Animezone: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

There was a time when I wanted to restart my anime watching. Especially anime movies. I asked a lot of people around me, who love anime, and they all suggested to me, to start off with this one. Although I was a little late, I eventually did watch it and regretted not watching it sooner! So here’s my take on this movie!

Theatrical release poster

Title: 君の名は。(Your Name)

Country of origin: Japan

Language : English

Directed by: Makoto Shinkai

Screenplay: Makoto Shinkai

Starring: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamaishiraishi, Ryo Narita, Aoi Yūki, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kaito Ishikawa, Kanon Tani, Masama Nagasawi, Etsuko Ichihara

Music: Radwimps

Cinematography: Makoto Shinkai

Released: 3 July 2016

Duration : 107 minutes

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Adventure, Time travel

Mitsuha Miyamizu, voiced by Mone Kamishiraishi

The story has two protagonists, one is Mitsuha. She lives in a small town called Itomori which is located in a mountainous region in Japan. Her life in the countryside doesn’t hold anything special for her. Her mother passed away, when she and her sister were young. Their family are strict in following traditional customs meant for the guardian God in the mountains. Her father decided to participate in political activities and hence their grandmother raised Mitsuha and her sister. She is bored and just wants to be born as a kid in Tokyo away from all this.

Taki Tachibana, voices by Ryunosuke Kamiki

The other character is Taki. Just like how Mitsuha dreams about, he lives in Tokyo and studies there. He works part-time and leads and busy life. He also happens to have a crush on one of the people working at the restaurant with him.

Things are seemingly normal for both of them, until-

They realize that they have started switching bodies for no apparent is immensely troubling for both of them and initially they both cause trouble for each other. But slowly by writing notes to each other and noting things down on the phone, they start to help each other.

One day Taki, in Mitsuha’s body, visits the shrine of the guardian God and leaves behind a ritual alcohol made by Mitsuha. That night, the last entry given by Mitsuha is about a comet that will be visible from her village of Itomori. The next day, Taki notices that they are not exchanging bodies. He is unable to contact Mitsuha, and her diary entries seem to be disappearing from his phone, as if she never existed. He sets out to find Mitsuha and to find out what’s going on. But that journey turns out to be way more immense, exciting and impactful than he ever imagined.

Now this movie, was an immsense success. It’s one of the most successful ones in fact, and there’s no wondering why. A gazillion people way better than me have put to words, audio and video reviews on this film. But still why am I doing it? This is one of my top favorite films, and I just can’t not mention it on my blog can I? Hence I decided to write about it.

Now when you read through the film, just barely there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it right? That was my same thought when I first read the geist of the story. I thought this was the run-of-the-mill body exchange, fall in love, happily ever after kind of thing. And towards the middle of the movie, I could say the story and it’s flow indicated the same.

But after the middle portion , the story literally flipped over and I just got taken aback for a second and then I was fully concentrating and watching it. The plot was weaved seamlessly through, it executed even more smoothly on screen, and there lies the reason for the immense success of this film.

What made it more interesting was how Mitsuha’s character development and back story weaved into the story to make it even more exciting. Taki and Mitsuha really fought against all the odds and made it. Whether it be the body switching, the comet or the beautiful town of Itmori, it was really good.

The music was also well paced and suited the style and flow of the movie as it played out on screen. The animation work behind this was spot on. I had a hard time believing it was animation and that it was not real.

Japanese anime has always been at the forefront of bringing in unique styles and stories. It has redefined animation as not just cartoons for kids but something that adukts can enjoy. Movies and series like ‘Your Name’ really keep this alive in anime. And boy was I glad to restart my anime binge watching with this!

I highly recommend this!

Image courtesy: Google Image Search

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  1. I first saw this one of Animecon this year, and it was in a big room filled with people and it was seriously cold as well. It overwhelmed me the first time I saw it, and I kept going through my mind if there was something I missed because well…I wasn’t that impressed by it.
    The fun thing is though: I bought a very luxiorious edition on dvd at the same con, so I was wondering if I had not made a bad choice. When I came home, I immediately rewatched it, and everything fell in place. You are so right, this really is a very beautiful movie. Certainly one of my favorites too. I still haven’t reviewed it, but that’s because I want to experience it one more time before penning down my final thoughts for it. It will happen though. I absolutely loved this post. It was written amazingly well, and it really showed how much you loved this movie. And I’m glad that you did! Looking forward to whatever you will be watching next😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • Animecon.. how I wish I could attend that. I can understand the initial confusion you had there. I too watched the movie twice before this review came to be. But it was done seriously well. The moment we see that lake where Itomori was, that was the highlight. And thank you so much for always having put such nice comments on my post. Yes o hope to write more frequently in the time to come! Thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well I placed an open invite this year for Animecon 2019, so everyone is welcome to attend😊 In all likelyhood nobody is going to show up, but well one can never tell 😂
        It really was a great moment, but then again the entire film was terrific. I think it’s one of those movies your brain has trouble catching up with at first because it’s so overwhelming. You are very welcome and of course: like wise 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thiiiiiis! Is freaking love. I watched it without knowing what it is about and my niece kept on telling me that it was good. Didn’t even tell me a thing about though. But it was a great watch and definitely a good recommendation. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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