We are the D.R.I.V.E. !

Many of us always mention about how important it is to do things that go back to the society. Many of us do not realise sometimes how blessed we are to live like this no matter what difficulty comes. When we do realise it it is when we see and do things in person.

Today me and a wonderful bunch of my colleagues got to experience that.

We have an annual event called DRIVE, which is an abbreviation for Daring, Responsive, Inclusive, Venturing and Ethical. A large category of activities are there to choose from during DRIVE week and I chose one of the tasks titled ‘School Transformation’

We travelled bright and early to a school run by an NGO called Sevalaya which is an hour away from office. The NGO works in helping to support people through orphanages, old age homes, schools, community colleges etc and they are doing a wonderful job at that. After splitting into teams we were assigned into three groups. Two groups were for painting and transforming the girls and boys hostels and the third team went for organic farming.

Now I don’t know about the others but I was a complete novice and a really lazy person in general. But I learnt and gave it my all (literally) to smoothen the walls up and brish on the first coat of paint to form the base of the other layers that go on. It was immensely dusty, hot and difficult, yes but we kept going because we knew for who and what purpose we were doing all this.

And because I understand this, maybe not to the full extent but at least a little bit, I can say how important it is that we give back to the society. No it needn’t be something physically demanding or difficult be it the smallest things that you can do, it could probably go a long way for many others. And that feeling of doing those things expecting nothing in return is indeed a different kind of feeling.

Along with me every single one of my friends did a great job. Anusree, Anjali, Varsha ,Irene, Meenu, Sreejith, Sandeep, Greeshma (who wanted a special mention) , Jaisa, Ceeliya, Ajay, Rohit, Vijay, Lloyd, Meera, Swapna, Uma, Sweety, Harsha, our active managers and countless of other employees whose names I don’t know (if I forgot anyone please forgive me) .

Although I never really write anything else on my posts, good memories and days like this, deserve posts with special mentions on my blog!

Here’s to more events and chances like this in the future!


  1. I already had enormous respect for you, but after reading this that has only grown. Really amazing what you and your friends did here. Truly! You should really be proud of yourself you know. Totally mean that 😊

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    • Aww thank you Michel! It’s all thanks to the organisers and the organisation I work in who organised this whole event. I definitely understood the happiness in volunteering today! I hope everyone gets to feel that and get more chances! Thank you again!

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