The Indian Kaleidoscope: Ennu Ninte Moideen (Yours Truly,Moideen)

After a certain delay in arranging some things that arose in life I am back with another post. And this is another edition of the Indian Kaleidoscope.

If you need any further reason to read this post, then I can tell you this. This is a true story. Even though you may not believe it, it’s a true story.

Title: Ennu Ninte Moideen (Trans: Yours Truly,Moideen)

Country of origin: India

Language: Malayalam

Directed by: R S Vimal

Screenplay by: R S Vimal

Starring: Prithviraj and Parvathi

Duration: 168 minutes

Released: 19 September 2015

Genre: Biographical,Drama,Romance

Parvathi as Kanchanamala

The story starts with one of the protagonist Kanchanamala, who is studying in college in the 60s-70s in Kerala. From the beginning of the movie we are shown her bold behaviour and the strong faith she shows in what she believes in. When at hostel, she receives some letters from an unknown person who secretly admires her.

Prithviraj as Moideen

This is when she finds out that her secret admirer happens to be Moideen. He is a man well known in that village and is active in societal affairs and politics. Something his father hates as Moideen believes in the principles of a political party his father does not. Just like Kaanchana, he too is broad minded and has a firm resolve in his beliefs.

The two then fall in love with each other. For some time things are happy as they dream a life of them together. But their families find out about their relationship and since both of them are from opposite religions, their marriage is unimaginable and considered to be a huge shame to both their families, in other words a taboo. Kanchanamala’s education is stopped and she is not allowed to even venture out of her home.

Over time Kanchana gets harrassed by her family as she poses as Moideen’s widow in front of every prospective groom her family brings. She is kept in house arrest for 22 years (Don’t get shocked it’s true). The only way they both could communicate are through letters that are somehow reaching each other. To make sure noone finds out what they are communicating, they even devise their own language. During these many years of house arrest, she only saw Moideen once. She stays firm in her resolve about wanting Moideen and waits until all her younger sisters to marry, so that she causes no “shame” to her family.

After decades of being apart they finally decide to elope and marry. Moideen returns with passports for them to travel. But on the return journey, Moideen dies in a boat accident. Shocked at the news, Kaanchana tries to commit suicide but is stopped by Moideen’s mother who then takes her to Moideen’s home. Kaanchana then continues to live there as Moideen’s unmarried widow.

Still can’t believe this is true? Well you have to believe it because it actually happened. The director was initially planning a documentary but then later developed into this wonderful movie.

The entire movie captures their relationship, their struggles and a story of how true love can overcome, anything. Anyone who has emotions will leave the movie sniffing and wiping their eyes as the pain of losing Moideen after all these years is just in one word-unbearable.

Back in those days the kind of opposition showed to their relationship was quite natural. But it just goes to show how much more freedom we have in these kind of things. Imagine being barred from loving someone you care about so dearly?

But this movie made me think along another parallel line as well. Nowadays we see heartbreaks and people cheating on their relationships and all sorts of messes. It’s endless really. To some, commitment is too huge a toll, to others relationships are taken quite lightly. Can we imagine waiting more than 22 years for someone with just letters once in a blue moon? I bet we can’t now. Just goes to show the kind of attachment and that “true love” is out there somewhere. Unlike things that matter in a relationship now, Moideen and Kaanchana connected their minds and hearts. Their idealogies,beliefs everything.

Coming to the movie, it’s setting was very authentic and really made you feel the 60s and 70s quite well. The story that weabed through their lives and their relationships with their family members, the tension, the drama, the tears kept us connected to the movie from beginning to end.

Supporting characters especially by Tovino Thomas as Appu, the man who loves Kanchana, Saikumar as Moideen’s father, Lena as Moideen’s mother all shined through just as much as Prithviraj and Parvati in the lead roles.

Also, the soundtrack of this film is simply spectacular. To get an idea of this film you just need to watch some of the videos associated with the music. The song Kannondu Chollanu (which loosely translates to ‘speaking with your eyes’) shows their blossoming relationship which sadly got cut off later. While Kaathirunnu Kaathirunnu (which loosely translates to ‘Waiting and waiting’) depicts a short part of the long wait they both waited for their life together as the years and seasons passed by.

It’s a beautiful movie and I would highly recommend it.

If you still don’t beleive it’s a true story here’s the link to the original documentary with English subtitles.

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Image courtesy: Google Image Search.


  1. Wow, what an incredible story indeed. And such a sad tale as well 😢 I really can’t imagine what that would do to someone…being kept from someone you love so deeply in this way. It would be enough to drive everyone mad. But it definitely shows one thing: true love does exist. Wonderful post, but that is hardly a suprise…your posts are always wonderful 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is an incredible story. I found it so hard to believe that this was a true story but I saw the documentary and the interviews of the real Kaanchana after this movie was released. The movie is indeed really wonderful we can understand it even from the songs and music videos. And thank you so much Michel! You are always very kind!

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  2. So many people speak very highly of this movie, but I am in a minority when I say I didn’t care for it too much. The film itself was shot beautifully, and the fact that the story is true adds to the real heartbreak, but I felt really worn out by the end of the movie. Going back and forth through the will-they won’t they parts was a bit frustrating, and to be honest I thought Tovino was much more handsome 😛

    I liked how they showed family and political dynamics, most hollywood films are great at taking reality and showing it in an honest light.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Going back and forth on the ‘will they-they womt’ parts are really frustrating. What I was confused about was that,Kanchana decided to wait till all her sisters get married before she goes with Moideen. Even after all her sisters got married she never really went with him. She tried once in the movie, failed , and apart from that was literally in house arrest. I think for us, we are so used to films nowadays where the romantic quotient really hits off super fast, so sometimes things like this really drive us nuts. And the kind of situation then is different than how it is now. Although like you said, I loved Tovino and his character in the movie! He really stood out more than Prithviraj’s character to me!


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