Bangtan Universe : The Highlight Reel

If you do not know what Bangtan Universe is then please click this Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe., before reading this post!

The highlight reel was a short film spanning close to 13 minutes that was released before the start of the Love Yourself series of albums. Before this highlight reel was released, they had posted some pictures on Instagram, which led to many clues , and then this highlight reel was released which confirmed one thing-there is an involvement of parallel time dimensions and time travel!

To watch the highlight reel, please click here


So far along the story, we have seen the bad fates of all the character’s in I Need U. Jin is dead, and throughout the further videos such as The Prologue video, Run, AwakeBlood, Sweat and Tears , we see that Jin is aware that he is going to die and catastrophe that it causes to all the members. We see also see some clues as to something that is seemingly controlling Jin, from the presence of the ear piece, to him being trapped in a room in Awake, to him hearing and feeling something that the others can’t.

We saw in I Need U that Namjoon is alone and depressed at a fuel station after what has happened to his friends. Through the videos such as the prologue, Reflection. Stigma , etc. we see that Namjoon has a very strong connection to Taehyung. After Taehyung stabbed his father who was assaulting his sister in I Need U, the person he calls after the incident is Namjoon as we see in the prologue and stigma.

Yoongi seems to be missing someone dearly in I Need U and that someone happens tp be Jungkook, who met with an accident. As we saw in Run, Yoongi and Jungkook had a fight and later when Jungkook meets with an accident Yoongi feels it is his fault, as we saw in First Love. We also see in the Wings era, the symbol of a bird, which Jungkook send to Namjoon.

And finally we see Jimin and Hoseok. Hoseok had overdosed on pills and collapsed on a bridge whereas Jimin tries to kill himself in I Need U. We later see in the Wings short films that, they were admitted together in a mental facility. Hoseok has a strong affinity and his condition seems to be related to his mother although we do not know why. Jimin seems to be having a serious identity crisis, as we saw in Lie. We also see a connection between Jimin and Yoongi as well.

As we all know by now, Jin is very well aware of the tragedies that befalls his friends. Although his fate seems to be sealed, he wants to save his friends. With this highlight reel, the plot gets even more in depth and interesting as we see Jin’s attempts to save  his friends. 

Screenshot (736)

The highlight reel starts with a voice over by Jin-

Some moments become more vivid with the passage of time. Yesterday’s many encounters and goodbyes existed for this moment. Every alley and crossroad I walked through were all meant to lead me to this very place. That kind of moment is what I mean.

11th JULY

Jin is at a railway crossing. As a train speeds by, he sees a girl on the opposite side. The girl crosses the tracks over to his side, but as she goes past him, she drops her diary. Jin picks it up and looks inside it, as another train speeds away.

14th JUNE

We see that Jungkook is in a hospital (probably after his accident in I Need U). He races through the hospital corridor on his wheelchair when he is abruptly stopped by a girl in his path. She extends her arm for a handshake, and they shake hands.

25th MAY

We see Yoongi alone in a room with a piano in his room. He feels frustrated and takes his lighter to light a cigarette. But before he can take the lighter, the girl snatches it away and writes ‘Y.K.’ which stands for Yoon Ki (Yoongi). She then takes thhe lighter and hands him a lollipop instead.

5th JUNE

We see Namjoon on a bridge eating a lollipop as he intently stares at a girl, handing out some flyers. The girl drops her flyers and he runs over to help her collect them from the ground. She thanks him and leaves and as Namjoon looks at her walking away, he notices that she is wearing an elastic rubber band instead of a hair tie on her hair.

18th JUNE

We see Taehyung in a local supermarket eating some instant noodles. He looks up at the surveillance mirror in the store and sees a girl taking some things from the store into her bag. He stops her from stealing and pays for the things she tooks. He goes outside where she is waiting and takes the bag and walks away swiftly and angrily.

31st MAY

We see that Hoseok and Jimin are together at a dance studio. Jimin is on the floor taking videos of Hoseok. A girl suddenly comes inside the room and gives a cake to Hoseok.

She says “Happy Birthday”

Which is when Hoseok replies “But, today is not my birthday.”

To that, she replies “I know..”

which is when we see that Jimin is zooming on the girl and taking a video of her. The girl suddenly looks at Jimin and he suddenly looks down at the floor as if he got caught.

The girl then calls Jimin over to blow the candle. The camera then zooms in on Hoseok who has closed his eyes to make a wish. We then get shifted to an old memory of Hoseok where a lady tells him “Hoseok keep your eyes closed okay?” and she walks away leaving him alone with just a candy bar. Now we understand that Hoseok was abandoned by his mother in an amusement park, left alone with just a candy bar. This describes the affinity that Hoseok’s character shows to motherhood and why he takes a bite out of a chocolate bar in MAMA. The girl might be his adopted sibling or friend.

Suddenly the scene shifts to that of a tree amidst a bright blue sky, and we hear another voice over by Jin-

The sound of the cicadas that chirred like showers in an instant. In the abrupt silence, I realize life’s immense beauty. Just the fact that you are in it, makes all the difference. Even if this were a dream, this is where I choose to be.

Here Jin is talking about the feeling of being in love. The first album in the Love Yourself series was called ‘Love Yourself : Her’ which talked about the wonderful feeling of falling in love. Unlike how we have seen before, the boys are not spending time together, this time they have found love, a different path from what we have seen before. 

We see Taehyung by the railway tracks with the girl from the supermarket. He looks up as if remembering something and we see a scene where Namjoon comes and calls him and they spray paint together like in The Prologue video. He then places his phone on a bottle of water and hits something into the railway track just like in The Prologue.

We see that Namjoon and the girl he was staring at the bridge gets on the same bus. He follows her inside and in his hand he is holding a hair tie. He sits a little away from her and looks as if he is contempolating as to how to approach her.

We see Jungkook sitting with the girl he met at the hospital, sketching while he listens to music. The girl hears something and takes out his earphones which is when he hears music that a girl is playing for the patients in the hospital. The girl playing the song is none other than the girl that was with Yoongi. Jungkook remembers playing the same music with Yoongi in his room and he suddenly recognises Yoongi’s lighter. It seems, that Yoongi does’nt know Jungkook’s whereabouts at the moment. 

We see that Hoseok and the girl are now practiving dance as Jimin watches intently and records the girl dancing on his phone.


The scene then is back onto Jin where we see that girl’s open diary. Jin is dressing up, probably to meet the girl. While dressing up, Jin sees that the vase holding White Lilies (the flowers present throughout I Need U, RunAwake etc) has fallen over the table. He then dresses up in a suit and gets ready to meet the girl.

Yoongi is then happily on a couch as he looks at the pack of cigarettes he now doesnt use and happily eats the lollipop. He throws his phone on the floor and stretches which is when, his phone rings. He falls on the floor alarmed.

Another voice over by Jin says-

Why is that the happiest of moments usher in a sudden fear? Looking back, I had known all along that underneath the glittering world before my eyes lay my deception that everything was to collapse with a breath of wind. I turned away, idestepped, simply closed my eyes. Afraid I was, afraid to be loved for who I am.

This voice over indicates that their happiness which they thought will last, in fact didn’t. Jin mentions that he is afraid to be loved for who he is. What is the truth behind his identity?

As Jin drives by in his car we see a polaroid of the seven of them together on a beach. The picture they took in The Prologue. We see Yoongi visibly upset climbing up some stairs. Jin notices something as he drives by and we see Taehyung spray painting at a bus stop, which is what Jin probably saw.

We see alternating scenes of Hoseok and the girl pratcicing and Jimin in the ssame dance room, practicing the same steps in the room in the dark. The police comes up, which Taehyung sees and he and the girl start running away together, just like how he and Namjoon ran away together in Run.

Namjoon inches closer to the girl in the bus with the hair tie. We see Jungkook all healed now holding a small set of flowers probably going to meet the girl he met at the hospital. The scene shifts to Jin who dozes off at the wheel, wherein a bright light flashes across his face. We see Namjoon get off at the bus stop that Taehyung spray painted on the night before.

We see a scene where Jimin tries practicing with the girl but he hits her with a lot of force ad both of them falls down. Yoongi angrily plays on the piano and fights with the girl on the street. Jimin washes blood away from his hands.

Hoseok piggybacks the injured girl while Jimin watches helplessly in the rain and leaves. Namjoon also seem to be alone and walking away. Jungkook reaches the room of the girl only to see that she is not there, either she left without saying a goodbye or she died. Taehyung is caught by the police just like how we saw in Stigma.

Jin waits with a bouquet of flowers where he sees the girl on the other side. She waves and runs to cross the road,but a speeding vehicle hits her and Jin is left looking shocked.

In the next scene we see a montage of scenes from the old videos- we see Taehyung jumping off the platform from The Prologue video, we see Jungkook’s accident in I Need U, Taehyung stabbing his father, Jin crying in I Need U and placing the flowers on the ground, Jimin’s scene in Lie where he falls into the bathtub, Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s fight in Run, Taehyung stabbing Jin in the Japanese version of Blood, Sweat and Tears, Hoseok’s overdose and Jimin’s drowning in I Need U, Jungkook getting into a fight in I Need U, Yoongi’s room being burned in I Need U, Namjoon in I Need U, Hosoek collapsing in I Need U, and Taehyung falling into the water in the beginning of Run , all in reverse.

As we see this montage of scenes, we hear Jin’s voice over-

If we could turn back the clock, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can all our mistakes and errors be undone? Will happiness be ours to stay?

Here, we see Jin mentioning that if they could reverse the time, could they stop all the tragedies that happened in I Need U? Could they finally get happiness? The important thing to note here is that Jin is in fact dead, or trapped in another world (as we saw in Awake). His fate may be sealed but he wants to save his friends. Which is why he reverses time. Instead of the 7 of them spending time together like in The Prologue, this time Jin let them go their separate ways and find love, hoping they would”nt fall into the same tragedies. But despite Jin’s attempts, we see that the characters did’nt get their happily ever after but just faced their tragedies again. There is a note that was released, where it is a diary entry of Jungkook after meeting with an accident, that accident is probably caused by Jin in the highlight reel, as he dozed off at the wheel. In the end he was’nt able to bring his friends happiness. 

And how are we so sure that Jin did reverse the time or tried another parallel dimension? It’s because of this scene that I am about to describe-

We see Jin back again on 30th August, the day he is getting ready to meet the girl. But this time, he catches the vase before it falls. As if he knew it would fall. This seems pretty insignificant but this shows that Jin indeed reversed the clock because in the previous scene he had noticed that the vase had fallen over, but in the second scene, he caught it.

He does’nt dress up to meet the girl anymore, as he now knows that that idea hasn’t worked. He leaves the room and we hear a final voice over by Jin as the scene zooms onto an ocean. An ocean that holds a lot of significance in the future videos.

Though many seasons pass, there are places that cannot be reached. Yet another storm to be faced and to be weathered head-on, loving without fear. Hesitating and parting, merely living as the person I am.

Here Jin talks about yet another storm to be faced, and how some places cannot be reached. What will Jin try again to save his friends? 


I am not going to do ‘What we understood so far’ for this as I have already mentioned them in bold as this was written. Now if the theory of time reversal and parallel dimensions holds true, how do you think Taehyung was able to remember the past memories from The Prologue video? Even in Blood, Sweat and Tears we see Taheyung portrayed as the trickster, with a special connection to Jin. Similarly, the time travel and the parallel dimensions seemed to have had a small glitch as Taahyung still remembers. This is important as we will see in the future videos. To know the rest of the story, let’s go to Bangtan Universe : Euphoria

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  2. […] Then we see six scenes. The first is of Jungkook about to collpaspe after having a fight with some goons. The next scene is Jimin after a failed attempt at killing himself. We see Yoongi in his room, fire ablaze. We see Taehyung stabbing his father, who was harrassing his sister. We see Namjoon drop a cigarette on some money that a perosn dropped in te fuel station. And we see Hoseok collpasing on a bridge after his overdose. All these scene are from I Need U, where we the tragedies that the members faced, which Jin is trying to save them from, but failed in the Highlight Reel. […]


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