a paper on future hopes to submit.”

Seokjin says, “I don’t think I have a dream.If I have something I hope for, it’s just to the extent of wanting to become a good person.” He cuts the sentence off, embarrassed.

Yoongi then says, “It’s okay to not have a dream. I don’t have a dream. I’m just going to be whatever.” Everyone bursts out laughing at what Yoongi says. It fitted him so well.

Taehyung says, “I’m going to become a superhero and save the world from bad guys.” , while striking a pose on top of the  chair. Hoseok scolds him and asks him to come down as he might get hurt. Then Hoseok adds-

“I want to find my home and live happily.Being happy is my dream.”

To that Jimin asks, “Does that mean you are unhappy now?” To that Hoseok replies,

“When i was in pre-school I wanted to be president but after that I really didn’t have any more dreams.”

Only Namjoon was left and after everyone’s stare was on him he replies, “I want to say something nice, but I don’t have a  dream either. I just wish my part-time job paid me more.”

Jungkook then stares down at the paper. There is a section for students and for parents. He thinks about what he wanted
to become. He really didn’t know.


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

He had to skip school but there was nowhere to go really. Namjoon was the one who suggested we go to the sea and the younger brothers were very excited about it. Yoongi asked Namjoon how much money they have and it was just a few coins. Taehyung suggested we walk to the beach.  Everyone agreed and walked. Yoongi was not in the mood and fell behind a little. ‘Let’s go over there’,someone said. Yoongi was not sure if Taehyung or Hoseok said that.
He walked on without thinking about his surroundings and he bumped into Jimin whose face muscles were tense. He was looking at the sign board that said, ‘Flower Arboretum 2 kilometers ahead’. Jungkook said he doesn’t want to walk. Jimin literally broke out in cold sweat about to collapse, Yoongi asked Jimin what is wrong. Everyone was like its hot. Lets go to the arboretum or the sea. Yoongi said lets go to the beach after seeing Jimin. Namjoon was like if we starve for dinner we have enough to go on the train for which they all laughed. Then they all walked past the sign board, as they walked
to the train station. ** Something very significant happened to Jimin within that arboretum and Yoongi seems to be the only one who realizes it. Hence we see why Jimin and Yoongi have a special bond in Lie and First Love. Yoongi also seems to not be going to school regularly**

Screenshot (44)


Jin’s Diary Entry

He sees a lone flowerpot on the window sill of the storage room. He tries to take a picture of it on his mobile phone,  but it doesn’t come out so good. He ponders about the fact that sometimes pictures do not completely capture the beauty that eyes see.

He notices a ‘H’ written on the flowerpot. When he looked further, he realizes it is written as ‘Hoseok’s flowerpot;’ He realizes that only Hosoek would bring a flower pot into the storage room. He keeps the flower pot back in such a way that, only the ‘H’ is seen. He sees that on the walls of the storage room there are so many things written like “Pass or die”, unrequited love, dates, and countless names that are now illegible.

He thinks about the fact that this storage room is not always empty. Rather during school time, it always filters with  students. He wonders about students who are punished, for being late and missing class, merciless teachers, endless exams  and coursework, and teachers who would talk about their students to the principal and their friends.

Jin wonders if his father’s name is written anywhere in the storage room as this was his father’s Alma mater. He looks around at the countless words written on the wall and finds his father’s name. Underneath it , it is written  ‘Everything started here’.

Screenshot (74)


Jimin’s Diary Entry

While Hoseok was on the phone, Jimin played with the feet of his shadow. Hoseok laughed at him and said “park Jimin you grew a lot” It was a 2 hour walk from school to home, It takes 30 minutes to get on a road and 20 minutes to get on the main road.
Despite that hyung is always there for the long walk. Last year Jimin was transferred after discharge.. The school was far away from home and he had joined many schools.
Jimin did not know how many times he would be hospitalized again, and so he didn’t care about the distance between his home and school. It was at that time he met hyung and despite hyung’s house not being that way he always walked alongside Jimin. He ran away from the shadow of hyung while hyung chased him. His ice cream melted and he heard the sound of cicadas and he wondered how long would this last? **This indicates the very close bond between Hoseok and Jimin which they shared from school**


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

He ran to the classroom and saw that Namjoon was standing there. Jin came out the classroom where the principal was there. He had a phone in his hand. Jin opened his mouth as if to explain, and Namjoon said its okay. It was then that Taehyung realized that Jin went and told the principal about Yoongi cutting school, climbing over the wall and fighting with some kids.  Hoseok and Jimin were there and Taehyung asked why they were there. Namjoon and Jin walked by. Taehyung thinks, Jin doing that must have been for a reason. He is older and knows a lot more. **From Jin’s initial diary entry we knew the pressure he had from his father and the principal on being the ‘good’ kid and following the rules. He probably told the principal the truth about Yoongi due to that*

15 MAY YEAR 20

Namjoon’s Diary Entry

He goes to the warehouse classroom which they claimed as their secret base. School ended and they were all about to leave. He will miss his hyungs and donsengs. He arranged the furniture back to their original place. He folded a paper in half as if to write a letter. Time passed by and the pencil lead eventually broke. Unconsciously he doodled on the paper “You Must survive” Among all the dark lead power and doodling, he thought of parents, poverty, hyungs and donsengs. moving and other messy things. He folded the paper in half and put it in his pocket. He fogged the window “I hope we meet again” , hoping this would stay true. ** The warehouse classroom seems to be the hangout spot for the seven of them. School has now ended and they are all parting ways. Namjoon has many problems out of which poverty is an issue which we saw in I Need U, Run and so on. The fact that he writes You Must Survive here and in Reflection, Run etc. indicates his situation**

Screenshot (84)


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

He opened the door with a bang and took the envelope in the last drawer. As he turns the envelope around piano keys fall. He throws a half burned piano key in the dustbin and lies down on his bed trying to collect himself. His breathing is a mess and his fingers are covered in singe. After the funeral ended he returns to the burnt down house all alone. In his mother’s room he sees the piano that is burnt beyond recognition. The keys roll on the floor and he wonders what sound they would make and how many times his mother has touched those keys. He pockets one key and leaves. It’s been four years. the house is always silent and drives people crazy. After dad sleeps at 10 pm it becomes even more suffocating but that is the house rule. He lives with his father and with his pocket money, many times they had arguments and he thought of running away. He takes the piano keys from the dustbin below his table. he opens the window, the night breeze comes in and he throws the piano key. He cant hear it falling because of his deteriorated hearing. it’s been 10 days he went to school but he thinks he will be kicked out anyway. No matter what he is not going to hear the piano sound again. **He hasn’t come to terms with his mothers death and is finding it hard to cope and live with his father. The piano is a strong symbol connecting him to his mother. He doesn’t seem to be going to school regularly as well and it is also mentioned he has deteriorated hearing probably from the fire that killed his mother**

Jungkook’s Diary Entry

He touches the piano keys which leaves a smudge on his fingers. The piano lets out a sound different from what hyung plays. It’s been 10 days since hyung has come to school and they say he is expelled. Hoseok and Namjoon are not saying anything about that.
Two weeks ago before the teacher had revealed the secret location it was only him and Yoongi there. Yoongi and the piano may seem like two different things but they were one.
Sometimes the music that Yoongi played would make Jungkook cry which is when he turns on his back. Suddenly he is slapped hard by his teacher and suddenly hyung is guarding him with his whole body. Jungkook tried to play the tune hyung played. If it wasn’t for Jungkook Yoongi wouldn’t have hit the teacher. He might not have been expelled? Hyung said getting a beating was routine for him. Will he ever see him again? **Here we see the close bond between Yoongi and Jungkook and how the music Yoongi plays on the piano fascinated Jungkook. This can also be seen in the highlight reel. As they were spending time together in that warehouse classroom, the teacher comes in and slaps Jungkook. The teacher probably found this room after Jin told the principal about it. Yoongi defends Jungkook from the teacher**


Jin’s Diary Entry

Jin hurriedly walked out of school when Hoseok and Jimin came and asked his plans for the vacation to which he randomly answered something.  He felt Jungkook and Yoongi won’t be going on vacation because of what happened here. The principal suspects that Jin is covering for them and he might have to tell his father that he is not a good student.
He told the principal about the hideout thinking no one would be there, but in the end Yoongi got expelled. No one knew it was because of him. As he left Hoseok and Jimin who wished him a good vacation he remembered the first day of school when they were all late and he smiled.  So he smiled. But now he ruined all those moments. **This confirms that Jin indeed told the principal about their warehouse classroom, and after the teacher found Yoongi and Jungkook there, Yoongi got expelled. Jin was just trying to adhere to the rules like his father and the principal wanted but it seems like it is not going that well.**


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Jimin suddenly had a seizure at the bus stop and was brought to the hospital. As Hoseok saw the name tag at the hospital he slowly released the pressure on Jimin’s shoulders.
Jimin’s mother looked at Hosoek for such a long time that it made him feel uncomfortable. She walked past him without speaking another word. Later when they tried to push Jimin’s bed, Hoseok tried to join but was stopped by his mother. Hoseok felt that Jimin;s mother thought his sudden illness was Hoseok’s fault. Hoseok had been in an orphanage for 10 years.  After that, Jimin did not come to school anymore. **Jimin constantly has seizures and is now admitted in the hospital as Hoseok realizes now. However Jimin’s mother  feels it is Hoseok’s fault Jimin is ill again.**


Jimin’s  Diary Entry

Jimin has stopped counting the days he has been in the hospital. Things are very monotonous.  He looks at the trees and the skies around him and thinks about how he used to walk around that. He feels today is a special kind of day, the kind of day you write in a diary. For the first time, Jimin is going to lie to a doctor. He will look into the doctor’s eyes , pretend to be gloomy and say ‘I don’t remember anything’ ** We see the starting of the manifestation of the character that we saw in Lie here**

Screenshot (304)


Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook is reprimanded for hanging out with his hyungs in the classroom. Despite that he still goes there. Memoirs of them spending time in the classroom together fill his mind. He also remembers a time Yoongi hit him but forgets it fast. He goes to the classroom hoping his hyungs are there but only Hoseok is there arranging the leftovers.
he beckons Jungkook over by the shoulder. Nothing is the same anymore. It’s been so long since Jin and Yoongi even came to school. **After that incident with the principal and Yoongi getting expelled, Jin and Yoongi never came back to school**


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

He dances his heart out. Moving to the music without caring about anything else, that matters to him the most. He was 12 when he first started dancing. He remembers the applause from the audience when he performed at a school event. But more than anything else he remembers the feeling of swaying to the music, caring about nothing else. Outside the mirror, where he watches himself down, a lot of things tie him down. He smiles even when he is not happy. The medicines he eats that he does not want, everything falls down.  The moment he dances is when he is confident and calm. When he cannot look away from the mirror. The moment he believes he is happy. The moment he must protect. **Dance means the world to Hoseok. We can also see the ‘unwanted’ medicines he is eating which is related to his condition as described in MAMA**


Namjoon’s Diary Entry

Namjoon gets on a bus without looking at anything else. All he can thinks about is poverty…his struggling mother..tired face of his sibling and his ill father.  As the bus travels by, he comes to a familiar stop. A place he had left a year ago. Now he is going back to it with no ego. He remembers the faces of his friends. He lost touch with all of them and wonders what they are doing.  He smiles at the thought of them together again. On the frosted window he writes ‘I must survive’. **There is no improvement to his condition. Things have only gotten worse. It has been a year since the friends have separated and now he is going back**


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Hoseok mentions that he always likes being around people and interacting with them and that’s why he worked in a fast food store. Although it was forced at times, he liked it because of these reasons. Sometimes he remembers his friends, when he  sees the store with all the customers. Seokjin hyung who transferred in, Namjoon, who disappeared one day, Yoongi hyung, who stopped answering calls, Taehyung whose whereabouts were unknown, Jimin, who never returned after he went to the  emergency room. Jungkook was still seen at school sometimes, but he didn’t come in the store anymore. Another customer entered and Hoseok greeted him with a smile.


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

Taehyung gets beaten up by the gas station owner because he drew garffiti on the walls of the gas station.

While getting beaten up, he doesn’t find it such a big issue as he is used to getting hit.

He recalls the first time he started doing graffiti. He found a used can with yellow paint. He picked it up, and started painting with it just watching the color spraying on the walls. Only when he was finished did he look at his work. At first he thought it was ugly, but his mind and his body automatically started adding more colors and shapes onto
it. He felt that whatever he felt, and whatever was on his mind came from the drawings.

Back at the gas station, Taehyung spits out blood. It is then that Namjoon, like a ghost helps Taehyung up, and gives his hand. Taehyung remembers that Namjoon’s hand is warm.


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

He is drunk and clumsily followed the sound of the piano playing where a fire has been lit in the drum. Suddenly a car whizzes past him almost killing him and he can’t hear the piano anymore. Suddenly he hears someone banging their fists on the piano. He suddenly remembers his nightmares from when he was young. Without even thinking, like he had done this already many times, he runs towards the music store. The glass is broken and a person is sitting at the piano. Yoongi runs over and sees it is Jungkook where he says “Hyung” It was the first time they are meeting after quitting from high school. He didn’t want to be involved in anyone else life, but still he went. **Yoongi seems to be a total mess. He hears the sound of the piano and follows it just like how we saw in First Love. He sees Jungkook is there. He hasn’t seen Jungkook after getting expelled.**


Namjoon’s Diary Entry

He was going through a shirt sale when Taehyung came from behind and took a shirt with the same things written as on Namjoon’s shirt. Taehyung smiled and took his ripped shirt off. Hoseok looked shocked. Taehyung wore Namjoon’s shirt and looked at the dirty mirror and laughed.  “I was late because he wanted to do graffiti and got caught by the police and I had to get him out.” He pretended to be angry at Taehyung while Taehyung pretended to be sorry. Yoongi came up to them from the corner of Joon’s trailer and hit Taehyung on the shoulder. **These events seems to be taking place in Namjoon’s trailer where he lives**

Jin’s Diary Entry

Jin is at the beach taking pictures and says he has changed as a person. The scenery is familiar to him. When he pressed the camera button the scenery changed to the scene 2 years and 10 months ago. At that time they were all sitting shoulder to shoulder not knowing what lies ahead. He turns the car around and accelerates. He passes by the tunnel, the school they went to. In the spring night he rolled down the windows and went past the fuel station Namjoon works at. **This event where they are all together is the day they all went to the beach together and spent time by the raised platform from which we saw Taehyung jumping off in The Prologue**

Jin’s Diary Entry (2)

He stopped with a screech at the intersection and all the children in familiar school uniform stare at him. He realizes Namjoon must be refueling at the fuel station at the intersection. For a long time he put many things off, but now he is not going to anymore and drives to the fuel station. Namjoon approaches the window. **This is the scene where Jin and Namjoon meet at the fuel station as we saw in the Japanese version of Blood, Sweat and Tears and Euphoria**

Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook has a fight some goons he met on the road. He remembers how his stepfather and stepfather harassed him and how his mother looked on helplessly. Now on top of the construction site, he is groggy and stretches out both his hands. He realizes if he takes one more step he could die. But even if he dies, is anyone going to miss him? **This fight was depicted in I Need U. And the scene where he is atop a building hands  outstretched was seen in Euphoria as well**

Jungkook’s Diary Entry (2)

He is on the top of the abandoned building. He goes up to the edge, and puts his foot out. He can see his foot atop, the black stretch of the city below. For a moment vertigo overcomes him. He balances himself with his arms outstretched. He feels this is the right time to leave the world, there isn’t anything for him here anyway. It was at that moment his phone rang and it brought him back to his senses. It was Yoongi.

Jin’s Diary Entry (3)

He opens his eyes and realizes it is April 11 again. Sunlight is streaming in and he is overwhelmed with vertigo. He  closes his eyes to ease the vertigo and in the redness in his eyes, he sees Taehyung. He was standing alone on top of the platform at the sea. That happened on May 22nd. It was the past and the future, and something that could happen
again, yet Jin felt that everything is fixed now.

He then watches Taehyung climb up, and the blue sky turn to red as Taehyung jumps as if he has wings. He seems to be frozen momentarily. Suddenly something overcomes JIn like the way a mirror breaks, when the cold air from the window hits his face. When he opened his eyes again, it was April 11th again.

Screenshot (112)

Yoongi’s Diary Entry

Yoongi is walking with Jungkook behind him. They are walking on the rain tracks, past many containers. Hoseok says he has plans to meet Namjoon and Taehyung. Although Yoongi hates associating too much with other people, and although Hoseok
knows that, they eventually reach the trailer, where they find Namjoon and Taehyung. Taehyung is there with a ripped shirt. When asked what happened Namjoon pretended to hit Taehyung wit his knuckles ans said Taehyung got caught doing graffiti, and Namjoon went to get him from the police . Taehyung admits that the shirt tore when he was running away.

Yoongi then sits in the corner and watches everyone. He watches Namjoon, hand over a new shirt to Taehyung. He watches Hoseok making noise while he gets hamburgers and drinks. He sees Jungkook standing there shyly, just like how he was in high school. He wonders what Jin hyung and Jimin are doing now. He wonders how long itt has been since they met like this. This was the place he had visited, when for the first time, his heart was somewhere else.

Namjoon’s Diary Entry (2)

He has started working again at the gas station. He fills gas for a customer and he sees the money fall on the ground after hitting his face. Instinctively, he bends down to pick it up and the customer laughs at him. When things like this happen he knows he should pick a fight. But he is a mere part timer and cannot do anything. He sees Jin hyung witness all this from the distance. Before he picks up the money he sees Jin hyung pick up the money. He doesn’t have the courage to face Jin. Although Jin knows about all his problems, his poverty, he still cannot face Jin. Jin however didn’t approach,  didn’t say anything either.


Namjoon’s Diary Entry

Namjoon knew that something was up with Taehyung all the time. The anxiety attacks, his recent behavior, the wounds, getting caught by the police. He wanted Taehyung to open up and tell him when Taehyung felt it was right. He also was doubtful whether to ask Taehyung what is wrong directly as he was doubtful he could actually help Taehyung. Although  everyone says he is matured, he has never been able to help when his friends were in trouble. He has not even been able
to fix things in his own life.

Taehyung had a nightmare again. This time he saw Yoongi hyung dying. He keeps seeing nightmares of Yoongi hyung dying,
Jungkook meeting with an accident, with Namjoon getting caught in a fight. Taehyung begs Namjoon not to go anywhere.


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

Taehyung asks Jin, “Hyung, is that all, are you not hiding anything from us?”

Everyone and the surroundings became quiet and Seokjin looked at him with exhaustion and pity. Namjoon grabbed Taehyung’s shoulder to stop him.

Taehyung continues, “What does it have to do with you, you aren’t my real brother.”

He then repeated the words that Jin said over the phone. That Taehyung was angry,and upset. Although it was true, but  they were not brothers. Taehyung thinks that he can take care of himself. Taehyung was angrier than he could put into words.

Then Seokjin replies, “Taehyung-ah, I’m sorry. Let’s stop talking about this.”

Seokjin hyung apologized, but Namjoon didn’t do anything. To that Taehyung then replies,

“What do you mean stop? Since it has come up why don’t we talk about everything. You have something else, you are hiding.”

Namjoon tries pulling Taehyung by the arm and says “Let’s talk outside.”

But Taehyung shakes him off and replies, “Let me go. What right do you have to stop me? What do you know hyung? You don’t know anything. You just think he is this great guy right?”

Namjoon suddenly lets go and Taehyung feels a jolt of shock. He thinks maybe he thought Namjoon would never let go of him, and when he suddenly let go of Taehyung that threw him off.He felt that something he had for a long time crumbled, maybe deep in Taehyung’s mind he saw Namjoon as his real older brother.

When Namjoon let go of Taehyung’s arm, he laughed and said, “What’s so special about being together?What are we to each other? Anyway we are all alone in the end.”

At that moment Seokjin hits Taehyung.

Screenshot (625)


Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook dreams that he goes to Namjoon’s trailer where he sees Yoongi standing on a bed flames ablaze on the blanket. All he wanted was to go to the beach. Suddenly he is waken with a jolt by Namjoon who thought Jungkook has a fever and gave him medicine. Jungkook then asks Namjoon ‘When can i become an adult like you?’ **The troubles that Yoongi is going though is troubling Jungkook a lot**

Yoongi’s Diary Entry

The bed sheet immediately engulfs in flames, and many objects lose its identity as the intense heat creeps on it. Yoongi has lit himself on fire. His fingers blistered. It was only among that did his father’s emotionless expression  and the sound of the music relented.

He realizes he and his father never went along. But he wonders whether that was because of him or his father?

He hears someone shouting. He however does not feel anything other than the flames, but deep down he knows Jungkook is  the one who is shouting. Jungkook must be upset and angry, he thinks. He opens his eyes, and in the moments that he  thought were his last moments, he sees Jungkook’s panic stricken face.

12 MAY YEAR 22

Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Hoseok suddenly sees a woman who looks like his mother. He feels shocked and runs after her through the flight of the  stairs as he runs. When he reaches her, he almost falls but is surprisingly caught by Jimin. He looks over to that woman, and realizes that she is someone else with a small child. He realizes that it has been more than 10 years since he was abandoned and that his mother would probably be aged so much more, and that he wouldn’t recognize her. He doesn’t know how to explain anything to Jimin. Whenever Jimin ends up in the emergency room, he ends up staying at the hospital a
few days. Suddenly Hoseok tells Jimin-

“Jimin-ah let’s get out of here.”

Screenshot (915)

15 MAY YEAR 22

Jimin’s Diary Entry

Jimin opened his eyes seeing the dark hospital ceiling. He saw Hosoek hyung next to him, and put his fingers onto his lips, Hoseok helped Jimin into new clothes. He said that Namjoon was keeping guard and Yoongi was talking to the nurses and buying some time and that Taehyung and Jungkook were waiting at the elevator. He wasn’t sure if he should leave the hospital. It was the place where his parents buried his existence. Many said that he had a mental illness. He wondered what Hoseok thought. All he thought was that Jimin was different though. Hoseok took his hand and took Jimin out. He made sure, to  never let go.

Screenshot (934)

16 MAY YEAR 22

Jimin’s Diary Entry

He stands at the roof top apartment that Hoseok lives in. Hosoek has always bragged that he felt he was at the top of the world and Jimin could see everything from there. The train tracks where Namjoon lived, the school they attended, and at one
end, his parents house. After he left with Hoseok his parents were informed. He wanted to meet his parents not to go back, but to tell them that he is not coming back. The hospital was the only place he trusted himself. He was afraid though, that he would get another seizure and might land in the hospital.

19 MAY YEAR 22

Jimin’s Diary Entry

Jimin had to go to the arboretum. He had to come to terms of what happened to him there. He cannot lie to himself anymore. He wanted his seizures to stop. As he contemplated going, Yoongi comes and talks to him about the weather and about how warm it is. Which is only when Jimin realizes the warmth. Yoongi looks very relaxed.
The next bus to the arboretum comes and Jimin automatically says “Hyung will you come with me?” **We see that Jimin wants to end the problems he has with the incident that happened in the arboretum. Yoongi who knows of the situation accompanies Jimin**

20 MAY YEAR 22

Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Hosoek thanked the prosecutor and got Taehyung out of the police station. His home was close to the police station. Hoseok feels the reason Taehyung goes to the station so often is because he is this close to it. Hosoek knows how hard things are. His father was never there and his mother only till the age of 7.  He had seen the scars on Taehyung’s back as he joked about getting a t shirt with Namjoon. As they reached the crossroads Taehyung said he will go alone and started turning his back like he always but Hoseok accompanied him anyway. He notes that the path they both walk is narrow and desolate. Suddenly Hoseok’s phone rings. **Hosoek accompanies Taehyung to his home. The shocked look Hoseok had when Namjoon and Taehyung were wearing tshirts was after seeing the scars on his body.**

Taehyung’s Diary Entry

He looked down at his hands that had blood. His sister was there at one side and Hoseok hyung shocked at another. But where his father was after he stabbed him was not there as if his father went somewhere. He didn’t know what happened. However the unbearable anger that remained to his father remained in him. He had smashed the bottle on the ground and those pieces cut through his bandage which was the reason. Even now though, he feels he should call Namjoon as he feels Hyung is the right person to call.
‘I killed my father, hyung. The man who gave me life, the man who harassed me relentlessly. I killed him several times already. I need help hyung.’** This scene that is described here with Hoseok is the scene we saw in Euphoria where unlike how things were in I Need U, Taehyung was stopped from killing his father. The anger towards his father however remains the same, and he has already killed his father many times in his mind. He wishes to erase those thoughts. He needs help. He calls Namjoon like we saw in The Prologue and Stigma. The bandages on his hands were also seen in Euphoria.**

22 MAY YEAR 22

Taehyung’s Diary Entry

He passed by an area of trees when he received hyungs call. Taehyjng was living alone, where noone can find him. Hyung did’nt see him and just passed by him.
“Aren’t you just one year older than me? Anyway it is not something you have to be responsible for.” Something cold climbed up his back and disappeared ; Everything in the world felt like it collapsed.  He was tragic and lonely. He was angry and couldn’t tolerate anything anymore and wanted it to stop.  He wanted to hit him, but the filthy him stopped. He wondered if he has his dad inside him? There is something that wants to burst out of the tightly knit self defense nest. **We see his confused and angry emotions are taking over his real personality**

Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook seems to be in accident. He faintly sees the moon. As he loses consciousness, a voice says – “living can be more painful than dying, do you still want to live?” **Jungkook has met with an accident like we saw in I Need U, Run**

Screenshot (31)

Namjoon’s Diary Entry

“It’s a one year difference. No, no one said that. I’m older, I know. But he is not a child anymore. I’m saying he isn’t old enough to take care of himself.  Alright. No, I’m not mad. I’m sorry.” It’s not that he doesn’t love his parents or doesn’t think of his younger sibling. What’s wrong with being frustrated and angry? He thunks of how Jungkook looked at me and said he wants to be an adult. Just growing up in size doesn’t make you an adult.  He hoped Jungkook has it better than he had. **Being an adult and facing his problems is taking a toll on Namjoon. He hopes that Jungkook has it better**

31 MAY YEAR 22

Hoseok’s Diary Entry

He suddenly feels breathless and avoids his gaze. For some reason the person who is with him reminds him of his mother although he shouldn’t think that way. Hosoek has not been able to look straight at the face of a friend he has known for a decade. They danced, failed and became empowered together. He threw a towel jokingly and he suddenly got up as he felt he felt an emotion he felt before. Asks he goes and faces the corner a voice says “Hoseok-ah what are you doing?” Hoseok thinks about how he called his name and it makes him go back to when he was 7. **This person is probably the girl, his dance partner for a long time from the highlight reel. We see that he has a growing dependence on her and her presence is filling the gap left by his mother**


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

He wears a red t shirt that says ‘dream’ but doesn’t like it. He takes out a cigarette and looks for his lighter but realizes they have taken it. They throw him a lollipop and this t shirt. The phone rang with a message and in it he saw he saw three words. It made his heart swoon. It made him smile. It made it like him in the red t shirt. He broke the cigarette in half and smiled at himself in the mirror like a fool. **This is parallel to what we in the beginning of the highlight reel with Yoongi. He seems to have found happiness in that girl**

Screenshot (826)


Jin’s Diary Entry

They are back from the sea, parted their ways and are alone.  graffiti on the streets, the petrol pump and the odd sound of the piano only remind them of those times.
Taehyung had fire in his eyes, no one believed Jin’s story. Namjoon tired to stop Taehyung and Jin punched Taehyung. Taehyung ran away.  Jin went back to the sea but no one was there just broken glass and blood stains that remained out of which, a picture of them all smiling.
Today (13 June) Jin passed the gas station and hoped they will meet one day and that Jin could come to terms with himself. Hoseok called that night and said – “Hyung Jungkook got in an accident that night”. **Things have gone wrong and Jin has not met up with his friends. The call the Hoseok got must have been Jungkook’s accident which he then called Jin and informed.**


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

He is drunk and all he can hear is certain bits of music in his ear. Jimin came up and said “Hyung..Jungkook”… He went to the hospital dazed and all he can think of is that it is his fault. He goes into the room and sees Jungkook there among patients lying unconscious.
Tears broke out. He doesn’t remember the last time he cried. He walks back and someone catches him in the intersection but he doesn’t even look and walks on. Don’t come near me, please don come, i don’t want you to be harmed because of me. **Yoongi is tormented by the fact that Jungkook got in an accident and he feels it is his fault**


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

He feels someone is following him. It was the third time that the both of them met at the convenience store. However today they ran away as soon as they saw him. They were hiding but he could see their shadow and he giggled.  He walked through an area with streetlamps and saw his and their shadows changing sizes as they walked by. He stopped and the presence behind him stopped too. Taehyung said “I’m going to wait until you come here.” The shadow jumped and pretended to hide to which Taehyung replied “I can see everything” and pointed out the shadow.  The sound of footsteps got noisier and closer. Taehyung laughed. **This person seems to be the girl he spent time with in The Highlight Reel**

Screenshot (767)


Namjoon’s Diary Entry

He looked strangely at the mirror and pressed the open button.  The elevator door opened and many people came in and he noticed a person whose hair was tied with yellow elastic. Somehow he feels he has done this many times before. He thinks in his mind how we can say so much about a person from looking at their back. He makes eye contact with the person with the yellow elastic and that person looks away. He wonders if people will understand him a lot from seeing him from behind. He looks at the mirror but all he can see is his own face. **Namjoon is still having a problem with his identity, he sees the girl from the highlight reel**


Jimin’s Diary Entry

Jimin is exhausted and lies down on the floor. In his cellphone there is a choreography video of Hyung. A;though Jimin is finding it difficult he is working hard relentlessly to match all the steps exactly like how Hyung did. Instead of teasing compliments, he wants actual acknowledgement. **This was something that was seen in the highlight reel as well**


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

He was at the hospital where he brought the girl. it was raining heavily. he noticed that there was an e ticket on her phone and scanned it the doctor said it was only a mild concussion and that it was nothing serious. The girl asked him to wait and saw that he saw her e ticket. She got admitted into a foreign dance school. Sh asked him to wait while she took out her umbrella but he ran through the rain. He was not sure whether to say congratulations. **We also saw this scene in the reel, but Hoseok’s growing dependence on her is now shattered as she has chosen to leave. **

Screenshot (861)

Jimin’s Diary Entry

Jimin was washing his hands up to the point his skin would be gone. He and the noona from the dance club tried to sync an dance but they fell and his hand bled. It reminded him of what happened in the arboretum and he alarmed tried to wash off that memory as much as possible. He ran behind Hoseok with an umbrella but he had already went with Noona. He calmed himself down saying that it wasn’t even a proper wound. **A similar sort of incident happened in the arboretum. We are getting more clues as to what happened to Jimin. This scene was also shown in The Highlight Reel**

Screenshot (856)

13  JULY YEAR 22

Namjoon’s Diary Entry

He is travelling in a bus from the library to the gas station. There is a girl who always shares the bus with him for the past 3 months. But they never talked. She gets out at a stop three stops before him. The girl dozed off and did not get down at her stop. Finally his stop at the gas station came and as he was getting off he was wondering if he should call her or not. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t i mean what loss does it bring to him? as he gets off he places his head band on her bag and leaves. she is the girl with the yellow elastic. **This scene was also seen in the highlight reel, we also see that Namjoon is now working at the fuel station**


Jungkook’s Diary Entry

Jungkook is listening to a song in one ear and is learning the song. As of now, he knows the song very well. The weather is really nice and sunlight is falling on his face.


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

The girl he meets everyday is not there at the places that they usually meet at. It was not that they had a fixed appointment but the had been meeting up regularly and drawing graffiti where hers are marked with an X.  As he walks by the bus stop, he realizes that there is the graffiti they drew with hers with the X marked on it.  The X seemed to indicate that it was an end, it was fake. Now they were alone, him and her. **The girl that Taehyung has happily spent time with now seems to have left him. He feels the pangs of loneliness again**


Namjoon’s Diary Entry

He is at a library mindlessly staring at the same magazine page for a long time. Another person occupies a place in the  library with a large book, but he realizes it is not the same girl he always sees. He moves to the bookshelves filled  with books and thinks about how it smells similar to the books in the storage room. He wonders if the present him has
changed from the old him. He doesn’t know as everything back then seemed frozen. He takes a book he studied in school, and thinks, he must start over.He has to give everything up, one at a time.


Jungkook’s Diary Entry (1)

He picked flowers from the hospital garden ready to meet the girl that had her hair tied in a knot. He met her while going on a wheelchair in the hospital corridor. They spent a of of time on the beach where they listened to music and drew together. But once he brought the wildflower he saw that she is not there anymore. **This scene was also seen in the highlight reel**

Jungkook’s Diary Entry (2)

The hospital seems like a faraway place, he doesn’t remember the bench where he kept the wildflowers, or the window from where they would both look out from. When they were together they would talk about everything, and his life at the
hospital became easier.

Her room was empty and he wondered whether it was because she was discharged, or if she moved to another hospital. He asked the nurses but they told him it is confidential. He felt empty. When he thought about it, every story he told her about school had his hyungs in it. He realized how much of a role they had in his life. But then he thought, just like  how this girl left him, there will come a time, when his life will continue, without it being intertwined with his hyungs.

He then thinks about the night of the accident. The moon in the sky, the world turning upside down, the headlamps inverted, the car that passed him and disappeared and the sound of the engine. He recalls that the sound of the engine feels very familiar to him.He didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but he kept thinking about that moment.


Jimin’s Diary Entry

Jimin was stuck in the practice studio again, and because of that, the train service had stopped. But he liked to be so late that the train service stopped so that he could go to the dance studio and work on the small imperfections in his  dance. He always thought he was weak and ill, but when he danced he realized the weight and length of his body and was  able to express himself and perform like never before. He didn’t feel ill anymore, and he didn’t dislike himself anymore.


Yoongi’s Diary Entry

Yoongi wonders why a melody is stuck in his head, a melody which is associated with a person that is no longer with him. He looks at the piano on the couch. When he was expelled he had thrown the piano key that he got from his home, after his mother died in the fire. The piano key was half burned, but he finally threw it out of the window. He repeated to himself that he will never go back to music again.

However the next day, he runs to get the piano key back, and realizes that the garbage truck has already left.That was how he lost his mother’s piano key. He realizes no matter how many times he tries to stay away from music, he will keep going back to it. Suddenly he feels like playing his piano. He wants to drown all his pains and sorrows in it. For once he feels like he can play it today.


Jin’s Diary Entry

Jin has entered the moldy classroom. He remembers the memories there, the sparkle of the principals shoes, Namjoon’s face, leaving Hoseok there.  Taehyung grabs his arm and asks “hyung try really hard. Try hard to remember what happened here” No matter how much he tries he cannot seem to remember this memory as it is not that important to him. The others are waiting for him to remember. An argument arose where Jin wanted to leave and Taehyung is blocking his path. They were fighting but they were sluggish. Their feet tangled. He fell. As he fell he realized there was a vast expanse in that room that they had not seen before.  Namjoon took the book in the cabinet. One notebook. in it was a name that shocked Jin. His fathers name. It was a book with his fathers entries on what all they had done together in this room. There were blood stains in some pages.
Jin realized that his father made the same kinds of blunders and mistakes that he had done as well.  It was a notebook with his father’s failures. How he failed and disappointed his friends. The last few pages just had ink stains on them. After a long time Namjoon and the others were asleep. he looked at the wall and there it was written ‘This was where everything began’ He realized that there is a lot more to this story than what was written. Jin cried but none saw it. He came to understand the meaning of doing something together, being happy together. The mistake that he made, the one that he had never acknowledged remained as a wound for him. Maybe the reason he came to this place was not by chance. But to reflect on his mistakes, and the pain and anxiety that they suffered as a result of it Jin was ready to take the first step to map his soul. **We see that the kind of behavior that Jin maintained for his father, and his worries were for nothing as his father too was just like him, and made the same mistakes. His father and his friends have seemed to have spend time in the same warehouse classroom as Jin and his friends have and there seems to have been a secret extension**


Taehyung’s Diary Entry

Taehyung sees an ‘X’ mark, below which are written a few sentences. One of the sentences say, “It isn’t my fault”.He hadn’t seen her, but he knew this was her handwriting. The sentence seemed like a short goodbye from her to him, to tell him,
that it was not his fault.

Taehyung is dazed and he comes back to his senses when he reaches home. When he reaches home, he hears his sister screaming. He runs over and blocks her from their father. His father seems shocked but hits him as well. Even though it hurts, he  continues to receive the hits. Unlike his father, he is not a bad person. Unlike his father, he is going to protect his family.


Hoseok’s Diary Entry

Hoseok sits down on the floor as Jimin and the girl who was his friend stood in the starting pose ready to dance. When Hoseok injured his ankle, and learnt he cannot dance for a while, he was sad, but now he realizes it is not that hard, not dancing. He corrects Jimin and helps him improve at even the smallest steps. But when he sits down and watches Jimin as the audience would, he sees that Jimin has his own flow and method around the steps, making it even more nice.

The song ends and she and Jimin stop dancing, and Jimin’s face is flushed with excitement. He looks at the girl’s face. She will be leaving overseas soon. He no longer sees his mother’s face in her as he doesn’t remember his mother’s face  any more. When he thinks about why he thought he saw his mother’s face in hers, his ankle throbs with more pain.



Jin’s Diary Entry

He doesn’t realize he is speeding and he slams on the brakes and gets cursed by others on the road. He suddenly stops after seeing the flower shop; although he mentions that when he stopped he just noticed the flower shop. He had gone to many flower shops and none had the flower he asked for. The flower shop he stopped at hadn’t opened yet, and he didn’t expect them to have the flower. They showed him many similar flowers but it had too be that flower. When he said the name of the flower the florist was shocked, and asked why he needed that specific flower and said he will deliver it. As he drive back he wondered why he needed that flower, because he wanted to make him/her happy.
To see him/her smile. He wanted to be a good person. **It shows that the smeraldo flower has significant importance to him as he hunts for that**

Screenshot (845)


Jin’s Diary Entry (1)

Who can remember the moment when love began. Who can predict the moment when love ends.  What did it mean that human beings were not given the ability to recognize those moments? And what was it that gave me the ability to turn it all back? He sees the accident where the car screeches and hits the girl and blood seeps through her wounds.
He is shocked and the smell from the smeraldo flowers brings him to reality. He wishes he could turn back the time. **This accident was seen in the highlight reel. Here we see his need to change time, and its resemblance to the vase-falling scene in the highlight reel**

Jin’s Diary Entry (2)

Jin has returned the diary to the girl (the diary that we saw in the highlight reel). The girl seems flustered as she looks through the pages as it has all her favorite movies, flowers , places to visit etc inside it. In Jin’s mind he felt that  following the diary and being like that will help her like him more. But deep in his mind, he fears that when his true
self comes out and she realizes that both are not the same, will she not like him as she did before?

He realizes that he still is the person who makes mistakes and fails at life sometimes. Because that is who he is, he stands up and leaves the girl without hesitation.

He left the street took his hat off, and pulled his hair back. He looked at his reflection. He laughed and so did his  reflection.

Screenshot (883)

This was an extremely long series of posts on which I analysed the content of the Bangtan Universe that is available upto now. The story will continue and more will be revealed with their future releases. I hope I was able to pique a certain amount of interest in you for this. My assumptions and theories may be wrong or right, but one thing is for sure, BTS is weaving a very interesting tale with their music!

For any queries, you can e-mail me at or just tweet/direct message to @DoWhatYouLove96 on Twitter.


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