We need help.

I feel horrible for not thinking of doing this before,but it’s better late than never right?

I don’t know if you have seen on the news, but the southernmost state of India called Kerala was victim to floods that ravaged nearly the entire state. Yes,not just a city or a region ,but an entire state. And this state happens to be my home as well.

It was devastating as all we could do was watch over the news as nature went on it’s way destroying everything. It displaced hundreds of thousands of lives to refugee camps and many times their deaths. I am not going to be posting any statistics on this here,because that is just a Google search away.

But that’s not what is important. Yes,the rains have ended but the real tragedy starts now. Most people have their homes partially or fully ruined. For those houses that have seemingly survived,it’s just the structure that survived,all their worldly possessions stay ruined. Transportation is still difficult as it has affected so many bridges and roads. Most houses are filled with all sorts of snakes and animals or waste. And the worst part? Diseases. Epidemics.

Kerala needs help and the best way we can do is it by donating to the Chief Minster’s releif fund. I have done so and will keep doing it because yes it’s my home.

But I also request you,who is reading this to help. People within India,if it’s not money even supplies will do. The rescue people and the people have done great but we need to rebuild it all which requires not just monetary help but also volunteering and other activities. Please do join if you can. A few hours you spend on that could go a long way for many homes or families.

If you wish to donate to the fund, please let me know by e-mail to dowhatyoulove781@gmail.com or you can DM me or tweet @DoWhatYouLove96

**If you can’t donate or volunteer that’s fine, but if you can, please do spread the news. I would be happy to provide the donation links and any other information I know.

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