Bangtan Universe : The Prologue video

If you do not know what Bangtan universe is, please click this Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe., before you read this post! It’s important because as part of my blog’s first anniversary celebrations, I am having a chronological series of posts based on this! Continuing my series of posts on the Bangtan universe I move onto the part after I Need U. This video is not a music video but an extra prologue video that reveals some details, continuing the story from the I Need U music video. To watch this prologue video, click here

To explain this prologue video which is 11 minutes in duration, I will divide it into four parts. Also the music played throughout this video is Butterfly-Prologue mix , the song is about their fear of losing someone special and the emotions behind it. This song is also undoubtedly, one of their best songs.

Part 1

The ending of I Need U, we saw Taehyung stabbing his alcoholic father as he was abusing a girl, most probably his sister. The prologue video starts with him lying on the floor in a dark alley. He looks at his hands covered in blood. This is the place he came to right after the incident with his father. He washes his hands, takes his phone and calls a person. He says-

Hyung, (a term that a younger male would call another older male) I miss my friends.

Part 2

We then see Taehyung walk in alone to an abandoned swimming pool amidst a thick growth of trees. At the same time, we see five others (Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook) walk through a thick growth of trees.

Taehyung lying alone on a worn out mattress in the middle of the abandoned pool looks at a picture in his hand. It is then shown to be a picture of a mother and child, probably his mother who died when he was young. He scrunches the photograph away, which is when the 5 that were walking through the trees, reaches where Taehyung is and calls him and pulls him.

While the six of them are talking, Jungkook points towards a distance and points out Jin. They all look towards to where Jungkook is pointing at and they see Jin holding a video camera in their direction and recording them. Jin then climbs down into the empty pool and joins his 6 friends.  A Korean sentence then lights up on screen which translates to-

We can smile as long as we are together.

We then see the 7 of them, playing around and having fun with each other while Jin , silently records everything on his video camera. It’s as if he knows that the times they can be happy is short, which is why he is recording everything before the bad things that we saw in I Need U, happens.

Another thing, that may seem irrelevant in this video but is actually quite relevant in the future videos, is the relationship between certain pairs of members. The first pair being Namjoon and Taehyung. Taehyung draws a picture with spray paint on the wall and asks Namjoon how it is, after which they both relax together. Namjoon then props a toy car on water bottle and hits it far away with a golf club. These two incidents may seem irrelevant now, but keep note of this, because this is a key!

Jungkook walks with his hands held wide open (just like how he walks on the beach in I Need U) while Jin takes a picture of that on his pink Polaroid camera. By evening, the 7 of them rest beside the pool and at night get together around a fire (Again, a scene we saw in I Need U).

It is during this time that Namjoon over a mirror, writes –

We have to survive.

Apart from Namjoon and Taehyung, another important pair of characters in the story is Yoongi and Taehyung. During the campfire at night, Jungkook rests on Yoongi’s lap, while Yoongi. his thoughts somewhere else, absentmindedly lights a lighter (as was seen in I Need U). Jungkook then lifts his head up and blows away the flame. This flame could symbolise the fire that Yoongi lit himself on in his room in I Need U. We had also seen in I Need U that Yoongi was missing someone in the beginning of the video. From the prologue, we understand that person that Yoongi misses in I Need U, is Jungkook.

Screenshot (87)

Jin who is sitting next to J-Hope, shows him a polaroid picture that hasn’t formed yet and asks Hoseok-

Why don’t we go here?

Hoseok looks at the picture and agrees.

Part 3

That place that Jin mentioned to Hoseok was in fact the beach. We see that, the next day the 7 of them go to the beach and have a lot of fun together, ending the day by watching the sunset.

By nightfall, they have reached a fuel station (the same fuel station that Namjoon works alone at, in I Need U). Namjoon fills up the car with fuel. He then takes Jin’s polaroid camera and takes a picture of Jin and Yoongi. The polaroid camera instantly prints out the picture and he takes it. Before the picture has completely formed, he keeps it in the dashboard of the truck.

Screenshot (98)

Hoseok notices that Jimin is in the back alone and wraps him up in a blanket. This scene also highlights the special relationship between Hoseok and Jimin.

Part 4

The next morning they are on the same beach that they were at the end of I Need U. Taehyung looks up and sees an elevated platform overlooking the beach. He solemnly looks back at the members who are busy talking amongst themselves.

Taehyung then climbs up that platform which Jin sees and records on his video camera. On reaching the top, Taehyung looks back at his beloved friends one more time, before taking a deep breath and jumping off of it, into the sea.

Screenshot (112)

What we understood so far

I Need u showed us the bad endings that each of the members faced. While the prologue video showed us an inside story and further clues on what happened around this time frame. Throughout this video, with Jin recording everything on the video camera makes it seem like he Jin knows his end is near and that the happiness on the others faces wont last long, which is why he feels the need to record everything. In a way, it’s like Jin knows what will happen to them in the future (that is, the incidents in I Need U).

The remaining story can be seen in the next part of this story- Bangtan Universe : Run.

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