Bangtan Universe: Epiphany

If you do not know what Bangtan Universe is please click- Anniversary special-The Bangtan Universe.

Now all throughout the story that Bangtan universe has contained, we saw the kind of tragedies that the boys met in I Need U  , the backstory through other clips such as Bangtan Universe : The Prologue video , Bangtan Universe : Fake Love , Bangtan Universe : Euphoria , etc. We saw that Jin is in fact the character that is trying to make sure his friends do not meet the dark fates they met in I Need U. Slowly through the plot we have seen that there are indications of time travel, parallel dimensions of time, the butterfly effect etc wherein Jin tries to change the fate. We saw how he tries to get the boys fall in love as in Bangtan Universe : The Highlight Reel , but that ended badly. We saw him taking another drastic step in Euphoria. And through the notes and the diary entries of the various members, we see more of the story.

The Love Yourself series of albums were a huge part on the story telling of BTS. It first started with the album ‘Love Yourself : Her’ where they explored the feeling of falling in love and the happiness it involves. The clip on Euphoria also indicated that. Then came the album Love Yourself : Tear, where they experienced the pain and pangs of love. The final installment of the albums have come and it is called, Love Yourself : Answer.

But what is the answer?

The introduction video is this album is a solo song by Jin called Epiphany , where he realizes what is it really that gives one happiness.

As the video begins, we saw that it is all in gray, as if to indicate sadness. We see Jin on the couch staring intently at the white lily flowers, the flowers that are so predominant throughout the entire story line. Behind him in front of the mirror we see Jin getting ready in a suit and leaving the room. This seems to be a clear indication of time travel, parallel dimensions of time.

As the scene zooms out we see the Jin on the couch but we also see an apparently sad Jin crouched on the floor in sadness. From the couch he gets up, looks at a book or a diary, and goes to the cupboard. The scene has regained color and he dresses up in a suit and steps out.

As he walks out, we see that it is raining heavily. He doesn’t mind getting wet in the rain. As he stares at the rain falling, we see that suddenly the rain drops seem to be going abck up into the sky in reverse- seems to indicate a time reversal.

He returns back all wet and there is another Jin sitting on the couch. The Jin who was wet from the rain leaves the scene. The Jin on the couch then gets up and walks towards the curtains and stares out of it, just like we have seen before. He then closes the curtain and dresses. He again dresses up in a jacket but this time there is no other Jin in the room. He then looks at the diary and leaves the room.

Screenshot (1135)

A Korean sentence appears which says-

I am back to where I started after the end of the journey in finding myself. What I need to find ultimately is the beginning of everything and a milestone which is the map of a soul. That is something that everyone has but not all can find… I am about to find that now.

We see a scene from the Prologue where Jin is alone at the beach in the car from The Prologue. Suddenly the video glitches and we see all 7 of them together.

What we understood so far

The ultimate mission Jin had was happiness for him and his friends. He wanted to  fix things and his life, and that was especially understood from the notes as well.

But as the lyrics and the ending quote said, the real way to be happy is by loving yourself. “I’m the one I should love in this world” as Jin says, holds true not just for the story line but it applies to all of us too. It is indeed a good message. And that is the Epiphany that Jin had. Whether this is the end or answer to the story and Bangtan universe, we do not know. Most fans expected the title music video to have the ‘answer’ to the story but we didn’t. What we got from BTS instead, was a South African- traditional Korean sounds infused anthem of self love called IDOL

As of now, The Bangtan Universe posts come to a pause till BTS comes up with a new release, with more clues or a continuing story or something new totally, we do not know, but let’s wait and see!


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