The Indian Kaleidoscope: Deiva Thirumagal (God’s Daughter)

I am back with another edition of the Indian Kaleidoscope. This time, it’s about a movie with a very interesting plotline that gives us a lot of food for thought on many things. Things that make humans as humans- love, compassion, the bond between parent and child. It’s an interesting theme showed with an interesting story! So without much further ado!

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Theatretical release poster

Country of origin: India

Language: Tamil

Directed by: A L Vijay

Written by: A L Vijay

Starring: Vikram, Sara Arjun, Anushka Shetty, Amala Paul, Nassar and Santhanam

Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Released: 15 July 2011

Duration: 166 minutes

Genre: Family

Chiyan _Vikram Photo_ Stills_ In Deiva _Thirumagan (9).jpg
Vikram as Krishna

The story starts with Krishna. Although he is an adult he only has the mental growth of a 6 year old. He lives in a hill station called Ooty where he happily lives together with his friends and works at a chocolate factory. One day, he happily announces that he is going to be a father, but on the night his wife gives birth, she passes away during labour. Krishna understands the concept of death as ‘a journey made to God’


Krishna then names his daughter Nila , and with the help of his friends she grows up and Krishna enrolls her in school, with a dream of her becoming a doctor. The relationship and bond between them is filled with happiness and love and fun, as both of then take care of each other.

Amala Paul as Swetha

This is when Nila meets Swetha at her school. The two strike a bond , and Swetha becomes a source of motherly bond for Nila. One day Swetha to her disbelief realises that Nila is the daughter of Krishna, the man who had married her sister. Swetha informs her father and he meets Krishna and says that his other daughter was disowned from the family for marrying Krishna. He takes Swetha, Nila and Krishna in his car back to his home. After Nila fell asleep, he stops the car and abandons Krishna.

Anushka Shetty as Anuradha

Distraught at losing Nila, he roams around desperately seeking help from others. Eventually he reaches the court and comes in contact with Anuradha. Anuradha is a struggling lawyer, who wants to treat her cases well, unlike the more influential and power hungry seniors. Krishna seeks her help and although she tries to evade him, she eventually decides to help him.

Nasser as Bashyam

The story then ensues the legal battle between Anuradha, who supports Krishna and Bashyam , the ruthless lawyer hired by Swetha’s father, who will do anything to win the case. While the legal battle goes on, the viewers get to experience the depth and meaning behind the relationship that Krishna and Nila hold.

First off, this was a very different kind of plot. Unlike a lot many stories of how parents go to the ends of the Earth to protect their children, this was a different take on that. It was interesting for me to read and find out that the basic plot and lead character is quite similiar to the 2001 American film called ‘I am Sam’, where Sean Penn is the father with the developmental disability and Dakota Fanning is his daughter.

The story moves through a few flashbacks to the past and present, and the movie manages to take a very extreme turn in the mood it created from the beginning, after Krishna lost Nila.

I have watched many films of Vikram, and there were some were he really shined with his acting skills. This wasn’t an exception. Although there were some mistakes pointed out in the general way the character with this disability was portrayed, overall he did a great job. Sara Arjun was gentle, cute and had such a huge screen presence and depicted the perfect father-daughter bond. She was a big surprise that came in a rather, small package!

Coming to the ladies of the movie, Anushka was definitely able to portray her role better on screen than Amala, as her character Anuradha had a more stronger presence in the film than the character Swetha did. Nevertheless, both of them did justice to their roles.

I think from the supporting cast, the person who stood out more to me, was Nasser , the cruel lawyer who will do anything to win a case. Finally through the whole movie, his character shined through.

The entire setting portrayed in the beautiful hill stations of Ooty as well as the portrayal of the scenes in the court were apt and fitted well.

There is one particular heart wrenching scene, where in the court room, the lawyers are screaming out their law points and objections. Suddenly everyone notices that, ignoring all that, Krishna and Nila who were separated, are having a rather animated and happy conversation together, Krishna in the in the court and Nila in the audience. If that scenes doesn’t make you cry, then I don’t know what will.

The movie really brings us to some thoughts on the kind of misconceptions and behaviour that a lot of people display to people with developmental disorders. With the right awareness and help from the people around, their lives can definitely be made so much for the better and I hope that happens as well. Another thing that caught my eye, and was a huge highlight is the fact that no matter how Krishna was, whether he was a normal man, or a man with a developmental difficulty, the bond between the parent and the child is unique. It’s something that can’t be explained with words, but in a way, the filmmaker portrayed it beautifully in this film.

And because of that, I would definitely suggest this film.

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  1. See, this is exactly why I like your blog so much. You always come up with very unique movies to review, and this one is no exception. It truly sounds like an emotional and at the same time heartbreaking but very heartwarming movie, and those are the ones that I love a lot myself as well. Together with great performances. As usual this was another brilliantly written post. Thank you for sharing it 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am glad to be lucky enough to find a good set of movies along the way! Thank you so much for the comment. Yes this is so heartwarming and the most heartwarming moment is the ending of the movie. It just makes your heart sink into despair. Hehe thank you again for your kind words !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just clicked on this post when I read “Deivathirumagal”. I love this movie. Everyone will be moved by that court scene and the background music makes it so emotional !

    Liked by 1 person

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