Look what my dad found!

I’ve always been an avid reader and I used to love to write from when I was very young. I actually wrote way more than how I do now , but of course I had lots more free time then! 😁😁😁

He called me and told me he found a poem I wrote, when I was in the third grade (roughly 8-9 years old) on love and friendship.

What excites me is not the fact that I wrote poems or stories, but the fact that one my dad still has this, and two it just brings back memories of all the efforts I used to put in it long back. My blog is something I love. And if there’s any reason I get support from others for my blog , it is because of these small seeds of effort that I put in when I was a kid .

I’m not boasting or anything. But it just feels nice. I mean yeah there are a lot of spelling mistakes and stuff but when I read it, somewhere inside me I can remember the thought process I had then. Life was so simple too those days!

**Those stars and hearts from the bottom are probably me grading myself. An interesting fact- I still can’t draw a star. Also, my handwriting sucks compared to how I wrote in the third grade!


  1. This was such a nice post, and it’s so awesome to discover something that precious. It’s wonderful that your dad has kept it in his possession all this time.
    You definitely weren’t boasting at all. And I can definitely understand that it really feels nice when you find something as beautiful as this. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment 😊

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